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Promoting Child Health Through Programs and Policy Wilkes Wild about Wellness.

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1 Promoting Child Health Through Programs and Policy Wilkes Wild about Wellness

2 Location/Demographics of Washington-Wilkes Population: 10,687 White: 5924 Black: 4601 Other: 21 Atlanta Athens Augusta Washington

3 A beautiful Community…

4 And two blocks away….

5 A County in Rural Decline Demographic Characteristics Wilkes County Georgia Average % change in population 1930-2000- 33 %+ 181.5% Unemployment Rate February 2004 7.2%3.8% % not completing high school: 200035.0%21.4% % Bachelors degree or higher: 20007.8%24.3% % of individuals living below poverty 199917.5%13.0% Per Capita Income 2002$22,101$28,523 % students eligible for free/reduced lunch 2001 63.4%43.2% Ratio of residents to physicians1069:1520:1

6 Todays Agenda…. Getting into a Community Getting Results Keeping the Momentum Going

7 A Needs Driven Process 1) Community acknowledges a problem – Wilkes County citizens seem to have more health problems than other communities. 2) Community asks for help – More and More community leaders hear the concerns of their citizens. 3) Community leaders respond- Problem solvers/ Resource Professionals are invited into the community by the community leaders. 4) Build Partnerships -- Resource Professionals seek to understand the Problem or Need – Community leaders and local citizens are a part of identifying the problem. 5) Resource Professionals and Community Leaders identify ways of dealing with the problem. 6) Hire a staff to carry out the plan. Getting into a Community….

8 A Winning Process or Plan Multiple strategies aimed at multiple avenues Wellness Classes Walking Clubs Cooking Demonstrations Health Fairs Age Specific Programs Disease Specific Programs Gender Specific Programs Community Schools Churches Hospital Restaurants and Grocery Stores Business

9 Getting Results…. Best Practices Community Champions Leadership Support Partnerships

10 Grocery Stores Interviews with Grocery Store Managers Talking with employees within the grocery stores – gaining understanding around their knowledge of healthy eating. Cooking Demonstrations Health Fairs in conjunction with Wills Memorial Hospital in the lobby of grocery stores. Checking shelf space – looking for markers for healthy items.

11 Restaurants Interviews with Restaurant Managers Talking with employees within the restaurants – gaining understanding around their knowledge of healthy eating. Checking Menus

12 Newspapers Healthy Articles/Information is running as follows: January - 223.5 Column Inches February- 216.5 Column Inches March- 138.0 Column Inches April - 264.5 Column Inches We pay for a 60 Column Inch Column each month. Other news comes from Partners – I.e. Grocery Stores, Restaurants, County Extension, Wills Memorial Hospital, Parks & Recreation Dept., etc..

13 Radio Radio Messages – approximately 10 messages per day. Also special announcements when presented – I.e. Kickoff – 30 minute interview, announcements for cooking demonstrations, Health Fairs, etc.

14 Program Website Passing on the word…… Handing out cards….. Handing out cards….. Handing out cards… Website: /washingtonwilkes/

15 Other Publicity Pieces… We became the Wellness Patrol Met with A-Star Parents and Kids for their monthly meetings at all five sites and identified peer educators and possible training opportunities. Quarterly Newsletters to all participants Presentations to local civic clubs – Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, Womens Club, etc. Partnering with all health agencies and businesses. Health messages for church bulletins and ministers. Partnering with Family Connections. Are active members of the Local Health Coalition.

16 Parks/Recreation Installed message boards and pamphlet racks for health message inclusion. Framed Health Messages Serve on Parks & Recreation Board. Participated in Youth Fair on March 8 th with over 100 participants Partnered with P&R with Outdoor track opening event – Walking Parade with over 20 participating. Provided Food Demonstration and Tastings for Basketball game with over 75 visiting the booth. Identified and trained community coaches.

17 Faith-Based Initiatives Wilkes Ministerial Association meeting to discuss possible sessions. Methodist Church presentation on Nutrition Class with about 50 participants. First Baptist Church meeting, discussed Peer Training Opportunities within the organization. Black Rock Church meeting, discussed Lifestyle and Physical Activity Opportunities within Rev. Andrews congregations. Provided healthy snacks and trained personnel on how to prepare healthy snack for Vacation Bible School during summer.

18 Nutrition/Lifestyle Classes Parks & Recreation Wills Memorial Kids Cooking Classes with over 80 participants A-Star Sites JumpStart Class with 30 participants

19 6-Week Nutrition Class at First Baptist Church with weekly avg. attendance at 125. Dr. John Childers inspired the group by loosing 170 lbs.!!!

20 Kids Cooking Show Even the Mayor got in on this action!

21 Physical Activity Parks & Rec partnership – has resulted in facility being open more hours for kids to play in a safe environment. Tiger Tracks developed for school system Wills Memorial Hospital is developing a Walking Track around its perimeter. Walking tracks developed all around the city on sidewalks. Walking teams and partnerships are developed, Example: Mother/Daughter walks.

22 Tiger Tracks……

23 Special Events promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity Kick-off event with about 250 total participants JumpStart Pregnant Women and new Mothers with about 45 participants Earth Day/Wildlife Action with about 70 participants Cookbooks for Kids Kids Cooking Show We had fun at the candy less Easter Egg Hunt – 10,000 eggs stuffed with toys! Sidewalk Art Contest

24 More Special events…. Sidewalk Art Breakfast Week at School

25 Keeping the Momentum going… Advocacy Health Coalition Wilkes County School System – Wellness Team Tiger Tracks Wills Memorial Walking Track Parks & Recreation Extended hours Healthy Items on Restaurant Menus

26 Stop and Evaluate, Evaluate!

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