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5 Trends in Digital Media Joakim “Jay” Baage, VP, Content and Business Development Digital Media Wire.

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1 5 Trends in Digital Media Joakim “Jay” Baage, VP, Content and Business Development Digital Media Wire

2 1. WOM Is Best Way To Spread a Message 2009  76% of consumers don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements, fool us to buy producs/services (Source: Yankelowich)  There is one trusted medium left in the world - Our friends, their friends, our community of like-minded people

3 Not New Hype, Just Ignored Reality  1955 study showed WOM was 7x more effective then newspaper advertising, 5x more effective then a personal sales pitch (Source: Katz and Lazarsfeld)  2009 technology has allowed us to interact and spread the word virally, using Web 2.0 technology

4 Social Media Is WOM  US connected consumers who have made a purchase based on a recommendation on a social networking site (Source: Razorfish Consumer Experience Report, October 2008)

5 Select social media used by US companies 2007 & 2008  Social Networking: 27 & 49%  Online Video 24 & 45%  Blogging 19 & 39%  Message/Bulletin Boards 33 & 35%  Wikis 17 & 27%  Podcasts 11 & 21%  Do not use any 43 & 23% (Source: The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center of Marketing Research, “Social Media in the Inc. 500”, July 2008)

6 Players

7 2. Twitter – hype is over?  Traffic rose just 1.47% from April to May, to 19.7 million unique monthly visitors; traffic to the site grew 752% in 2008, according to Compete  Quantcast estimated Twitter had 21.9 million unique visitors in May, down 6% from the prior month  A report from HubSpot analyzed 4.5 million Twitter accounts and found that a majority of them (54.9%) have never sent a single tweet, and 52.7% have no followers at all  Twitter is currently not monetized, at least not by Twitter itself, although many bid rumors

8 Twitter – Social Networking and Content Distribution

9 Twitter – Ways to Make money  Dell has revealed that they have made a total of $2 million in sales thanks directly to @DellOutlet, and a further $1 million in sales that started on Twitter but were completed elsewhere.  @DellOutlet and has about 600,000 followers, do the math, that is $5 per follower, pretty impressive ARPU

10 3. iPhone Apps

11 Games Have The Most Engagement

12 Swimming Towards The Tide  Only a few (>5%) of Apps are suitable for advertising (enough downloads and long- term users)  Know that only 1% of downloads turn out to be long-term users  Go with Games, Sports and Entertainment Apps

13 4. Mobile Social US Unique Mobile Social Networking Site Users (millions), Jan 2008 vs Jan 2009  MySpace 1.8 – 5.7  Facebook 1.2 – 7.0  (Source: Nielsen)

14 Facebook 4 th Most Popular App

15 5. Widgets, Distributed Applications  Portable content, that can be posted to social networking profiles and blogs and in that way shared with friends  Basically allows you to bring the websites, videos and games with you “mini- websites”  DMW uses Widgetbox, VodPod, Financial Content, Personforce and Twitter

16  Launched August 2005  Headquarters San Francisco, California  Reach  200+ countries  155+ million unique people/month (comScore, combined on/off Facebook estimate)  100 SuperPokes a second  5 million sheep thrown a day  Major Networks Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut & more  Advertisers Starbucks, Sunkist, Activision, AT&T Wireless, Discovery Channel, Estee Lauder, McDonald's, Lionsgate Films, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures & more

17 But Put In Perspective…

18 Why Not Bigger Investment?

19 Why?  33.1% of US marketing executives report they are never able to measure ROI of social media marketing efforts, 25.6% hardly ever, and 28.9% only sometimes (Source: Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), November, 2008)

20 Learn To Listen  80% of CEOs believe their brand provides a superior customer experience  8% of their customers agree (Source: Bain and Company)

21 You can’t control WOM, only influence it  Facilitate conversation about your brand, product or service  How to control millions of inaccurate and divergent conversations? YOU DON’T  Provide value to your consumers through WOM, show that you care, don’t push product or service

22 Thank You  Contact: Joakim “Jay” Baage  Email:  Social Networks: LinkedIn: joakimbaage Facebook: baage Twitter: joakimbaage Blogger: Skype: joakimbaage  Website:

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