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A PowerPoint Production

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1 A PowerPoint Production
A Story About Pandas A PowerPoint Production by Liam H.

2 What do Pandas look like?
Pandas look like black and white Bears. Pandas look like friendly and cuddly bears. Pandas have black and beanie eyes. Pandas have round ears. Pandas can weigh about 150 kg and grow up to 4 feet tall.

3 What are Pandas? Pandas are just like giant teddy bears that are alive. Pandas love playing and they are cuddly. Pandas are omnivores. Pandas are part of the bear family.

4 What do Pandas do? Pandas can actually playful if you catch it in a good mood . Pandas love doing somersaults over and over and over again. In zoos, Pandas often play with a rubber ball for hours.

5 What do Pandas eat? Pandas are omnivores. They eat Bamboo most of the time, but they kill foxes and eat them.

6 Where do Pandas live? Pandas live in a small place in China.

7 Are Pandas endangered? Yes. Pandas are endangered because people have been killing pandas for over 200 years.

8 What species are pandas?
Pandas are part of the bear family. Pandas are also mammal.

9 How long can a panda live?
Pandas can live up to 30 years

10 How big can a panda get? Panda’s can weigh as much as 133 kg.
giant pandas grow up to 2 meters long and 70 centimeters wide.

11 What is The body of the panda?
Neck Back Ears Eyes Tail Mouth and nose Legs Arms

12 How much can a panda eat in a year?
Pandas can eat up to 10,000 lb (4,536 kg) in just 1 year. Pandas can digest 20 ld of bamboo in an hour.

13 Extra Facts Pandas can twist there bodies in lots of different angles.
Pandas can make a good pet if you can captor one. The giant panda is the rarest ; member of the bear family and ;among the world's most threatened animals.

14 Web Sites And Books I Used
Book- Giant pandas by: Zoo books Web sites/

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