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New York State Office of General Services Statewide Procurement Group October 23, 2012 Hourly Based Information Technology Services (HBITS) State Agency.

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1 New York State Office of General Services Statewide Procurement Group October 23, 2012 Hourly Based Information Technology Services (HBITS) State Agency Training

2 Agenda 1 I.HBITS Support II.The Road to HBITS III.Goals of the HBITS Team IV.HBITS Process & Forms V.Methodology for Candidate Submittal VI.Question and Answer Period VII.Break – 15 Minutes VIII.HBITS Contract Transition IX.HBITS Invoicing Process X.eHBITS Process XI.eHBITS Portal – Sneak Peek XII.Questions and Answer Period

3 2 I. HBITS Support

4 Support John Traylor, Chief Procurement Officer Mary McGinty, Director of Contract Management Sue Filburn, Project Manager Dave Burmaster, RFP State Lead 3 OGS has a dedicated HBITS team to act as support for the contractors and all authorized users. HBITS Management HBITS Team & Direct Support Sean Hume, Team Lead Dan DeBerardinis, Team Member Debra Kruszona, Team Member

5 4 II. The Road to HBITS

6 The Road to HBITS A procurement model that would be best for the entirety of New York State The optimum length of a contract Job Titles Hard to find skill sets Receiving better hourly bill rates while still maintaining the quality of the HBITS candidates Price differences across NYS Streamlining the approval process Vendor performance; metrics 5 Over 600 different hourly ITS support vendors on a Statewide OGS contract. Price differences of approximately 43% between agencies. Discrepancies in mark-ups up to 132% The NYS Strategic Sourcing Team (SST) started working on the HBITS category to understand the breakdown of hourly vs. deliverable based temporary staffing services and the rates across agencies. In addition, SST looked at: Before:

7 The Road to HBITS 6 The contract start date is 11/1/12 Estimated savings will be approximately $30 million dollars annually 14 of the 23 selected Bidders are New York State vendors Of the New York State vendors, nine are headquartered in the Capital District, three in the NYC Metro Area, and two are in Long Island 16 of the 23 approved contractors are New York State certified Minority- or Women- owned businesses enterprises (MWBE). Of the 16 MWBEs: Three are dual certified as both minority- and women-owned (two of which are NYS businesses) Five are certified as MBE (three of which are NYS businesses) Eight are certified as WBE (five of which are NYS businesses) Contractor status as active/waitlisted will be updated annually based on performance- based metrics. An internet portal to manage and centralize information flow (the eHBITS portal) is now under development with an anticipated completion date of December After: 23 HBITS contracts were approved by the Comptroller on 10/5/12, of which 20 will be active contractors and 3 will be waitlisted for potential move to the active list; two additional awards are pending.

8 7 III. The Goals of the HBITS Team

9 Goals of the HBITS Team 8 Assist the Agencies in receiving quality services Stimulate competition and save money through an effective HBITS process Evaluate vendors using a performance-based, metric driven process and workflow Ensure awards are based on a consistent evaluation process Maintain a dynamic group of quality vendors Increase MWBE opportunities for agencies Use technology to create an easy, time savings process for users Produce monitoring and performance reports for senior leadership Utilize a fast, consistent invoice process Were here to assist the users of the HBITS Contract and meet our goals. Specifically…

10 Website 9 The HBITS Team will post important and pertinent information on the HBITS website consistently. We will send s referencing major changes or important information. The HBITS website is located on the main OGS web page.

11 The Website 10 The HBITS website will serve as the main source of information until eHBITS is up. eHBITS and Invoice Information Coming Soon! General Information Contractor Information How to Guides

12 11 IV. HBITS Process & Forms

13 HBITS Process 12 Consistent Efficient Visible Has Flexible Reporting Capability Includes Performance Management Metrics Results in Time Savings for the user and management staff Fair Leaves Decision-making and oversight of the vendor at the Agency/Customer level Includes oversight, but not micromanaged Is Web-Based; can be accessed at any time and anywhere and used to communicate with all users (eHBITS) Results in Good, Solid Matchmaking for agency/customer and vendor Our goal is to develop a process and workflow that is:

14 Process 13 ROLETASKSTIMELINEFORMS AGENCY Obtain all approvals – internal, PTP, B-1184, and Federal, if applicable Completes Form 1, Task Order Request Form -FORM 1 HBITS TEAM OGS reviews the request 2-3 days Validates all data fields & compliance with contractual terms FORM 1 Submit to the Contractors CONTRACTORS Reviews and decides to bid or not10 daysFORM 2 Submits completed FORM 2s for proposed Candidates HBITS TEAM OGS validates mandatory requirements from Contract are met OGS Performs cost evaluations 1-2 daysFORM 2 OGS forwards appropriate responses to the Agency OGS releases those Candidates not forwarded onto Agency AGENCY Agency reviews Candidate and assigns up to 80 points1-5 daysFORM 3A Determine most technically qualified candidates to interview by technical scores and Summary Agency schedules interviews (minimum of 3) Notifies OGS of Candidates not selected for interview for release Sheet Interviews to validate initial score and qualifications (worth 20 points) 2-5 daysFORM 3B Completes Evaluation Form 3B on all interviewees and Selects the highest technically scored candidate after interview Post- Interview Notifies HBITS Team of selection Retains copies of all Forms for procurement record Summary Sheet AGENCY & CONTRACTOR Contractor has 10 business days to perform all candidate placement requirements and finalizes onboarding of consultants. -- TOTAL TIME FRAME:23-25 days The HBITS process has been streamlined from 4-6 months to days.

15 Where to Start? 14 forms are available at the OGS Homepage as

16 Where to Start? 15 Form 1: Task Order Request Form Do not just look at the Position Title when determining potential candidates for submittal. HBITS is not a title specific contract where a Project Manager has the same meaning for all Authorized Users. Form 1 contains detailed information about the position; this has not been historically provided to vendors. Review the day to day tasks, daily work hours, incumbent position requirements, software/hardware environment, etc. to fully understand what the agency needs. There is only one mandatory pass/fail requirement. This is directly from the contract and agencies cannot add mandatories. Desirable requirements are now known as position qualifications. Technical score is 80 points for requested qualifications and 20 points for interview/communication skills. No exceptions. Pay attention to the additional information requests provided by the Authorized User.

17 Where to Start? 16 * Completed by interested Contractors.

18 Where to Start? 17 Form 2: Candidate Response Form – Completed by Contractors Form 2 is a standardized for Contractors to use; not a simple resume process. Contractors are being advised to not list See Resume as a response as this is insufficient for evaluation. Contractors are being asked to be very specific in submitted responses. Contractors must respond with how candidate meets or exceeds the requested qualifications. Contractual requirement for firm to screen proposed candidates. Company must affirm in Form 2 that screening has occurred. All subcontractor candidates must be identified. Degree equivalency of foreign educational credentials is required for agency review.

19 18 V. Methodology for Candidate Submittal

20 The HBITS Team will use the following cost methodology to determine the total number of qualified Candidate Response Forms to be passed on to the Executive Agency Authorized User for each position sought. Once candidates are released, they are available for other Task Order Requests. Candidate Submittal - Methodology 19

21 Candidate Submittal - Methodology 20 An Executive Agency Authorized User is required to interview the top three candidates with the highest technical score resulting from the preliminary evaluation before it may select a lower ranked candidate to be interviewed. There is no financial score; this is not a mini-bid. Rates are already established.

22 Z Where to Start? (cont.) 21

23 Where to Start? 22 Form 3A: Authorized User Preliminary Technical Evaluation Form Agencies may not add mandatory requirements. An agencys requested qualifications must total 80 points. Mandatory Qualification Task Order PointsCandidate Score Comments 1. Pre-Defined: (Insert Text From Contract for Position Title and Skill Level) Pass/Fail Requested Qualifications Qualification Number Pts Assigned for Meeting Qualifications (Always 75% of Max Points Pts Assigned for Exceeding Qualifications (Max Points) Candidate Score Comments 1. Sample: X Months of Experience in Y doing Z Sample: X Months of Experience in Y doing Z Total Requested Qualification Points: 6080

24 Where to Start? 23 Form 3A: Authorized User Preliminary Technical Evaluation Form Standardized scoring methodology applies to all HBITS requests. Your evaluation must be conducted within the constructs of the HBITS evaluation method. Agencies must document the rationale for candidates who exceed the individual requested qualifications and thus received the full points. Remember, agencies are listing the requested qualifications for the position. If those qualifications are written fairly and accurately, the top candidates score will reflect such. Do not write requested qualifications that are specifically designed to retain an incumbent candidate. It will often result in you having to start the process over. The candidates with the highest technical scores will be selected for interviews (minimum of 3 required).

25 24 Where to Start?

26 25

27 Where to Start? 26 Form 3B: Authorized User Interview Evaluation Form The candidate with the highest technical score will be selected for the Task Order. No Exceptions! 20 points are allocated to the interview, 5 of which are for communication skills. The specific scoring criteria is listed in Form 3B and cannot changed. Once the candidates are identified for interview, the previous candidates listed cannot be recalled for interview. The entire interview process of all candidates should not take longer than 5 business days from start to finish. Agencies that take longer will find their candidates availability at risk. Vendors are contractually obligated to do webcasting interviews if requested. The same obligation applies to in-person interviews. Phone interviews are strongly discouraged. Upon completion of candidate interviews, if a candidate was not chosen, the agency must re-start the HBITS request process. The SLA in the contract allows 10 business days for candidate on-boarding.

28 Additional Forms 27 Form 4: Task Order Satisfaction Form Completed by Agency on the completion of a Task Order for each Consultant assigned. Form 5: Task Order Modification Request Form Utilized by the Authorized user if they a modification to the original Task Order is needed. Reviewed by the HBITS team for approval. Form 6: Authorized User Issue Form Utilized by Authorized users to address any Contractor/Consultant related issues. Form 7: Contractor Issue Form Utilized by the Contractor to address any Authorized user related issues. Form 8: Monthly Report Contractors required to complete on a monthly basis, summarizing the Task Orders and Consultants on all HBITS contracts. Form 9: Contractor Performance Evaluation Process Internal form used by OGS annually to evaluate all the active contractors to determine the active/waitlist contractors for the following year.

29 28 VI. Questions

30 29 VII. BREAK – 15 Minutes

31 30 VIII. HBITS Contract Transitioning

32 Contract Transition 31 HBITS contract does not cancel existing contracts. Agencies must use HBITS unless it does not meet form, function and utility. Approval to extend current ITS contracts is with the Agency, Cluster CIO and DOB. Previously released policy guidance: Engagements Expiring Prior to 12/31 – Agencies can seek extensions for contracts that expire prior to the end of the calendar year that need a short-term extension to 3/31/13. Agencies should attempt to secure rate reductions wherever possible and benchmark against the HBITS average rates. Agencies must still obtain approvals through the PTP and B-1184 processes. Engagements Expiring on or after 12/31 - The HBITS contract is available to replace contracts expiring on or after 12/31/12. Agencies are encouraged to begin utilizing the HBITS contract for some or all of their consultant positions as soon as possible. If an extension is deemed necessary due to knowledge transfer and IT operational issues, contracts can be extended for a period not to exceed 3/31/13. Agencies should be judicious in their decision to seek extensions of any current contracts. No positions will be extended beyond 12/31/12 unless approved by your cluster CIO.

33 32 IX. HBITS Invoicing Process

34 33 Invoicing Process Contractor Submits Monthly Report (Form 8) Submits Monthly Invoice Agency Review and send Monthly Report to HBITS Review Invoices HBITS Team Maintains invoices in HBITS database Double-checks invoices vs. monthly reports Posts Invoices on the HBITS website Business Service Center (BSC) PAYS VENDORS Send Invoices to HBITS Team Statewide Procurement Invoicing Group Bills agencies for payment in SFS (REIMBURSE OGS) Send copies to agencies (if needed). Whats different about this invoicing process? Contractors submit one invoice for all agency work to OGS/BSC, not individual agencies. Agencies are sub-billed by Statewide Procurement Invoicing Group to reimburse OGS. Contractors submit a Monthly Report (Form 8) as a verification to the monthly invoice (time, attendance and work performed).

35 34 X. eHBITS

36 PROCESS (PORTAL) - eHBITS 35 Agency HBITS Contractors HBITS Agency Agency HBITS Team Team Approval 2-3 days 10 days 1-5 days 5 days Completes Task Order Reviews and sends to Contractors Reviews and decides to bid or not Sends resumes Reviews and forwards Reviews Portal Portal Portal Portal Portal Days Begins interviews Chooses 1-2 days Notification of Candidates Being Released Information now on-line at the OGS Homepage as

37 36 XI. eHBITS Portal – Sneak Peek

38 37

39 38

40 39

41 40 XII. Questions?

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