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Key Multi-domain GÉANT Network Services June 2011.

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1 Key Multi-domain GÉANT Network Services June 2011.

2 GÉANT Backbone eduCONF eduroam eduPKI eduGAIN Multi-domain connectivity services perfSONAR eduPERT Multi-domain GÉANT Service Area Identity & roaming services Bandwidth- on-Demand 40m users 1,000s of campuses Wavelength 32 NRENs An orchestrated delivery of services by NRENs and Campuses to their users..

3 Bandwidth-on-Demand For automatic provisioning of bandwidth on user request.

4 Bandwidth-on-Demand flexible Circuit Option Service End-to-End, Point-to-Point, multi-domain connectivity service for data transport Provider GÉANT and NRENs delivers bandwidth when users need it Result Happy users; efficient use of resources.

5 Using Bandwidth-on-Demand User-friendly interface allows users to request the service from their desktop. Specify start and end points. Select bandwidth required. Select dates and times required. Inter-domain service requests The Bandwidth-on-Demand service enables a dedicated network path automatically generated across collaborating networks..

6 Using Bandwidth-on-Demand Shows status of the request Shows service start and end times Shows start and end nodes Shows service modes Users can easily keep track of circuit service requests. Check Submitted Service Status The circuit is automatically established in minutes, instead of days.

7 Standards-based for Scalability and Global Reach Common underlying technology is IDCP now:  but will be NSI (from Open Grid Forum) in the long term. Collaboratively-developed standards in the global community:  Interoperability between the different BoD systems across multiple network domains..

8 Bandwidth-on-Demand is being deployed by NRENs across Europe, the US and beyond. Bandwidth-on-Demand in Deployment Deployed using OSCARS: Deployed using AutoBAHN: Deploying when NSI available: GÉANT Backbone Tool-agnostic service to facilitate interoperability across multiple domains..

9 What the Users Say Gareth Eason | Operations Manager | HEAnet “ A”A” GÉANT Bandwidth-on-Demand will allow HEAnet to not only connect customer sites within our network, but internationally. Of course, delivery is only the starting point. The BoD service delivers not only a method of delivering a link, but also the multi-domain tools and processes to manage and maintain a link throughout its lifetime..

10 What the Users Say Dr. Arpad Szomoru | Head of Technical Operations and R&D | JIVE (Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe) “ A”A” The radio astronomy community plans to be an early adopter of the Bandwidth-on-Demand services offered by the NRENs and GÉANT, to provide multi-gigabit connectivity between the radio telescopes and the correlator. Being based on the Open Grid Forum NSI standard, these services enable multi-provider world-wide links. By being able to use the bandwidth only when we require it, we can perform world-class real-time science in a cost- effective manner, respond to unexpected astronomical events (targets of opportunity), and also allow efficient use of the network by other users..

11 perfSONAR MDM For multi-domain network monitoring.

12 About perfSONAR MDM Enables NREN NOCs and PERTs to deliver seamless network performance across multiple European domains Collaboratively investigate and solve performance issues for network users User-friendly interface gives immediate access to the complete picture of monitoring data in each NREN’s domain Accurate, quick and efficient detection of bottlenecks, outages and performance issues where problems span multiple domains.

13 Domain 3 Domain 1Domain 2 Domain 4 perfSONAR MDM service deployments Collation of local network measurement data. Complete picture of networks across domains. Presented in standard way. Viewed via MDM user interface. How perfSONAR MDM Works Each domain has its own local monitoring.

14 Using perfSONAR MDM Status and histories of the IP connections between different NRENs’ network measurement points Circuit tab visualisation tool for monitoring Network engineers access network metrics for any participating network across the GÉANT Service Area.

15 Interface tab visualisation tool for monitoring Error identification, link utilisation and issue-tracking across the entire multi-domain environment Using perfSONAR MDM.

16 BWCTL visualisation tool for trouble-shooting On-demand, customised measurement tests for available bandwidth across multiple domains Using perfSONAR MDM.

17 European networks deploying perfSONAR MDM.  deploying software  building a monitoring and diagnostics infrastructure perfSONAR MDM in Deployment Creating global interoperable monitoring service through collaboration with R&E networks beyond Europe. GÉANT Backbone.

18 What the Users Say Alberto Escolano Sanchez | Network Engineer | RedIRIS “ A”A” The perfSONAR platform allows a simple way to monitor in a multi-domain environment once it is deployed in all domains involved. This, in fact, enables a rapid response to the resolution of problems that previously could involve long response times..

19 What the Users Say Toby Rodwell | NOC Manager | DANTE “ A”A” perfSONAR MDM will provide us with effective and comprehensive access to the monitoring data throughout the GÉANT and NREN domains. It will also give us the ability to run on-demand tests across multiple domains without having to make lots of phone calls. Saving precious time will help us to detect potential problems, bottlenecks or performance issues even before our users experience the effect, maintaining the quality of the service we give them..

20 eduGAIN Connecting users to services.

21 eduGAIN: Identity Innovation A legal and technology framework, constructed around a flexible governance and policy model - scalable to tens of thousands of organisations and tens of millions of users. Internet identity that is secure, privacy- enabled and easy to use. 1st A ground-breaking system that is the first of its kind in existence. An enabling infrastructure that interconnects the national research & education Identity Federations. Empowers organisations to securely exchange digital identity information across Europe. Enables users to enjoy seamless access to the resources they need..

22 eduGAIN Connects Identity Federations Federations enable Web single sign-on to resources in their constituency. eduGAIN connects federations together, enabling access to resources across national borders. 19 federations in EC 1,500 Identity Providers 500 Service Providers. A Federation is usually operated by the national NREN The Federation contains many identity and service providers Identity providers (eg university) issue digital identity information to service providers Service providers (eg data repository) use this information to authorise access to their resources.

23 The Value of eduGAIN For Users: A single digital identity that provides personalised single sign-on access to resources across Europe. √ x For Service Providers: Greatly simplified delivery of services, reducing the helpdesk burden. For NRENs: Able to offer services to users from different federations. For Identity Providers: Facilitates compliance with data protection legislation..

24 eduGAIN in Deployment 13 of Europe’s 19 identity federations participated in the pilot phase. 3 now signed up to production service, launched April 2011.

25 What the Users Say Wayne Routly | Security Mgr. GÉANT Services | DANTE “ A”A” eduGAIN provides critical multi-domain identity management, allowing multiple NREN security experts to securely and easily connect to a centralised knowledge base using their own NREN credentials – without the need to create additional logon accounts. This means eduGAIN is enabling secure NREN collaboration to support GÉANT multi-domain services..


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