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FINNISH SNOW HOW Reykjavik 23.3.2010 Marina Krause.

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1 FINNISH SNOW HOW Reykjavik 23.3.2010 Marina Krause

2 Finland in the beginning of 1990 The Finnish mark (FIM) over valued Price level sky high Deep recession in markets Finns travelling abroad in thousands Currency deficit

3 Help on the way Devaluation of FIM autumn 1991 FIM floating 1992 Competition due to recession Tax on outbound tourism Pricelevel down A conciderable increase in money for marketing and product development


5 More money more honey Development of Domestic Tourism – Spa culture – Subsidised holidays – Short breaks Lapland affordable (1000 FIM/week) Workers wellbeing (preventive care)

6 Marketing campaigns Nordic Markets Central Europe East and Far East – New offices and activities in Estonia, Japan, Russia, China, Korea

7 Global Finland 1993 Nord Info GmbH Comma Finnova ETC planning commission Scandinavian Tourist Board Nordiska Turistrådet

8 Product Development & Seasonality SnowBall project – We Finns have the snowhow! New winter season, activities Feb-Mar Product development Workshops and fam. trips Print and press Advertising campaigns


10 CHRISTMAS SEASON Touroperators to be bought Product development together Hundreds of press people and PR events UK – main market Opening up of other markets Santa Village and Santa Park

11 UK Overnights

12 Product Development Farm stay; cottages; holiday villages – Standards and quality criterias Ministery for Agriculture - evaluation Product Manuals Central booking Fam. Trips Joint marketing

13 Regional Networks SUOMA = Association of Regional Tourism organisations Co-operation in IT and Product development Sales promotion Domestic Fam. trips and work-shops from abroad

14 IT 1993 Lotus Notes –internal 1994 Market information system (MIS) 1995 Promis - professional MIS 1995 Relis – research information system (R&D) 1996 Contact Center & CRM World wide distribution

15 Quality programmes Training programmes ISO 9000 Tourism industrys own standard

16 What did we learn A pulse of money triggers a lot > Tourism was recognized as an industry > Tourism - quick help? Yes/No > Product development > Seasonality > Co-operation – ministeries, regions, private/public, states and continents

17 Where did we go wrong Time frame over optimistic Private / public as long as there is money? Years of work to reset mindmap Long term commitment from all parties

18 Sören Kirkegaard Ting tar tid! Tack!

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