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MIMAL Learn the Names of EVERY state in the Union.

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1 MIMAL Learn the Names of EVERY state in the Union

2 Chef MIMAL You see him every time you look at the map…. Under his chef’s hat he hides a mini-soda – Minnesota Eye is in eye-o- wa - Iowa Fat, stomach feels Miss-ouri (misery!) Sits on his “can” – Ar-Kan-sas His feet feel “lousy-anna” – Louisiana

3 Chef MIMAL M – Minnesota The Chef’s HAT

4 Chef MIMAL I – IOWA The Chef’s face – Eye in “eye-o-wa”

5 Chef MIMAL M – Missouri The Chef’s fat Stomach/Shirt – feels “misery”


7 Chef MIMAL – More tricks Holds a “tin tray” = Tennessee On the tray is his favorite food, Kentucky Friend Chicken = Kentucky He’s gassy – burps and makes an ill-noise = Illinois, right “in Dianna’s” face – Indiana Where are the cheese heads? – Wisconsin He is wearing an oven mitt – Michigan Hides another soda behind his back because he “can” - Kansas


9 Chef MIMAL – More Tricks He likes Muscle Cars, so he puts MAG wheels on his ride for a trip to Florida = Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia Where is the most beef cattle raised? Texas! – What does the chef use to butcher the beef? A meat cleaver = Oklahoma If you stand in the corner U CAN see 4 states = Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico State looks like a guitine blade that seperates you from your money = Nevada (v shaped)


11 Chef MIMAL –More Tricks Where are happy COWs from? = California, Oregon, Washington Where are potatoes grown? (Looks like a potato masher) = Idaho Do you see the man in Montana? In the South we have 5 Southern Belles – all named after women: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, Maryland


13 Chef MIMAL – More Tricks The “Middle Colonies” are made of up like a baseball team: – New York Yankees = New York – Who have pin stripped uniforms – Pennsylvania – Jerseys = New Jersey – & they wear underwear! = Deleware

14 Chef MIMAL – More Tricks Upper Colonies – Leprechauns are Irish Catholics and go to Mass – Massachusetts – But the Church had to call an exterminator to take care of a rodent problem in the basement (Rhode Island) that was filled with New Hampsters (New Hampshire) and vermin (Vermont). – This state thnks that they are so great… the MAINE reason for everything in the U.S.


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