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Think IELTS to reach out to more students

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1 Think IELTS to reach out to more students
Good morning. My name is Malgorzata Kurpias and I’m representative of the British Council Poland. It is my great honor to stand in front of you and present IELTS - the world's most popular English language test for higher education and global migration. There are currently more than 24,000 international students from over 140 countries studying in the Polish higher education institutions. 26% of them study medicine. Why not to boos this number and reach out to more potential candidates with the help from IELTS, globally recognised and very popular English language test.

2 International English Language Testing System
What is IELTS? International English Language Testing System a global standardised English language test designed to .... test the English language abilities of non-native speakers who plan to study or work where English is the language of communication What is IELTS exactly? IELTS is an acronym name for International English Language System. It is a global standardised English language test designed to .... <click? test the English language skills of people: Who are not English native speakers And who plan to study or work in English. What does it mean that IELTS is a global test? First, with IELTS people can study in any part of the world. Second, it is a test actively avoiding cultural bias because it accepts all standard varieties of English – American, Australian, British, etc.

3 Why recognise IELTS?
So why is it worth, for your institution, to accept IELTS? I would give you four reasons for that.

4 8,000 organisations worldwide
Why recognise IELTS? International recognition Accepted by more than 8,000 organisations worldwide First: By accepting IELTS your institution joins a club of over 8,000 organisations recognising and using IELTS for selection purposes. Among those organisations there are well known universities, employers, professional bodies and authorities.

5 Why recognise IELTS? Popular global English language test
Over 2,000,000 test takers in 2012! Second reason for accepting IELTS is its popularity among test takers around the world. You must knwo that ot only the number of institutions around the world accepting the IELTS test continues to increase. Also the volume of IELTS candidates each year is on the rise. <CLICK> In the last twelve months IELTS was taken by over two million candidates from around 180 countries (and as I said before there are students from 140 countires studying in Poland). The majority of IELTS test takers come from: China, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Turkey, The second market is in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Students from these countires take the test for educational purposes, to be able to study abroad.

6 IELTS Increasing in Popularity
The reason for IELTS growth (exponentially since 2000) is also linked with the recognition that it is a reliable, valid and secure test.

7 You can select the right people
Why recognise IELTS? Academic module to meet your needs. You can select the right people from around the world. Third reason for recognising IELTS is availability of two versions of this test that serve both academic and non-academic purposes. For you and your institutions needs and expectations the IELTS Academic module will be the best. Because IELTS Academic measures English language proficiency needed for an academic, higher learning environment. So setting IELTS band score is just one element of your assessment of a candidate’s sustainability to join your university. „We want qualified applicants who can communicate effectively. The IELTS examination is a strong well-constructed test that caters to this demnd” – Graduate Program Administrator from Brigham Young Uniersity, USA

8 Global Candidature Breakdown (2012)
Even the numbers show that the Academic module is taken by majority of IELTS candidates because they use this test as an entry English language test to study in any part of the world they want.

9 Why recognise IELTS? Scores you can trust.
Last but not least – forth reason for accepting IELTS. For institutions the IELTS tests provides a fair, accurate and reliable assessment of the 4 language skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The fairness and accuracy of the IELTS test are secured by three international partners, jointly managing the test. These are the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment. Moreover, you can be confident that the scores that you see will accurately reflect a candidate’s ability, because examiners are fully qualified English language specialists certified by Cambridge English Language Assessment, and results - presented against a clear 9-band scale (from 1, the lowest, to 9, the highest) - are benchmarked worldwide. 9

10 Contact details and photo
Test version Test date Contact details and photo Overall average score Stamps This is an example of an IELTS TRF, so you can see that the results are not only fair but also secured. All TRFS aee printed on special paper that has IELTS continuously written in green; paper is A4 size. Key details to look out for: Test version – Academic or General Training (typically Academic for university admissions) Test date (day, month, year format) – make sure the test date was within the past 2 years; we typically recommend you do not accept results past 2 years without proof of evidence that the applicant has actively maintained or improved their English Check contact details and photo against your records The overall bandscore should be the average of all four component scores – rounded to the nearest half band. If it is not – then there is a risk that the result has been falsified. Make sure there is a center stamp; could be an address stamp, as per picture Look for TRF number on bottom right corner to check results on the IELTS verification website; should be approx. 18 characters and include both numbers and letters Lastly, the back of the TRF paper lists the IELTS scoring scale descriptions for Bands 0 - 9 TRF number

11 Free Services Available to Recognising Organisations
So if you have already decided to accept the IELTS test – do you know that there are some free services available esp. For you? There are two of them: Test Report Form Verification Service (TRFVS) E-downloads

12 IELTS Test Results Verification System
Test Report Form Verification Service (TRFVS) ensures the validity of IELTS results you receive are authentic This is a free service giving institutions access to a secure database of candidates’ results; all you need is the candidate’s TRF number to verify a score

13 E-downloads E-downloads
allows you to receive and process IELTS scores much faster; You first must register for TRFVS first, to gain access to e-downloads Specify a date range for the results you want to retrieve, which MUST include the date the test was TAKEN View results as CSV or XML format To view candidate photos you must select XML Click “Submit” You have to log into the system to retrieve scores that are sent to your organization; they are NOT automatically sent to you, which is why you will need to know the date range of when the applicant took the test.

14 Reach out to more candidates
IELTS Global Recognition System The additional fifth reason for accepting IELTS that I kept in secret is the promotional opportunity it gives. I will encourage all of you to let your potential canidadates know that you accept IELTS results by listing the entry requirements on the two IELTS websites. Listing your minimum band score requirements will increase your reach to milions of existing and potential test takers as the websites are visited each year by more than 4,500,000 users from more than 200 countries. Listing your IELTS score among other 8,000 institutions Let you join the international network and present your institutions as reliable partner whose students can proof their English language proficiency with quality diploma. Second, it makes it easy for you to compare your band score requirements with those of other organisations around the world to keep up up-to-date with trends on HE market.

15 What does the British Council offer?
Methodological support in the form of seminars for teachers and presentations for students/staff. Didactic and informational materials regarding the IELTS test. The right to use the “British Council Poland IELTS Venue” logotype. The right to be a member of the Addvantage Partnership Programme and all privileges related to that. For universities accepting IELTS and wishing to organise an IELTS session on their premiese for their student the British Council has a special offer. Not only you can organise a session for your students but you can also benefit from the British Council’s: • Methodological support in the form of seminars for teachers and presentations for students/staff. • Didactic and informational materials regarding the IELTS test. • To institutions that register a minimum of 10 candidates for the IELTS test and organize the test on their premises: – the right to use the “British Council Poland IELTS Venue” logotype in their promotional materials and on their webpages, – the right to a 10% discount on the IELTS fee (available for registrations of 20 candidates and above), • The right to be a member of the Addvantage Partnership Programme and all privileges related to that.

16 British Council Poland IELTS Venue
Example of the logotype

17 Feel free to contact me if you have questions
Małgorzata Kurpias British Council IELTS Business Development Manager

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