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WOW COMMUNITY REFERRAL PROGRAM The Community Program Where By Helping People And You Be Rewarded. Ministry of Defence Official Launch Police Camp Sunway.

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1 WOW COMMUNITY REFERRAL PROGRAM The Community Program Where By Helping People And You Be Rewarded. Ministry of Defence Official Launch Police Camp Sunway Resorts & SPA

2 powered by This is truly a community program where it is base on the mobile line platform where everyone uses. In this Community program we EDUCATE all our community to be a SMART consumer by showing them how they can turn their mobile phone line from being a LIABILITY into an ASSET. More importantly our communities will be able to HELP one another to generate a real RECURRING PASSIVE income hence achieving financial freedom to face the RISING cost of living. – WOW

3 powered by Signing Of Agreement Between Tune Talk & Tone Excel 10th February 2010 This Platform Is Powered By – WOW

4 powered by Industry Statistic – Mobile Services ( Data from Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia – Industry Performance Report 2008 ) Total mobile subscribers in 2009 – million Total Usage in RM : RM20,500,000,000( est ) Prepaid million( 79.38% ) Postpaid million ( 20.62% ) – WOW

5 powered by Product Information :- Starter Pack : RM80/= ( With Talktime RM30/= ) RM100,000/= Personal Accident Insurance FREE !!!* * Terms & Conditions Apply. Monthly MUST top up RM30/= to qualify YES ! Reload & Enjoy Tune Talk Points To Redeem Air Asia Flights Monthly 20 Lucky Draw – RM200/= each. To be eligible - Just Reload RM50/= min Services :- Voice Call INTERNATIONAL ROAMING DATA IDD Call SMS 2.5G – WOW

6 powered by Why You MUST join this community ??? Here are the benefits :- ( 1 ) RM100,000/= Personal Accident Insurance- FREE - ( 2 ) Every reload you will enjoy TT points where you can redeem Air Asia Flights Tickets – FREE ( 3 ) You are able to enjoy another source of passive recurring income hence achieve financial freedom ( 4 ) You are able to HELP one another and achieve Financial Freedom. ( 5 ) More benefits coming …eg hotel discounts/retail discounts – WOW

7 powered by How To Join This Community & Enjoy Recurring Passive Income & All The Other Benefits ??? ( 1 ) Invest One Starter Pack - RM80/= ( 2 ) Change Your Present Mobile Line To Tone Excel Powered By Tune Talk ( 3 ) Go & SHARE with All Your Family Members/Relatives/Friends of the all benefits you are enjoying for being part of our community & ask them to do the same. ( 4 ) Just Top Up minimum RM20/= every month – WOW

8 powered by Minimum Monthly Top Up Commitment RM20/= – WOW

9 – WOW powered by Tone Excel – WOW Community Referral Reward Programme 6% 3% 11% 6% Your Payout Plan 3%

10 – WOW powered by Tone Excel – WOW Community Referral Reward Program INFINITY Your Payout Plan

11 powered by Your Potential Income Fast track Income Every DIRECT activation and registration : RM20/= each If One day you referred 1 ppl x25days = 25ppl x RM20 = RM500/=( month ) Your Monthly Recurring Passive Income base on top up of RM20/:- Level 1 : 25 ppl x RM20 x x6% = RM30/= (now your calls are FREE) Level 2 : 25 x 25 = 625ppl x RM20 x 3% = RM375/= Level 3 : 625 x 25 = 15625ppl x RM20 x11% = RM 34,375/= Total Monthly Recurring Rewards = RM 34,780/= – WOW

12 – WOW powered by Your Potential Monthly Income – Commitment Of RM20/= PositionAmount ( RM ) Percentage % Refer 5 people Refer 10 people Refer 15 people Refer 25 people Merchant1.206%6.00 ( 5 people ) (10 people) ( 15 people ) ( 25 people ) Agent0.603%15.00 (25 people ) ( 100 people ) (225 people) (625 people) Customer2.2011% (125 people) 2, ( 1000 people ) 7, (3375 people) 34, (15625 people) Total (155 people) 2, (1110 people) 7, (3615 people) 34, (16275 people)

13 – WOW powered by Position%AmountMonthly Top Up RM20/= Monthly Top Up RM30/= Monthly Top Up RM40/- Monthly Top Up RM80/ Monthly Top Up RM160/ Merchant6% Agent3% Customer11%2.202, , , , , Total2, , , , , Refer 10 Relatives/Friends ONLY. Your POTENTIAL monthly recurring Passive Income ….

14 powered by Unbelievable Opportunity Right ????? Of course you worry about the call rates !!!!! Call Rate : 32cents / min SMS : 15 cents / sms Above rates for all telcos and one nation!!!

15 powered by Prepaid Rates Comparison Our call rate rate Others Standard Prepaid 32 cents per minute 0.36 cents / minute 0.33 cents / minute 0.35 cents / minute

16 powered by Post Paid Comparison Our Monthly Commitment RM20/= / 32 cents = minutes Refer eg 10 relatives/friends to be part of our community in 1 month Fast Track Income : 10 x RM20 = RM200/= Your monthly recurring Passive Income First Month : RM20 x 10 x 6% = RM12.00 Your Cost : RM20.00 – RM12.00 = RM8.00 RM8.00/ min = 12.8 cents/minutes. YOU ARE ENJOYING FREE CALLS ALREADY !!!

17 – WOW powered by Top Up Location :- ATM :- Tune Talk Self Care Using Any Credit Cards….. More to come !!!

18 powered by Who can subscribe ??? ( 1 ) Anyone with IC OR Passport ( 2 ) Blacklisted with any telco’s also can

19 – WOW powered by Please give a good thought to these pictures!!! OR Thank you ! WOW … even I am sick in bed I just need to top up RM20/ monthly and I still enjoy my recurring passive income … I just can’t imagine I can’t work and have no income. WOW is really life saver!!!! By being part of wow Tone Excel community now I enjoy MONTHLY recurring passive income and I can take my family for holiday every year. WOW its fantastic … I am enjoying right here but at home I am still enjoying my passive income.

20 powered by How to Qualify For Commission ? Just Top Up a minimum of RM20/= every calendar month, cumulative amount is also OK. Closing of Account program check for reload min RM20/= end of month end of month end of month If this month you not qualify but the next month you reload RM20/ again then you are entitle to that month commission.. – WOW Reload RM20 Qualified Commission bank into bank a/c on 21 st. Amount > RM30 Transaction Fees RM3 If Not qualified Wallet will be ZERO

21 powered by Schedule Payment for FAST TRACK Income 1 st Schedule 1 st - 15 th - cut of date is 15 th every month Payout = last day of the month 2 nd Schedule 16 th - last day of the month - cut of date last day of the month Payout = 11 th of every month. Note : Payout will be made regardless of the amount except ZERO. Every transaction charges is RM3/=

22 powered by

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