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The Road to Ai …place of snails.

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1 The Road to Ai …place of snails


3 Abraham Joshua Jesus Lot Achan Genesis 13: Joshua John 11:54

4 Abraham’s Tent pitched between Bethel & Ai where he built an altar and called on the name of the LORD

5 Bethel

6 Khirbet el-Maqatir …..Ai

7 Strategic Location

8 Ambush Site


10 Size: ~10 acres Population: 12,000

11 Sin of Achan Robbed God

12 “And a heap of ruins unto this day”

13 Rebuilt by time of Jesus
So from that day on they planned together to kill Him. Therefore Jesus no longer continued to walk publicly among the Jews, but went away from there to the country near the wilderness into a city called Ephraim and there He stayed with the disciples…. Now the chief priests had given orders that if anyone knew where He was, he was to report it, so that they might seize Him John 11:53-57

14 June 2013, Underground hiding system discovered
…to be continued

15 Byzantine Monastery Church

16 Baptistery

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