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Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh

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1 Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh
Presentation on Roll Management and Initiatives taken in last two years in MP Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh

2 Map of MP

3 Salient features of MP Total Population(as per 2011 census) 7.26 Crore
Male Crore Female Crore Area Lac Sq. km. Parliamentary Constituency Assembly Constituency Rajya Sabha Divisions Districts Tehsils Blocks

4 Voter status of M.P. Total Population : 75322146
Total Electors : (Males: Females: , Others: 1269 ) EP Ratio – % Photo coverage – % EPIC coverage – % Gender Ratio – 896 Service Voters – NRI voters -

5 Achievements of last two years
In Summary Revision 2012, 30 lacs new names added. In Summary Revision 2013, 23 lacs new names added. Special door to door survey conducted from 15 April to 15 june 2012. In continuous updation lac new names added. In continuous updation lac new names added. Thus in last two years 75 lacs net increase. Before this only one or two lacs names add every year. The peak in M.P was only 9 lacs in Thus more then 10 times more work done.

6 Continue… 85 lacs new electors were added in the last one & half year.
In Jan-2012 Online ERMS made applicable, 230 ERO of 230 ACs provided with Digital Signature Cards.

7 Various reports were generated to improve the health of the Photo Electoral Roll.
MP software was developed to check errors

8 Duplicate ID Cards Report:

9 Data Error Checks Report:
Towards making the error free Roll, SLA have developed a software that finds out the 67 types of errors in the data. A part wise report was generated and handed over to the BLO to verify & correct mistakes. Following are some of the errors that SLA pull out from data List of Records where House Number is Blank or Zero or – List of Records where Voter's First Name is Null. List of Records where Voter's Age is less than 18. List of Records where Voter's Gender is Male but Relationship is Husband.

10 Data Error Checks (continued) :
List of Records where Voter's Gender is Female but Relationship type is Father/Other for Voter's Age > 30 List of Records where number of Voters from a House is more than 10 List of Records where Junk characters are found in the EPIC No. List of Records where Child's Age is more than the Parent's Age. List of Records where Husbands having more than one wife. List of Records where wives having more than one husband.

11 Data Error Checks (continued) :
List of Records where child having more than one parent. List of Records where Photograph exists but ID Card No. is not available. List of Records where Section No. is not found in the Section details (Control Tables). List of Section Numbers found in the Section details (Control Tables) but not present in the Electors data.

12 Duplicate Electors Report:

13 Other Activities: Bi weekly meeting of CEOMP with SLA regarding the progress & monitoring of the Roll & EPIC related activities was organized to improve the work quality. Training on the Online ERMS & new its updates was provided to the EROs, District Election Staff, Master Trainers and the Vendors through Video Conferencing and in person on regular basis. SMS were sent to the electors after their EPIC is generated. Later on, the SMS will be sent to the Electors after data entry & ERO approval In the 2008 assembly elections, we have provided the facility for the electors to send a SMS and in return his AC No., Part No., Sr.No., Polling Station location were sent to him.

14 Other Activities: Various Analysis Reports were generated & send to the Districts & Vendors, to know the current status and targets to be achieved. Some of the reports are: Photo Residual Report Youth (18-19) Report Electors without Mobile No. Report. ESRMD Report Parts without any Form 6 received Parts with unusual EP Ratio & Gender Ratio Work Status Reports Parts without MAP, etc Focus is given for the entry of electors Mobile Nos in the data.

15 Various URL’s were created for gathering different types of information either District wise, AC wise or Polling Station wise

16 (for part wise EP Ratio & Gender Ratio)


18 (for sveep related activities)

19 (for the details of DDO)

20 (for Polling Stations details)

21 (for the current status of Duplicate ID Cards -645617)

22 (for data error checks status - 3149216)

23 Matdata Sahayta Kendra:
For the purpose of reaching out close to the electors of the State. The Citizen Facilitation Centres or Matdata Sahayta Kendra were establish for all the 230 ACs of the State, to cater the following services to the public: Facility to deliver the Duplicate EPIC within 1 hour. Facility to submit Form 6, 6A, 7, 8 & 8A Grievance Readdress of the electors.

24 (for Matdata Sahayta Kendra details)

25 Website of the CEOMP provides the following main features: Search Facility based on Elector’s Name or EPIC Without Photo PDF of Final Electral Roll-2013 List of Claims & Objections Online e-Registration facility. Know your polling booth feature. Contact No. of EROs/BLOs

26 Website provides the following 3 main facilities to the DEO, ERO & Vendors: Download the latest version of the Online ERMS Application modules. Control Table corrections were performed through it. Various kinds of work status reports can be generated.

27 State Icons: Mr. Rajeev Verma, a popular Movies & TV actor and Mr. Prahlad Singh Tipaniya, a folk singer, they both come from M.P. and were made the State icons for promoting the awareness and importance of enrolling names in the voter list and acquiring EPIC.

28 Thank You

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