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Wheres Bubba?? Suspects and Scenario HELP ME!!. What Happened? This morning I arrived at school at approx. 7:15 a.m. Bubba was hanging upside down on.

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1 Wheres Bubba?? Suspects and Scenario HELP ME!!

2 What Happened? This morning I arrived at school at approx. 7:15 a.m. Bubba was hanging upside down on the top of his cage as usual. Fed Bubba at approx. 7:30 a.m. Homebase went on as usual – Bubba fine Went to Team meeting at 8:05 a.m. – Bubba fine Came back from team meeting at 8:40 a.m.; discovered Bubba missing and his cage and area in disarray.

3 What Happened? So, Wheres Bubba? Was he borrowed by another Science Teacher? Was he kidnapped? Did he acquire Super Mouse Strength and Escape from his cage? Did a large cat with cage opening skills have him for lunch?

4 Bubbas Statistics Height – 1.5 inches Weight – 6 ounces Length – 7.4 inches (including tail) Black beady eyes Black whiskers Short pointy ears, pink pointed nose Long hairless tail Spiny, brown haircoat Last seen in cage by Mrs. Kreider on Thurs. before 8:40 a.m.

5 List of Potential Suspects Evelyn Scott – Cafeteria Manager Dr. Chad Scott – 7 th grade principal Mr. Steve Joyner – Math – Champions Team Mr. Brad Noll – English – Champions Team Mr. Jamie Walker – History – Champions Team Ms. Demaris Jones – History – Uof A Intern Mrs. Sherry Dyer – History – Champions Team Mr. Rhett Barrett – Science – All Stars Team

6 SUSPECT Evelyn Scott Cafeteria Manager Has been known to feed Bubba with fresh food from the salad bar Uses a lot of cheese for student lunches Has a dog Loves to cook, often bakes baking powder biscuits Was seen walking down the hallway toward the front of the building around the time Bubba became a missing mouse Secretly wants to have a pet mouse in her office, even though its not allowed in the cafeteria kitchen. A.K.A. The Lunch Room Lady Mmmmmm! Just whipping up a special treat for Bubba!

7 SUSPECT Brad Noll – English Teacher Was the mouse sitter for Bubba during the summer. Reads a lot of books. Drives a bus – before & after school. Likes granola bars Left the team meeting for a short time to find some lost papers Participates in Fantasy Football Eats lots of carrots and spinach mouse food A.K.A. The Speller Yeah…. Bubba is a cool mouse…. Ive kinda been missing him lately…. Wonder if he would be missed?

8 SUSPECT Steve Joyner - Math Teacher Likes to drink mountain dew. Has two daughters who like mice. Can do math without a calculator. Has a non-functioning toilet in his math room. Hmmmmm….. Participates in fantasy football. Came to the team meeting a little late because he had to get a calculator. A.K.A. Leftie Uses lots of markers to draw on his classroom board Favorite food is Cheese But I dont even know how to draw a mouse…

9 SUSPECT Sherry Dyer – History Loves chocolate, avoids bananas Has lots of pink feathers on her bulletin board Participates in Fantasy football Says she doesnt like mice, BUT thinks Bubba is cute Very competitive in Benchmark Baseball Spotted buying a Mickey Mouse t-shirt said it was for Baby Banks A.K.A. The Durlinator Currently reading A Mouse Called Wolf Came to team meeting fashionably late - couldnt find her fancy clipboard Do I look Innocent? Gosh! I really hope I look Innocent!

10 SUSPECT Jamie Walker – History Eats green beans, mouse food straight from the bag Likes Diet Lime Coke Participates in Fantasy Football. Thinks rodents are stinky. Left the team meeting to get his coffee cup. Was seen hanging out close to the Science Room A.K.A. Geek Squad Always carries a marker You know…. Bubba doesnt smell so bad after all.

11 SUSPECT Demaris Jones – University Intern - History Says? she is at the UofA on Mondays Likes Diet Dr. Pepper Thinks mice are really uncool but might have one in her classroom some day. Came late to the team meeting because she had to help a student with a locker Had a mouse when in middle school Was spotted trying on a mouse costume for Halloween Hmmmm… Come to think of it, Minnie and Mickey are pretty HISTORICAL - Maybe a mouse would make a good classroom pet.

12 SUSPECT Rhett Barrett – Science All Stars Team Came in the my classroom during our team meeting to borrow some supplies Participates in Fantasy Football Has always wanted a mouse to replace his classroom gecko. Scuba dives Basketball Coach for the Sonics Sometimes brings breakfast from Chick-fil-A Wish I had a Mouse instead of this Gecko!

13 SUSPECT Dr. Chad Scott Principal 7 th Grade HMS Was seen monitoring the hallway during our team meeting Drinks coffee with caffeine, sometimes too much and has to use alka-seltzer (a white powdery substance) Didnt come to the team meeting because he was planning a fire drill Has been known to doodle mouse pictures during faculty meetings Yeah! I think animals in the office would be a good thing…

14 Collecting/Interpreting Evidence Crime Scene Evidence On your paper, make a detailed sketch of the crime scene – Be sure to label what you see – Be sure to write neatly and label accurately Compare/contrast suspect information – Try to make connections – Things in common – Try to find a way to eliminate suspects – What evidence can be analyzed? Analyze any substances found at the scene Your team must make a plan of action for testing, with an objective, list of materials needed and procedures to follow Help Me!!


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