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Greetings from. Introducing A home where you feel happy and confident.

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1 Greetings from


3 Introducing


5 A home where you feel happy and confident

6 A home where happiness grows This is probably true that all of us secretly believe that there is one thing that could make us happy and confident - if only we knew what it was... a balmy smile, a pleasant touch, fresh breeze; it all shows happiness and confidence. Now, to focus on the future. A home is no more a secluded existence. It should meet the contemporary requirements and yet be a holiday destination if need be. We are in an era of multi-tasking homes. Within just a stone's throw away from the workplace, few leisurely strides to the shopping centers, a quick drive to the bustling city's active life. Meanwhile it should also double up as an investment for the future. Green Crests strategic location and easy accessibility to all major landmarks makes it a worthy speculation for discerning clients as well. Experience life with zero compromise and get used to a green luxury in a home of today to take care of all such future needs.


8 A home where confident raise Our Green Crest project at Kochi in Upper Kakkanad, 2 Km from Pukattupady junction, near Mathanga Kurishu is Greentech Builders new venture. As a premier builder based in Kochi, Greentech brings into every project, state of the art technology and innovation on par with global standards. Our mission, your home in greens where there is zero pollution in cool living environment, comparable to global developers within the reach of all at a most affordable price tag.






14 Thanks & regards

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