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European? Global? Yes, but where is MY room???. We had a warm welcome at the hotel in central Neumarkt.

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1 European? Global? Yes, but where is MY room???

2 We had a warm welcome at the hotel in central Neumarkt

3 And was guided to our rooms.

4 Here is the corridor outside Lottas room

5 Here is Lottas hall

6 Lottas living room

7 Lottas kitchen

8 And Lottas bedroom

9 Heléne got a bed! Well, at least I got a room…

10 With a view… Please note the bell tower in the background. Not only did it ring half and full hour, it played a long…long… tune.

11 View from central Neumarkt

12 The whole town is rebuild in original after the war and had a fantastic feeling of old city yet very new


14 Since Neumarkt has 40 000 inhabitants we were as international guests quickly hoarded together for a picture in the local newspaper

15 We had very rewarding meetings.

16 And met the mayor of Neumarkt. I wonder who is prominent enough in Umea to represent us…? The picture is taken by the reporter for the Neumarkt newspaper. I will take no blame whatsoever!

17 One of the visits was to Neumarkter Lammsbräu, the largest ecological brewery in the world, on walking distance from the hotel. =)

18 +12 degrees, i wonder what hat shell wear when they come to us…in February…

19 Herded around in rooms with the distinct smell of cows =)

20 No additives are allowed in the products.

21 The beer boiler made of copper. Like the one our crafts teacher has in the bathroom ????

22 The whole event was of course concluded with a traditional trying of beer free of charge, thank godness the hotel was close by =)

23 But… Was it all schnapps and strudel? What about the school?

24 , here is Willibald Gluck Gymnasium and first some random corridor shots.




28 The canteen was closed, it was Friday so everyone – teachers and students – go home at 1 oclock.

29 Neat classroom…

30 But a bit grey for being an Arts classroom…

31 Do they ever have the energy to take things down from the top shelf…

32 Teachers lockers, that was intriguing. Wonder what they might have in them…

33 Math class in a year 5.

34 Storage room for science

35 Science teachers desks. Gosh, how tidy they are…

36 Class room for physics

37 Standard equipment in all classrooms!

38 Staff room

39 With computer area Does it feel small? You just wait… There are nearly 50 female teachers at the school…

40 And this is it! And to make it even more fascinating, all teachers are on break at the same time!

41 Nah guys, more cultural visits. We took the train in to Nurnberg.


43 Old bullet holes in the old buildings.


45 Attic floor…s

46 All articles in the human rights have their own pillars in Nurnberg, all written in different languages. The first one here in German and Hebrew.

47 Because of the bombings after the second world war there was a big mix of old and new, beautiful and horribly ugly buildings.



50 castle is the highest point in town. Who on earth has the stamina to walk up there… besides Lotta that is =)

51 Heléne went to the cathedral instead.

52 And being superstitious she just had to turn the wishing ring at the fountain =)

53 One of all the specialized christmas shops. In one of them Helene and the Italian teachers were taking just a quick look while the rest of the company waited outside. 40 minutes later the shoppers were dragged out of the store.

54 And of course we went to the Nurnberg center of documentation where you can – on the 1300 squaremetre exhibition Fascination and Terror – view reasons for and consequenses to the national socialist delusions of grandeur.







61 Articles showing that the world knew…


63 The yellow parts are parts the nazis didnt have time to finish Kongressbyggnaden Stadion

64 The congress building today

65 Model of the stadium. Finished it would have measured 122 meters in height and 914 meters in length.

66 Uncomfortable, but educational, but mostly uncomfortable Anyway, we went to an Arts museum and that was uncomfortable on a whole new level…




70 But then again, Being a bit rebellious I didnt follow the guided tour around so I probably just didnt get it =)

71 we had wonderfully steady meals

72 And fantastic company, wish you had been there! Heléne and Lotta

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