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Getting to We! Consensus Decision-Making. What is Consensus?

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1 Getting to We! Consensus Decision-Making

2 What is Consensus?

3 When did YOU last use consensus decision-making? Sharing Time!!!

4 Convene Clarify Responsibilities DeliberateDecideImplement

5 Consensus Facilitation Pre-Meeting Identify the problem Identify Stakeholders Establish Ground Rules Establish the Communication Process Establish Decision Making Process

6 Conflict Assessment Gather all data regarding the matter Interview Key Stakeholders Clearly State the problem What are the conflicts Where is the common ground Provide this information to everyone (verbally or a formal draft)


8 Convening Select a Facilitator or a Mediator Determine who needs to be there Secure resources for realizing this meeting Select Location and Meeting Time

9 Ground Rules Facilities Respect – One Another – Process – Environment – Interruptions – Electronic Devices and/or Recording Devices (Yes/No) Confidentiality/Sharing Verbal Communication Non-Verbal Communication Explain the Communication Process – Order of Speaking – Time Limits – Questions – Rebuttals Agenda Goals Caucusing Breakout Groups/Establishing Committees Decision-Making Process Invite modification of rules Agree on all of the ground rules

10 Roles and Responsibilities Facilitator/Mediator Recorder Time Keeper Breakout Group Representatives Others as the group sees a need

11 Consensus Management

12 Consensus Decision-Making What Can We Do About THIS?

13 Unanimity Vs. Process

14 Deliberate and Decide How the Occupy Movement Used Consensus Decision-Making

15 Getting to We!

16 Convene Clarify Responsibilities DeliberateDecideImplement


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