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Welcome Lakeview Staff August 13 th, 2013 Presented by: Chris Fenske, Superintendent.

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1 Welcome Lakeview Staff August 13 th, 2013 Presented by: Chris Fenske, Superintendent

2 What is new for 2013-14 Facilities –Gym Floors & Athletic Track –Media Center CarpetReorganization Computer Lab 21 st Century Database System and E-books are coming –Greenhouse (Construction in process) 21 st Century Laker Implementation –Individual I-pads for students in grades 9-12 –3 mobile carts of I-pads 21 st Century Skills Focus for PLCs ADSIS Grant for Leveled Literacy Advisory/Career & Course Planning Tracking & Surveying Our Graduates Implementation of Revised Strategic Plan Legislative Changes around Assessment and College Readiness Many new faces around the district, not only staff, but students!

3 What is Lakeview About and where are we going?

4 Strategic Planning & Vision Last year the Board went through a Strategic Planning Process –21 Focus Groups of Students, Staff, Parents, Business Leaders, and Community Members –Question Asked What characteristics are important for an effective school district – Top Answers: Strong Leadership, Quality Teachers, Clear Goals & Vision, and Innovation –Question Asked What do we want all students to know and be able to do when they leave Lakeview? – Answers that came back were essentially the 21 st Century Skills Our Vision hasnt changed, but our mission has changed a bit; Lakeview Public Schools……Providing Tools for Life!

5 Strategic Plan 2013-2018 - Mission Lakeviews Mission: Equip each student with the tools needed for life by providing a quality education that is innovative, comprehensive, and individualized, creating experiences that challenge our students to achieve their full potential.

6 What we are not about… _Lw _Lw

7 We Believe… A. We believe students come first. B. We believe it is our responsibility to provide a caring, safe, and respectful learning environment. C. We believe that education creates a solid foundation for life-long learning. D. We believe a comprehensive education extends beyond the classroom to include opportunities in academics, the arts, and athletics. E. We believe that as a child's primary educator, parents and guardians are responsible for, and should be involved in, their child(ren)'s education. F. We believe community members have an influence on our students' lives and encourage them to be positively involved in the lives of our students. G. We believe in building a cohesive community where diversity is welcomed. H. We believe those in leadership have a responsibility to optimize resources. I. We believe in synergy among our students, staff and communities. J. We believe that bold leadership, creativity, and continuous innovation are imperative for excellence in education.

8 Support Goals 1. Improve student achievement for all students 2. Provide a 21st century education in a technology rich environment 3. Implement ongoing job-embedded staff development 4. Enhance school, parent, and community collaboration 5. Provide and maintain a respectful, caring, and safe school environment for all

9 Richard Delorenzo The future approach to learning must be organized around engaging students in 21 st Century Skills, in a learner-centered environment Working at their instructional levels and advancing only when they have demonstrated proficiency

10 What are tools needed for life in 2013 and beyond (Skills Desired by Fortune 500 Companies) ? 1. Teamwork 2. Problem Solving 3. Interpersonal Skills 4. Oral Communications 5. Listening 6. Personal/Career Development 7. Creative Thinking 8. Leadership 9. Goal Setting/Motivation 10. Writing 11. Organizational Effectiveness 12. Computation 13. Reading

11 21 st Century Skills- We begin our focus this year Ways of Thinking – Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision-Making, and Learning Ways of Working – Communication and Collaboration Tools for Working – Information and Communication Technology, Information Literacy Skills for Living in the 21 st Century World – Understanding of Global Society, Social Responsibility, Citizenship, and Adaptability *We need to build this into all we do; lesson design, formative assessment, summative assessment, and projects. *What gets measured gets done, we need to find ways to measure our effectiveness in this area

12 Why is this so important? Look at the Headlines….. U.S.: 53% of Recent College Grads Are Jobless or Underemployed The Atlantic April 23, 2012 Skip College Is Top Advice for World-Beating Koreans Business Week. September 12, 2012 570,000 graduates unemployed, and Why so? Sina, June 12, 2012 Desperation, anger grows for Spanish youth, with 51 percent unemployed CBS Evening News, June 9, 2012 South Africa: Young, jobless and desperate – Degrees with no guarantees City Press, June 16, 2012





17 This Education Model is OBSOLETE!

18 Imagine the Possibilities…. O_zMXU O_zMXU

19 This needs to be the new model!

20 Things to ask ourselves.. How committed are we to help our Lakeview kids prepare for a global world and economy (its not Lakeview versus Minneota, its Lakeview versus Singapore)? How committed are we to continuous improvement? ( This is where innovation comes from as we never stay the same, are we still teaching the same way we were taught; and if so what does research say New Blooms Taxonomy) How committed are we to ensuring all kids learn? (Not just being able to play the reciting information on a test for an A game, but actually learning and applying their knowledge) How committed are we to ensuring all kids are authentically engaged? (Not the ritual engagement of what do I get for my work, but engagement where they pursue learning because they understand the purpose and the relevancy)

21 So where are we going? To have a system at Lakeview that is; –Standards Driven (Made clear to students) –Fosters Authentic Engagement –Curriculum that is aligned and relevant –3 Rs Plus 21 st Century Skills –Personalized Learning/Mastery of Skills & Standards –Technology Rich –Rigorous (A,B, C, or try again?)

22 What I hope our promise will be to our kids… Every Lakeview Child will…. –Understand how he/she learns best and have a voice in their learning. –Work at their instructional level to accelerate their learning. –Be able to navigate and monitor their learning within a transparent and standards based curriculum. –Be able to unleash their potential and passion.

23 Thank You! Thank you for all that you do for kids! Thank you for adapting in a rapidly changing profession! Thank you for building relationships with peers and kids! Thank you for being an innovator and risk taker! Thank you for being a role model! Thank you for being a learner! Thank you for being on the Lakeview team! Have a great 2013-14 School Year!

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