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2013 Looking Back at a Year at Grace. What a year we’ve had! We gained new members and friends! The ‘pink building’ next door became the Place of Grace.

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1 2013 Looking Back at a Year at Grace

2 What a year we’ve had! We gained new members and friends! The ‘pink building’ next door became the Place of Grace – a location where residents of our community can find the help they need! Our Property Committee led us in becoming more “green,” with cost-saving lighting and more efficient practices! We bid farewell to long-time staff, and added a new team that will take us into the next era at Grace! …and so much more! Enjoy this look back at all we’ve done – TOGETHER!

3 Our Leadership Team Rev. Christine Stoxen, Rev. David Ludwick, and Matthew McCall, our Director of Music

4 First Communion It’s an exciting time when kids get to take Communion at last…and understand what it’s all about!

5 Fall Festival

6 Annual Church Picnic

7 Blessing of the Animals Our first Blessing of the Animals!

8 Rally Sunday Getting ready for the new Sunday School year!

9 Vacation Bible School

10 Grace Gang End-of-Year Luau NOBODY knows how to party like these kids do!!!

11 Little Lutherans Having fun in all the things we do and learn!

12 WELCM = Winthrop Episcopal- Lutheran Campus Ministry Roof Construction in Aiken, SC > < 8 Campus Ministries working together at the GALSM Retreat!

13 GYM Beach Retreat GYM = Grace Youth Ministry

14 GYM – Stairwell Painting Our Youth painted the stairwell outside the youth classroom.

15 Youth Sunday …when our Youth led the Worship services!

16 Confirmation

17 Children’s Choir Practice < Grace Gang and Little Lutherans sing together or separately! They sound (and look!) like angels! >

18 Faith Milestone Ministry Special events in an individual’s life…Those milestones that deserve to be celebrated! These include: Birth Baptism First Bible First Communion (cont’d…)

19 Milestones, cont’d… Driver’s License Quillows Christmas & Easter gifts Money Milestone New Bible Backpack Blessing Camper College Care packages

20 Wild Women Weekend Only the ladies allowed on this wild & crazy weekend!

21 Seniors @ Grace …for the young-at-heart!

22 Rock Hill Christmas Parade We serve hot chocolate and popcorn to chilly parade watchers! Note: If you participate, expect to engage in random, sporadic, and joyous caroling!

23 Habitat Thrivent Build Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, Thrivent Lutheran Financial Services, Grace Church, and YOU… a local family now has a home!.

24 Place of Grace… Then: The PINK BUILDING! (Trivia: some folks still call it that!)

25 Place of Grace… …Now!

26 Groups Using the Place of Grace: York County Free Clinic ARC of SC Chrysalis Autism Center York County Adult Day Care Boy Scouts Troop #540 Office

27 Finance Thank you to our Finance Team: * Terri Schavey, Chair, and Kendall Anderson, Council Representative * Karen Harris and Dan Bartel, Treasurers * Bob Stonebraker, Financial Secretary * All of our Tabulators

28 Stewardship Our estimated giving for 2013 was $500,000 Our estimated giving for 2014 is $540,000 Just think what we can accomplish in 2014!

29 Outreach Programs We Support: HUNGER OUTREACH PROGRAM World Hunger

30 Grace-C Quilters Making cozy quilts for chemotherapy patients!

31 Office Volunteers These are the ladies who make sure your bulletins are compiled and ready to use each Sunday! They also make copies, do mailings, answer the telephone, greet visitors, and so much more – and it’s all done with TLC! Louise Schmidt, Connie Setzler, Kathy Bridges, Martha Mills, & Kay Lynes

32 Gardening Volunteers We’re sure you’ve often wondered, “HOW do the church grounds always look so nice?” Well, wonder no more: Working behind the scenes are our gardening volunteers! Nate & Mary Buchholz, and Doris Lourigan

33 The Kitchen Crew Our kitchen is kept clean and well-stocked by the Kitchen Crew. These members rotate tasks monthly and oversee all operations involving the kitchen and its supplies: Jean Winsch, Susan Hollich, Adele Evans, Andy Bell, Frances Davis, Nora Sliney, Ann Johnson, Annie-Laurie Wheat, Irene Pointon, Donna Richter, Madeline Hazen, & Carla Harrison

34 Other Committees Worship Learning Youth & Family Nursery Bereavement Public Relations New Member Parish Life Endowment Technology Audit Staff Support Mutual Support Campus Ministry Executive Council Congregational Council Interested in joining in? There’s a place for YOU!

35 Muggers We welcome first-time visitors with a “cup of Grace” filled with goodies, information about the church, and more!

36 New Members In 2012, we were honored with 43 new members In 2013, we were honored with 57 new members!

37 Thank You… …for being part of the family of Grace Church! We cannot accomplish so many things without the willing hands that pitch in and help whenever and wherever you’re needed! …YOU are the reason that we are the “hands and feet” of the Gospel! Join us for a new year at Grace in 2014, and see what happens!

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