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From Management Accountant to Finance Director. 69%

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1 From Management Accountant to Finance Director

2 69%

3 Roland Seddon Set up MRK Associates c. 3 years ago 13 years director of FTSE 250 finance recruitment business My credentials – I have interviewed over 2000 candidates, met over 2000 employers in the South East.

4 Agenda Personal career planning How employers think Other skills to develop

5 64% 75% 45% 37% 36% / 93%

6 What is career planning? Setting career goals Broad Specific SMART plan

7 Why is career planning important? Things can happen/affect your career Deal with opportunities/challenges Impressing employers Job satisfaction Helps to take away the barriers

8 2 Views Your view Employers views

9 Where are you now? What is your current experience What skills do you have What have you liked/disliked so far about your duties What have you liked/disliked about your bosses/team members What kind of activities do you avoid Personal life – family life, sports teams Are you happy?

10 Where do you want to be? Short, Medium and Long term views LT MT ST MT ST ST MT/ LT ST MT

11 How do you get there? Operational Targets Conceptual Targets

12 Short Term Journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step Identify your next career move & why: Why are you doing it? What will you gain from it? Will it be enjoyable?

13 Medium/Long term Think back to the original Qs: Enjoy Good at What's important to me?

14 Realism Consider the following: Time to commit to the goals? Required education or skill sets? Resources available to meet your objectives? Goals suit you as a person? Fit the lifestyle you have? Goals complement each other? Is the market for your chosen career limited? Ambitions achievable in the time frame?

15 Personal Thoughts Recognise your strengths and weaknesses Choose a path that suits you Match your personality to your organisation Keeping in touch with the wider job market Make others aware

16 Career Path PQ Management Accountant Qual Senior Management Accountant Head of Commercial Finance Financial Controller Finance Director

17 What clients think/the current market Like for like Internal development A AB ABC ABCDABCDE

18 How to develop your skills Mentoring from your boss Get involved with projects and new areas/ areas of change

19 How employers improve their team Internal training Hiring people in

20 Softer Skills Communication Skills Emotional Intelligence

21 Communication Skills Simplify Technical Information Management Skills Influencing Problem Solving

22 Emotional Intelligence Definition: Ability to identify, assess and control the emotions of oneself, of others and of groups.

23 5 Attributes of EQ Self Awareness Self-Management Social Awareness Motivation Empathy

24 Hemel Hempstead: Imex House, 575 – 599 Maxted Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. HP2 7DX. Tring: 1 Harvest Turn, Icknield Way, Tring, Hertfordshire. HP23 4ET. t: 01442 824400 e: w:

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