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1 A National Coordinated Response to the Water Sector Skills Crisis October 2009 Portia Makhanya.

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1 1 A National Coordinated Response to the Water Sector Skills Crisis October 2009 Portia Makhanya

2 2 New Landscape for National Wide Sector Skills Development Skills Development Act ( amended 2008) National Human Resources Development Strategy of South Africa - 2010- 2030 (2009). Green Paper :National Planning Commission 2009 Green Paper : Monitoring and Evaluation 2009 National Industrial Policy Framework Re- certification of SETAs

3 3 Strategic Objectives 1.To increase the number of engineers employed in the water sector 2.To increase the number of Artisans/Technicians employed in the water sector. 3.To increase the number of Health and Hygiene (H&H) practitioners employed in the water sector 4.To improve Strategic Management and Leadership Skills in the water sector. Developmental Local Government skills Shortage of Financial skills 5.To develop learning programmes and career path for water practitioners in the water sector.

4 4 4 Is it a Crisis? Severe shortage of: –Engineering and Scientists –Technicians /Artisans –Social, Economic & Environment Practitioners (e.g. resource economists) –Management and financial management skills

5 5 Discuss the 5 SOs Engineers – yes, but are they quantifiable? (how many hydrologists?, scientists?, etc.) Artisans & Process Controllers – what is the backlog? H&H – how many per year is to be produced in a normal system? Management – Career Planning – imp as it is the link between all the bands and a major need

6 6

7 7 Change All agree the system must change but how ? –Disruption a must, –complex, –territorial balance, –investments All are saying we must change BUT leave my programme Consensus to take us back where we were 10 yrs ago

8 8

9 99 What is the Essence of a new Approach to sector skills development?

10 10 Strategic Level One Achieve water literacy in South Africa to affect positive attitudinal and behavioral change to water value and water use

11 11 Water Literacy FORMAL EDUCATION (Water Education in all Education Bands) INFORMAL EDUCATION (Public Awareness Programme) Summary: Strategic Level One Two Pillars

12 12 Strategic Level Two Sufficient, appropriately skilled water sector professionals able to meet current and future needs of the sector to achieve water for growth and development

13 13 Summary - Strategic Level 2: Four Pillars Sufficient and Appropriate Water Sector Skills Water Focus FET Colleges HET Institution and Learner Support Effective Workplace Skills Programs Sectoral Skills Intelligence, Tracking, Research and Innovation

14 14 General Comments Water resources to be elevated in sector as a whole and this skills plan/process must lead this Department of Education most strategic partner for skills but not strategic, systematic engagement Information of performance across bands and SOs is not easily accessible – hence skills intelligence capacity critical Link current information systems and initiatives directly to the skills intelligence system

15 15 The Draft Strategy needs to be Located within the WfGD framework 15 Water for Growth and Development Framework

16 16 Key Focus Areas + Products & Services Basic & Higher Education GET / FET / HET Occupational & Workplace Development Water Advocacy & Literacy Skilling the Water Sector Meeting Sector & DWA Strategic Thrusts & W4GD Underpinning the Economic, Social & Environmental Objectives of Govt

17 17 THE FRAMEWORK FOR BASIC, HIGHER EDUCATION AND TRAINING S01 Engineers (Water Services & Resources SO2 Technician/Artisa n (Process Controllers) S03 Health & Hygiene Practitioners S04 Leadership &Management skills Immediate Response (What must happen now to address shortage) Systematic Response (Fix the system (pipeline) So that we do not need emergency response in the future) GET FET HET cross cutting issues: (- career path, - Integrating people in the workplace) Governance, Funding, Sector Intelligence, Institutional

18 18 S01 Engineers (water services & resources) SO2 Technician/Artisan (Process Controllers) S03 Health & Hygiene Practitioners S04 Leadership & Management skills Immediate Response Systematic Response NQF1 NQF2 NQF3 NQF4 NQF5 NQF6 NQF7 NQF8 NQF9 NF10 Governance, Funding, Sector Intelligence NEW OCCUPATIONAL AND LEARNING SYSTEM FRAMEWORK

19 19 National Functions to ensure Coordinated Response to Meet the Sector Skills Development Challenge PLANNING Strategic Objectives National Target setting Strategy Alignment KPIs QUALITY ASSURANCE Tracking progress Strategic level reporting Performance Monitoring Evaluation RESOURCES Identifying funding sources Facilitating access to finance ADVOCACY Political & leadership buy-in Inter-sector engagement Mainstreaming Water into Education & Training Water Literacy COORDINATION Communication Partnerships Role Clarity STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP & ACCOUNTABILITY INTELLIGENCE Info & data Matching demand & supply Critical Analysis Research

20 20 Action Plan Revision of Terms of Reference for the Task Team Ensure appropriate participation of the following organizations –ESETA –SALGA (on and off) DWA Role and Responsibility as Sector Leader: agreement and buy-in at DWA –Develop document on roles –Identify relevant names to represent fora ? –Internal DWA meeting to agree on roles and representation

21 21 Action Plan Development of a Coordinated Water Sector Skills Development Framework –Complete data collection, interviews and analysis –Compilation of Framework document Present Framework to a core group??? –Circulate document to TT members –Present document to TT members Presentation to DWA Top Management Structures Presentation of Skills Task Team Plan and approach to WSLG EXCO Enhancing the composition of the Task Team - Invite the following Organisations: –COSATU –Other Unions relevant to the Water Sector –Department of Basic Education –Department of Higher Education –Department of Science and Technology

22 22 Progress LGSETA proposals were approved for funding in seven provinces (WC;.NC;NW;LIMP;KZN;MP;F.S.). Engagement with DBSA to collaborate on the roll-out of the Artisan programme to other provinces. Project Steering Committees established in three Regions to drive the whole process. This ensures the regulatory compliance (process controllers and artisans The interviews to develop WSLG Workplan ongoing with the Skills Champions, and various representatives from the water sector A draft framework for sector skills development started – to be presented at the WSLG Skills Workshop in October 2009 A framework for the M&E for sector skills drafted( Plans underway to host a sector skills workshop

23 23 Thank you

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