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Ethical Leadership and

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1 Ethical Leadership and
Decision-Making Jim Eustrom, Chemeketa Community College Alicia Moore, Central Oregon Community College (and resident ethics rock stars)

2 Line Walk

3 Line Walk Make personal copies on a work copier/account
Play a joke on a friend when he or she gets slightly hurt Check your personal Facebook account while at work Hide a book in the library so no one else can find it except you Lie to a police officer Download copyrighted music Be late to work and make up an excuse to give to your supervisor Switch a price tag at the bookstore for a cheaper price Cross the street without a green light Store your personal pictures on your work computer Laugh at an offensive joke Search the web and steal (“borrow”) information to use in a presentation without citing it. Jim: See SCU website for commentary to go with some of the above: or

4 What Ethics are Not The same as feelings Religion Following the law
Following culturally accepted norms An exact science Operating practices Jim: See SCU website for commentary to go with some of the above: or

5 Values Clarification

6 Case Studies

7 Case Studies Identify the ethical dilemma, if there is one.
What is an appropriate solution/action? What would you do? Break into small groups. 6 case studies…

8 Case Studies Julia works in Enrollment Services at the college. Her good friend and colleague, Matt, from another college, has applied for an Admissions Coordinator position. Julia knows Matt to be a great guy and an energetic skilled colleague. Matt has asked Julia to be a reference for him and to help him prepare for the interview. Julia is on the interview/hiring committee and has helped to develop the interview questions. Stephanie is a counselor in the Counseling and Advising Center. Five years ago she worked with a student, David, who was struggling greatly in school. He had many personal issues and had engaged in risky behaviors. Stephanie's good friend, Joanne, works on campus as an instructor. Joanne share that her son is newly in a relationship with David. Joanne remembers David from his time at the college and vaguely remembers some connection he had with Stephanie. Joanne asks her if she should be concerned about David.

9 Case Studies Adam works as a career coach and job placement specialist in the Career Center. His focus is to assist students in CTE programs to prepare for and find positions in the community. An interesting, well-paying position comes to the Career Center to be posted. Adam's sister is a single-mom, barely scraping by in a low paying job. She is a good match for the position. Kara is an academic advisor with the TRiO program. She has worked at the college for a number of years and is very savvy, knows the lay of the land... knowing who to go to for results/assistance (financial aid, counseling, enrollment services, etc.). She knows the faculty, and has a good sense of which ones are flexible and especially student friendly. Kara is working with a basketball player on the college team helping to develop his academic plan/schedule for winter term. He has asked for specific advice as to who to take and who not to take.

10 Case Studies Dustin works with outreach to high schools. He is guiding a group of students through the Student Center. As he explains the Women's Center, a young man asks in a mocking tone, "So, where is the Male Center?" There are snickers. There are women in the group who look quite irritated by this comment. Do you have any responsibilities as the tour leader to this group? Rita works in the Tutoring Center. Rita is fun-loving and caring, well-liked by her co-workers. Rita hears that her boss is approaching a landmark birthday. She wants to coordinate a surprise celebration to honor her boss. She wants to make sure she has the correct day and verify that it is a benchmark birthday. She asks the Tutoring Coordinator to help her by looking up their boss's information in Banner, the college's administrative system.

11 Strategies for Ethical Decision-Making
Recognize the ethical issue Get the facts Evaluate alternative decisions Identify your values connected with the decision. Know your rationale. Act and reflect.

12 Resources Psychology Today: blog/am-i-right/201207/five-steps-better-ethical-decision-making NACADA: Clearinghouse/View-Articles/Values-and-culture-in-ethical-decision-making.aspx University of Rhode Island: Jim – can you think of other resources to include?

13 Parting Thought . . . Jim – can you think of other resources to include?

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