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The Use of RFID Tuesday 6th October 2009 Omar Ali v1.00 South East Partnership Meeting.

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1 The Use of RFID Tuesday 6th October 2009 Omar Ali v1.00 South East Partnership Meeting

2 2 Self-Service - Benefits Improved customer service Added value from staff activities Improved stock circulation Changes in the way the library space is used Barcode Self-service Barcode achieves approx 30-40% adoption Barcode is single item transactions RFID Self-service RFID achieves 90+% issue Multiple item processing More intuitive, easier for patrons RFID Self-Service Library Solutions

3 Meeting Library Service Objectives 3 Intuitive, simple and accessible system Proven Self-Service in excess of 95% Choice of payment options Faster transactions – reduced queuing Increased effectiveness of staff operations Less manual handling, more rewarding Accurate, efficient stock management processes Improved circulation and increased stock issues Improved management reporting Better utilisation of library buildings Space Planning & Control Excellence in customer service

4 4 smartServe: 100% read from dedicated read aperture Accessibility: DDA improved customer service Proven self-service > 90% QMU Edinburgh Huddersfield Blackpool Fylde RHU Cardiff University Release staff time: delivering customer focused services Proven ability to deliver against KPIs – Huddersfield – Issues Vs Nos student Proven functionality with all LMS – SIP2 compliancy Tag Apply – Simple Process – Quick – Receipting of Stock from Book suppliers Intellident Smart Library Solution RFID Self-Service: System Benefits

5 Security Solution smartGate Slim line modern design Effective detection of all items Integrated audible and visual alarms Links to CCTV, lockable barriers DDA accessibility smartGate Manager Software solution linked to security gates Alert at staff desk highlighted author/title information when gates alarm Audit report of items removed where security active Enhancing Stock Inventory system

6 Stock Management Handheld Generation 2 Library Handheld Terminal Single integrated, lightweight design with flexible antenna, for ease of use Proven functionality: Inventory and search and seek operations Barcode Reader for Tag Apply function Proven integration with LMS Ease of finding items – time savings Quality of catalogue – Improved and managed easily Example Return on Investment Ability to Process 2000 items per hour in inventory or search and seek report of 248 grubby stock items, 148 were found on the shelves in just 1 ½ hours

7 New & Recent Developments 7 smartAdmin Pro Live Web based remote management tool Status and transaction monitoring, statistical reporting, configuration Remote diagnostics and software upgrades by Intellident smartBlade – On-Shelf Stock Management (smartBlade) Live Pilot(smartBlade) Flexible deployment on existing shelves ` Instant inventory Potential for innovative staff and patron services smartReader – Box Reader ( Pilot date TBC - Trafford Libraries) Reliable reading of 50 items within a box Improved accuracy and efficiency for back office applications Potential to tie into automated stock receipting

8 8 Other Developments Biometrics Cashless Vending High security Cost saving, No cards to replace Tighter Control in shared Libraries Convenient & Simple No Data Protection issues Demand growing for cashless campus RFID Self service optional solution Uses sector within card to identify user Faster payment / Auditing for finance Multi Use card

9 ISO 28560 Due for publication December 2009 National Profile – barcode, set information and library identifier only Optional addition data elements – not recommended Intellident sit on BIC / CILIP Committee Committed to adopting standard upon ratification Seamless migration strategy

10 Self-Service: Example of Key Improvements 10 Dealing with users enquiries Managing resources such as books journals and websites, efficiently Managing buildings, furniture and equipment Managing staff, - day-to-day, recruitment and selection, appraisals, disciplinary training and development Managing budgets tighter with Improved control Maintaining relationships with external bodies, such as suppliers Contributing to academic course development and liaising with academic departments Creating, updating and managing information resources - both electronic and printed; Selecting, acquiring and cataloguing information using library and information service effectively Assisting researchers with literature searches using databases, printed resources and the internet Delivering information and learning skills courses for students and staff Contribution to the development of strategic plans for library and information resources Participation in professional groups & networks Rewarding and satisfying environment for team work Rapid improvement in customer service delivery and satisfaction

11 Key Areas When Purchasing Remember to Engage with the reference sites to understand their experience Identify: Trained & Experienced RFID and dedicated Personnel that can provide the support and experience for the project deployment and Implementation Use framework to provide quick reference and tender documentation : be clear on what is required, for delivery of the best possible and cost effective solution Look Out For Service contracts that use contractors to support the main contract Reliability of systems, Down time and Service response figures Future Proofing potential, ie: adding value to your investment, to be innovative and capable of supporting new standards and developments 11

12 12 450 Copies of this presentation are available please email Omar Ali Or call 07824 845 926

13 13 Intellident library solutions. Making libraries accessible for everyone.

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