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BM3 STUDY GUIDE By SN Jamison Burkett

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1 BM3 STUDY GUIDE By SN Jamison Burkett

2 What form is used when ordering new publications?

3 How do you request an allowance change for a publication

4 Where would the form for unit authorization changes be found?
It is available on CG Standard Workstation II, in Forms Plus, and CG Standard Workstation III, in Jet Form Filler.

5 Directives, Publications, and Reports Index
What is the DPRI? Directives, Publications, and Reports Index

6 Standard Distribution List
What is the SDL Standard Distribution List

7 What kind of information can be obtained from the SDL?
Current unit address, phone number, and OPFAC for the entire coast guard Units Distribution Symbol Instruction for correspondence and handling

8 What are the second and third chapters of the DPRI
Chapter 2 – Directives and Publications listed numerically Chapter 3 – Directives and Publications listed alphabetically

9 Where can you find the latest revision to a publication
DDPRI Chapter 3

10 On the bottom of the cover page of the publication
Where can you find your units distribution symbol block for a publication? On the bottom of the cover page of the publication

11 What info will be addressed in the distribution blocks?
Unit authorization and allowance

12 How do you locate your units distribution symbol?
Look at table of contents page 1 of SDL

13 In what publication would you find a listing of charts and publications required for your cutter?

14 Sponsoring office at CGHQ
If the directive you are requesting is classified where do you send a letter requesting it? Sponsoring office at CGHQ

15 What are the three basic changes to publications?
Pen and Ink Cut and Paste Page for Page

16 How can changes and ammendments to publications come?
CCD-Rom Via a link to an internet site Official message Change directive or notice

17 Standard Subject Identification Code
What is a SSIC? Standard Subject Identification Code Example : B

18 What do these mean: CI, CIM, CP, CN, U, F, C, S, T?

19 What is a keel? The keel is the backbone of a vessel running from bow to stern along the center line of the hull.

20 What are the two most common types of keels on metal boats?
Bar Keel Flat Plate Keel

21 What are the three basic types of hulls?
Displacement Semi-displacement Planing

22 What type of hull is the 47MLB?
Deep V Planing

23 What does amidships mean?
It means the center or middle area of a vessel; the point where the center line and beam line meet.

24 What does athwartships mean?
A direction that runs from side to side. Example; Athwartships passageway or Athwartships bulkhead

25 What is a vessels tendency to return to the upright position know as?

26 What are the two types of stability?
Transverse Longitudinal

27 What are the two primary forces that determine stability?
Weight Buoyancy

28 What are the two forces that affect stability?
Static Dynamic

29 What temp must an anti-exposure suit be worn?
When the water is below 60 and above 50.

30 What type of pfd is a anti-exposure suit?
Type V

31 When must a dry suit be worn?
When the water temp is below 50 and the air temp is below 50.

32 Physical condition of PIW
What are the three main factors that determine how long a person can survive in cold water? Temp of water Physical condition of PIW Actions taken by PIW

33 What degree of arc does each light shine: Port, Stbd, Mast, Stern?
Port and Stbd – 112.5 Mast 225 Stern 135

34 How high does the MK 80 pencil flare go?

35 What color is the night end of a MK 124?

36 How long does it take to acquire night vision?
30 min.

37 Who reviews unit logs after they are completed?

38 Who can make corrections to a log after the CO signs it?

39 What are the different readiness conditions?
V – In port or at anchor IV – Normal peacetime steaming III – GQ, 1 in 3 manning II - GQ, port/stbd manning I – GQ, all hands manning

40 How many hours before getting underway is the typical navigational briefing?
24 hrs

41 Coast Guard Navigational Standards Manual
Where can you find the requirements of cutters before getting underway? Coast Guard Navigational Standards Manual

42 What does right/left standard rudder mean?
Turn the rudder 20 degrees

43 What does ease your rudder mean?
Decrease rudder angle by half

44 What type of cloud is also known as the mackerel sky?

45 What type of cloud is low flying around 1000’ and uniform?

46 At what depth do hydro static releases release?

47 How often are Hydro Static releases to be inspected?

48 How often are stokes litters required to be washed down if stored on weather decks?

49 How often are stokes litters to be inspected?
Quarterly Or after each use

50 Explain a NIMA stock number for a chart?
Example 14BHA14263 14-Geographic sub-region B-portfolio HA-type of chart 14263-chart number

51 How many colors are on a chart?
6 6

52 What is a chart that covers a large area called?
Small-scale chart

53 Who publishes notice to mariners?

54 The correction is a preliminary correction
In the notice to mariners corrections, if the letter P is used what does it indicate? The correction is a preliminary correction

55 When can amplitude observations be made?
When the sun’s lower limb is 2/3 of its diameter above the horizon.

56 How many satellites are required to generate a fix with GPS?
4 4

57 What does FTC mean on radar?
Rain Clutter

58 What are chain slings made of and what do they have on them?
Heat treated alloy and they have an A stamped on the links.

59 What is the master link made out of?
Grade 8 alloy steel

60 What do different lays of wire rope look like?
Refer to page 5-3 in BM3 course book

61 What is the minimum safety factor for wire rope on board a ship?
5 5

62 What part of a lifting rig is designed to be the weakest link?
The hook

63 What color are the next last shot of chain and last shot of chain painted?
Second to last – yellow Last - red

64 Name the parts of a Danforth and Navy standard stockless anchor?
Danforth: shackle, eye, shank, crown, fluke, stock. Stockless: shackle, shank, crown, shoulder, fluke, bill.

65 What is another name for azimuth?
A celestial bearing

66 What is the horizontal movement of the water caused by gravitational interaction between the sun, moon, and earth called? Tidal Currents

67 What is nautical twilight; civil twilight?
Nautical twilight is when the suns upper limb is 12 degrees below the visible horizon Civil twilight is 6 degrees below the visible horizon

68 What is the only letter not used for time zones?

69 What color do you mark safe water on your chart?

70 What are safe water buoy marks colored?
Red and white

71 What do the following abbreviations mean: CLR, SCT, BKN, OVC, R, RW?

72 What is the optimum temperature for a spray painting system?

73 What are the characteristics of the bosn chair?
27” long 12” wide 2” thick Two cleats ½” thick x 4” wide x 12” long Be clear of varnish or linseed oil

74 What are the two methods of rigging the bosn chair?
Luff tackle Single whip purchase

75 What type of hitch is used to secure the bosn chair?
Girth hitch

76 What are the characteristics of the stage?
6-8’ long 2” thick 12” wide Two short wooden horns approx. 16” long Be clear of varnish or linseed oil

77 What are the two methods of rigging the stage?
Eye splice Stage hitch

78 What does the single whip purchase allow with a bosn chair?
It allows the chair to be controlled by a work party

79 What mechanical advantage does luff tackle have?
3 to 1

80 What shot of chain is marked wwww-r-wwww?

81 What is the master link made out of?
Grade 8 alloy steel

82 What does the number pennants look like?
Reference chapter 6 of BM3 course book

83 What does at the dip mean?
Flag hoisted halfway up the yardarm.

84 What does the code or answer pennant look like?
Reference chapter 6 of BM3 course book

85 What the flags alpha, bravo, delta, hotel and oscar mean?
A - I have a diver down, keep well clear at slow speed B - I am taking in, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods D - Keep clear of me, I am maneuvering with Difficulty H - I have a pilot on board O - Man overboard

86 How many signal flags are there?

87 What does the SOPA flag look like?
Reference chapter 6 of BM3 course book

88 What pennant is raised five minutes prior to colors?
Prep pennant

89 What are the different calls on the bosn pipe?
Attention aka passing the word Mess – the longest of all calls lasting 60 secs Sweepers Passing the side – the aristocrat of all calls

90 What are the hand positions on the bosn pipe and what kind of note do they produce?
Open – soft clear note, lowest pitched Curved – higher pitched note Closed – High Clear Note Clinched – Shrill and Clear Note

91 What are the nomenclature of the bosn pipe?
Mouth, reed, flange, bowl, pea, windedge, ring, lanyard.

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