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Gustar To please or to like.

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1 Gustar To please or to like

2 Indirect object pronouns Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes (les)
Yo (me) Tú (te) Él/Ella/Usd. (le) Nosotros (nos) Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes (les)

3 singular plural Me gusta la casa. Me gustan las casas.
Te gusta el cuarto. Te gustan los cuartos. Le gusta la silla. Le gustan las sillas. Nos gusta el hotel. Nos gustan los hoteles. Os gusta la comida. Os gustan las comidas. Les gusta el reloj. Les gustan los relojes

4 Le gusta la silla. It is impossible to tell whether this means:
1.) He likes the chair. 2.)She likes the chair. 3.)You (usted) like the chair.

5 A él le gusta la silla. He likes the chair.
For purposes of clarification, the sentence will often begin with a prepositional phrase that clarifies just who the IO pronoun refers to. A él le gusta la silla. He likes the chair. A Juan le gusta la silla. John likes the chair. A ella le gusta la silla. She likes the chair. A María le gusta la silla. Mary likes the chair. A usted le gusta la silla. You (formal) like the chair.

6 If you do not like something you will add 2 NOs
Ejemplo: No, no me gusta la clase. No no me gustan las clases. * In spanish it takes two NOs to make something negative

7 to be lacking something
Verbs like gustar aburrir to bore fascinar to be fascinating to bastar to be sufficient importar to be important to caer bien (mal) to (not) suit interesar to be interesting to dar asco to be loathsome molestar to be a bother disgustar to hate something parecer to appear to be doler (o:ue) to be painful picar to itch encantar to "love" something quedar to be left over, remain faltar to be lacking something volver (o:ue) loco to be crazy about

8 Gustar

9 Reflexive verbs

10 When a verb is reflexive, the infinitive ends in "se.“
lavar to wash (non-reflexive) lavarse to wash oneself (reflexive) rascar to scratch (non-reflexive) rascarse to scratch oneself (reflexive)

11 me (myself) te (yourself) se (himself, herself, yourself) nos (ourselves) se (themselves, yourselves)

12 Juan se lava la cara. Juan washes his face. (reflexive)
Juan lava su carro. (non-reflexive) Juan washes his car.

13 Lavarse yo me lavo I wash (myself) tú te lavas you wash (yourself) (informal) él se lava he washes (himself) ella se lava she washes (herself) usted se lava you wash (yourself) (formal) nosotros nos lavamos we wash (ourselves) nosotras nos lavamos we wash (ourselves) (feminine) ustedes se lavan you-all wash (yourselves)(formal) ellos se lavan they wash (themselves) ellas se lavan they wash (themselves) (feminine)

14 Reflexive verbs

15 And next time…

16 Irregulares

17 e --> I e preferir (ie, i) -- to prefer
obtener (i, i) * -- to obtain, to get querer (ie) — to want; to love tener (i, i) * -- to have; to be (years old) divertir (ie, i) — to entertain someone divertirse (ie, i) — to enjoy oneself sugerir (ie) -- to suggest

18 o --> ue dormir (ue, u) -- to sleep
poder (ue) -- to be able (to do something) almorzar (ue, u) -- to eat lunch morirse (ue, u) -- to die

19 e --> i servir (i, i) -- to serve
despedirse de (i, i) — to say "good-bye" to vestirse (i, i) -- to get dressed vestir (i, i) — to dress someone conseguir + infinitive (i, i) — to succed in doing something reírse (i, i) — to laugh sonreírse (i, i) — to smile

20 u --> u e jugar (ue) -- to play a game

21 Irregulares


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