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Native American Literature

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1 Native American Literature
? – 1600s

2 Lesson Focus Determine the theme, tone, and purpose of the piece, symbols used and what they represent Prepare and present a group project

3 Literary Terms Folktale: a tale or legend originating and traditional among a people or folk, especially one forming part of the oral tradition of the common people Examples: anything from Cinderella to The Headless Horseman

4 Oral Tradition: a community's cultural and historical traditions passed down by word of mouth or example from one generation to another without written instruction These stories are often highly embellished and seem “larger than life.” They tell of heroes, moral tales, and national pride.

5 Characterization - The methods used to present the personality of a character in a work of literature Personification - A figure of speech in which something nonhuman is given human characteristics or feelings, or when something inanimate is given animate qualities 

6 Simile - A direct comparison made between two unlike things, using a word of comparison such as like, as, than, such as, or resembles Archetype - the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype

7 Metaphor - A comparison made between two things that are basically dissimilar, with the intent of giving added meaning to one of them

8 Marie L. McLaughlin

9 McLaughlin was ¼ Sioux and was born in Wabasha, Minnesota
She was sent to school at age 14 in Wisconsin

10 She married Major James McLaughlin in 1854, following him to North Dakota and other military sites that worked with the Indian Reservations.

11 Because of her knowledge of the Sioux language and traditions she was able to gain their trust and learn more about their folklore

12 Marie was concerned that their tales would be lost as they were assimilated into the white man’s way of life, so she carefully recorded the stories she was told by the Sioux women

13 She felt that the Sioux stories reflected a melody of life that was unique and touching

14 The collection was published with the hopes that they would provide insight to the intellect and lives of a people that were quickly disappearing from the Mid-West

15 Elements of Native American Literature

16 Educate – give practical information about the natural world
Archetype – contains a hero, trickster, mentor, seducer, creator/god Metaphor – contains an unusual metaphor Language – words are carefully chosen; story is straightforward and to the point; the words used in a story reflect on the character of the speaker because they have power

17 Spiritual – contain a story about a god or a god interacting with mankind
Myths – explain the universe, give wisdom, etc.; have an unknown author; focus on a god or god interacting with man; content can change as the stories are passed down

18 The Forgotten Ear of Corn p. 447
Symbols? Theme? Tone? Purpose?

19 The Little Mice p. 447 Symbols? Theme? Tone? Purpose?

20 The Pet Donkey p. 448 Symbols? Theme? Tone? Purpose?

21 The Rabbit and the Elk p. 449 Symbols? Theme? Tone? Purpose?

22 Zitkala-Sa 1876 – 1938

23 (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin) was the daughter of a full-blood Sioux woman

24 She was born on the Sioux reservation in South Dakota, graduating from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana

25 Zitkala-Sa was an activist for the rights of the American Indian
She formed the National Council of American Indians. She married Captain Raymond Talefase Bonnin They had one son

26 Her short stories and legends were published in several literary magazines as well as two full-length works

27 Her opera, Sun Dance, was the Opera of the Year in 1937
She was assisted by William H. Hanson

28 Iktomi and the Coyote p. 440 Symbols? Theme? Tone? Purpose?

29 Homework: Complete the Literary Critique questions, page 457, #s Be prepared for discussion tomorrow.

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