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Library Options for Publishing Support Judy Luther & October Ivins Informed Strategies ARL Fall Meeting October 14, 2009.

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1 Library Options for Publishing Support Judy Luther & October Ivins Informed Strategies ARL Fall Meeting October 14, 2009

2 © Informed Strategies Environment Demand for electronic journals by patrons Reduction in costs of handling print & space requirements by libraries Budget driven cancellations that will impact publishers in 2010 Concern for long term access to scholarly print titles valued by libraries Developing publishing capabilities within ARL libraries Is there a match? 1

3 Project Phases 1A. Define criteria and identify titles of concern to collection development librarians 1B. Request list of candidate titles from subscription agent (EBSCO) 2. Identify publishers’ concerns 3. Explore publishing options 4. Create summary report 5. Consider implementation options

4 © Informed Strategies Phase 1 – Identify Criteria for Titles Librarians interviewed : Arizona State University – Jeanne Richardson Columbia University – Bob Wolven Cornell University – John Saylor Dartmouth – Eliz Kirk MIT – Jennifer Banks New York University – Michael Stoller Purdue University – Beth NcNeil University of Arizona – Stephen Bosch University of British Columbia – Keith Bunnell University of California, Berkeley – Chuck Eckman University of Texas, Austin – Jill Emery 3

5 Progression of Journal Formats Print Currentprint Project MUSE BackfileprintEBSCO & PQJSTORJSTOR/print Electronic CurrentP + EE-Only available born digital Backfile Portico or LOCKSS

6 Elements for EBSCO Title Selection Criteria 1) Peer reviewed 2) North American (US & Canada) 3) English or foreign language 4) No electronic subscription offered to libraries 5) Active titles - exclude series 6) Frequency - monthly to annuals Fields 1) Title 2) ISSN 3) Publisher name 4) Contact email and phone (did provide) 5) Price 6) Frequency 7) Where indexed 8) Type of publisher (not available) 9) Range of subscription levels (offered as useful)

7 © Informed Strategies Phase 2 - Publisher Candidate Categories Include Faculty – Self published – Institutes – Society affiliation – structure varies by size University Press titles – Some print, some in transition (small journal programs) – Outsource to Project MUSE (aggregation) – Outsource to JSTOR Non-profit societies Little magazines Exclude Popular Other solutions have emerged (JSTOR, Synergies) 6

8 © Informed Strategies Publisher Discussion Topics Publication status – Subscription levels and revenue concerns – Journal affiliation (society, institute) – Electronic format available Motivation – Impact of institutional subscriptions – Level of interest in electronic (pros/cons) – Concern for an archival copy – Decision process Requirements – Business model and options for eOnly – Production and marketing support – Communication needed if receptive 7

9 Early Observations - Journal Diversity Different missions – Student training – Communication with community (political, social mission) Different concerns – Revenue may not matter – Visibility through a traditional index – Continued employment for long time staff Different audiences – Practitioner oriented – Literary community - Little Magazines Different formats – CD-ROM but not online – HTML only © Informed Strategies

10 Be Careful What You Wish For…… © Informed Strategies

11 Phase 3 – Exploring Options for Support Libraries – OA – Using OJS – Digital Commons University presses Outsource options – Self publish (Ingenta, Metapress) – JSTOR – Smaller presses – Commercial publishers Other initiatives – Canadian (Synergies) 8

12 Identify Library Publishing Services Business models – open access and subscription Publishing services – Editorial – Workflow management – Production (copy editing, layout, eISSN, DOIs) – Platform host – Metadata for indexing and distribution – Archiving arrangements – Marketing & licensing/SERU Scope of coverage

13 © Informed Strategies Related Initiatives RLG/OCLC – Shared Print Collections Program – Identify at risk print journals using OCLC holdings – Print preservation Synergies (Canada) – Collaborative effort: Universite de Montreal (lead) – 127 journals on platform – Plans to expand formats GWLA – Clearinghouse on publishing platforms – Identify members with publishing capacity 10

14 Phase 4 – Summary Report Describe the landscape Characterize types of titles eligible for support Publisher requirements based on current needs Types of support available from libraries, non-profits, commercial Level of publisher interest in support Opportunities for a match

15 © Informed Strategies Phase 5 - Implementation Employ advisory board of librarians – Consider potential to apply findings Establish program – Create database of journals in progress Librarian access but behind firewall – Assess libraries with new publishing capabilities Library support assessment – Develop intake forms - publication assessment – Communicate services within library community 9

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