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1 Tasmania

2 Overview Service Delivery Restructure Housing Innovations Unit
Accommodation Options Unit

3 Service Delivery Restructure
Why restructure model? Clients Staff Government

4 Consequences Clients – needs not met, intervene too little too late, get run around, confused, frustrated, complain. Staff – feel unheard, unsupported, poorly trained, inefficient and ineffective, inequitable workloads, fewer job opportunities, job dissatisfaction. Government- inefficient and ineffective, lose confidence, a sinking ship – unsustainable.

5 New Model Manager Housing Services Area Managers
Access & Support teams Tenancy Teams Business Support Teams

6 Access & Support Teams Responsible: Applications, assessments, coordination plans and allocations. New tools & processes Expanded eligibility tool- entitlements across a range of products Expanded assessment tool- identifies both housing and support needs Multi Service assessment and support panel (MASP). Tenancy Coordination Plans Referral tools and consent to release information.

7 Tenancy Teams Responsible: sign ups, tenancy management, monitoring support plans, terminations (with new exit plans). Retain multi skilling – but less breadth Greater role clarity Clear escalation points Increased support through A&S teams for more difficult tenancies. Greater capacity for earlier intervention.

8 Business Support Team Responsible: business support, administrative functions, service improvement. Service Improvement Teams On the job training Rollout new policies Quality assurance State-wide consistency

9 Benefits of model - clients
Improved access and information. Improved response to clients with complex needs- a more specialised service Early intervention & improved assessment Improved linkages, referrals & support plans Standard tenancies Prompt response to issues which place tenancy at risk. Greater capacity for early intervention. Overall increased capacity to sustain tenancies. Consistent service delivery state-wide

10 Benefits of model - Staff
Specialist teams to better respond to clients with support needs. Larger teams – greater capacity to cover. Greater focus on teams with shared goals. Greater access to training and development. Greater role clarity and support with clear escalation points. Standardised work practices.

11 Housing Innovation Unit - HIU
Premier Lennon announces he wants to cut homelessness by half by 2010. Additional $60m given to meet this target. HIU created to implement initiatives. Common ground model – Rosanne Haggerty 50 Quick Build – expected to be completed June 09. If successful additional 100 dwellings built by 2011. Mixed developments (public/private). Bridgewater/ Gagebrook Urban renewal Partnership with Brighton Council). NRAS – 1250 new dwellings over 4 years. 587 Dwellings approved in 1st round. Crown land release.

12 Accommodation Options Unit (AOU)
Created to develop linkages for specific projects with the relevant business units in Human Services (Housing Tasmania, Disability Services, Children and Family Services and Youth Justice Services). In specific terms the Accommodation Options Unit will: provide strategic leadership and co-ordination of capital projects for Supported Accommodation; undertake long term integrated capital planning for supported accommodation across Disability Services, Child and Family Services and Youth Justice; maximise investment opportunities across the portfolio and across programs; Research and promote new and innovative models of supported housing; manage specific supported accommodation and housing capital projects; act as a central point of contact regarding asset issues for funded organisations; and implement recommendations from the Disability Services Accommodation Options Project Report 2008.

13 Current Projects- AOU The Accommodation Options Team is coordinating a number of specific projects: Disability Services Accommodation Options Capital Works Project will see the construction of 18 new semi independent living units to be collocated with current group homes around the state. Working with Children and Family Services to progress an accommodation and property upgrade where care is provided for a young person with disabilities. Coordination of upgrade and non essential maintenance of group homes in the Disability Sector and Children and Family Services Rostered Care and Family Group homes.

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