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World Tavern Trivia was designed to be one of the most successful, low cost and easy to run promotions ever. If you are committed to making this a success, then it will be. But you can’t sit around and wait for people to show up… YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! Here are a list of the Top 5 Key Success Factors for World Tavern Trivia! 1. Marketing – Get your posters and flyers up and your table tents/player registration cards out. Be sure that everyone on your staff understands how World Tavern Trivia works and that they tell everyone who comes into your bar about World Tavern Trivia. Your staff is your most important marketing tool. Have your bartender recruit teams to play on his/her team during the night and encourage the team to come back next week and bring more friends with them and create their own team. Each week the bartender has a new people on his team. Although his team cannot win the tavern championship or 1st place for the season. It is a great marketing strategy to add teams to the bar.

3 MAKING THIS A SUCCESS Trivia Director – Select someone with a great personality. Whether it's an employee or one of your regulars, every bar has someone with an outgoing personality. Be sure they are ready to have some fun. A fun Trivia Director will translate into a fun trivia night that your teams will return for week after week! Team Registration – Make sure that your teams are pre-registering for your games online at This will give you an idea on how many people to expect (for staffing and seating) as well as promoting the “league” concept. You will need to encourage the teams to register online and mention there is a weekly bonus question online only. Organization – Be ready before your teams arrive. Have your game printed, answer sheets, pencils, start the game on time and be sure to update your game results immediately! Never Stop Promoting! – Don’t ever get complacent. You should constantly be marketing to get more teams and making sure all of your teams are having fun. Get feedback and make any necessary changes!

4 OVERVIEW World Tavern Trivia is a national bar trivia league that takes bar trivia to a whole new level. Rather than the typical format of answering a few trivia questions, World Tavern Trivia pits teams against each other in challenges of unique knowledge. This is not your boring trivia on the monitors in your bar, this is a live event! Imagine “Team Jeopardy” where behind each podium is up to 8 contestants, and now imagine up to 20 podiums. Each night you can host up to 2 games where the top Teams will get prizes that you and your beer vendors provide as well as points towards their Tavern, State and National Rankings.

5 OVERVIEW (cont) There are 6 rounds of questions per game with 10 questions in each round. 1 warm up round, 3 regular rounds and 2 Brain Freeze Challenge Rounds. Every 16 weeks or so, you will host your Tavern Championships where one team will walk away with an even bigger prize that you provide, the bragging rights of the Tavern Champion and the chance to compete in our annual World Tavern Trivia National Championship! Your number 1 ranked team at the end of the season also qualifies for our annual World Tavern Trivia National Championship. In 2010, the prize pool was $10,000. The bottom line is that World Tavern Trivia is designed for FUN! It gives your customers a reason to come out to your bar on another night, encourages them to stay later and introduces new customers to your bar. THE MORE YOU GET BEHIND THE PROMOTION, THE MORE SUCCESSFUL IT WILL BE!

6 THE GAME A game is made up of 6 rounds of questions and will last approximately 2-3 hours (based on the number of teams). Your Tavern can host up to 2 games per night, and as many teams as you can fit in your bar can play! The Team at the end of the game with the most points is The Winner! Each Round consists of 10 questions each. The questions are worth 10 points each except the team has the option of picking one round from rounds 4, 5 or 6 to be that team’s double points round. The Round formats are as follows: Round 1 - Warm Up Round All multiple choice questions 10 points for each correct answer Maximum 100 points per team

7 THE GAME (cont) Round 2 – Mixed Format
Mix of question types (true or false or fill in the blank) 10 points for each correct answer Maximum 100 points per team Round 3 – Brain Freeze Challenge This can be a photo gallery challenge, Top 10 challenge, Speed Round or other types of creative variations to traditional Trivia. Round 4 – Mixed Format 10 points for each correct answer (optional double points round) Maximum 100 points per team (200 if selected as double points)

8 THE GAME (cont) Round 5 – Mixed Format
Mix of question types (true or false or fill in the blank) 10 points for each correct answer (optional double points round) Maximum 100 points per team (200 if selected as double points) Round 6 – Final Round/Brain Freeze Challenge The Final Round is always a Brain Freeze Challenge

9 THE SCORING The Team’s Total points = Their Final Score
Teams get points each round for each of the questions they get correct. There is a total of 700 potential points per team per game. The Master Score Sheet should be used by the Big Brain for keeping score of all teams, round after round, during the game. This can be found in your trivia pack and there is one for each week. Also each team can use 1 round from rounds 4, 5 or 6 to be the double points round. Make sure you check off which round each team chooses to use so they don’t try and get 2-3 double points rounds. Once they choose the double points round, it cannot be changed. MAKE SURE you use the master score sheet. Once you score a round, announce the answers to the questions you just read and scored and then announce who is in last place up until 1st place. You can have ties during rounds 1-5 but you need to use a tie breaker question if there is a tie after the 6th round. Tie breaker questions can be found in the back of your Brain Guide. After the game is over, you will simply log into and put the team’s totals in the Update Points Section. (This is explained in more detail under the Website Section) The Team’s Total points = Their Final Score

10 BONUS points In addition to the point totals each team receives during the game, the TOP 3 TEAMS receive bonus points for their finishes. 1st Place = 100 Bonus points 2nd Place = 60 Bonus points 3rd Place = 40 Bonus points So for example, let’s say that Team Whiz Kids wins your game tonight with 620 points. They would receive an additional 100 Bonus points for a total of You do not have to add these bonus points to their Final Score, the website will do this for you automatically. Weekly Online Trivia Question: The answer sheet has a place for each team to answer the online weekly trivia question for 20 bonus points. Make sure you add these to the team’s score for that night. The teams need to bring you the answer to the weekly online question before the start of round one. Make sure you make that announcement before starting round one. There is a place on the master score sheet before round one points to put the bonus points.

11 TEAM RANKINGS One of the most important pieces of getting Teams “addicted” to World Tavern Trivia is in the Team Rankings and Leader Boards. Each Team is ranked based on the average of their Top Scores at the following levels; Tavern Ranking = The average of their team’s Top 4 scores at your Tavern State Ranking = The average of their team’s Top 6 scores at any Tavern in your State. National Ranking = The average of their Top 8 scores at any Tavern in the country. The Team Rankings are kept on the website Leader Boards where players and teams can brag about how well (or poor  ) they are doing. It is imperative that you update your Team’s scores within 24 hours of each game! Players love to see their Rankings and it is what keeps them coming back!

12 THE CATEGORIES World Tavern Trivia has 12 core categories for you to choose from as well as holiday rounds with categories such as 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day etc… that will appear throughout the year under marketing tools. Heavy Petting – Questions about Sex and Romance. Some of these can be R and possibly X rated, so be sure your crowd is ready  Get Your Buzz On – Questions about Food, Drink and Drugs. The Playground – Questions about Sports and Leisure. Tone Deaf – Questions about Music The Casting Couch – Questions about Movies and Television. None Of Your Business – Questions about Business, Commercials, Slogans, etc… Child’s Play – Questions that even kids know the answers to. Liars and Cheaters – Questions about Politics and Government. Lab Rats – Questions about Science and Technology. What the Funk – Questions that make you say “what the FUNK?” Blue Collar - Questions from fishing to tucks. Brainiac – Hardcore trivia buffs will love this category.

13 THE QUESTIONS There are 4 question types.
Multiple Choice – These questions will have 4 answers each that the players can choose from with the 4th answer (D) generally adding humor to the question. True or False – Only 2 choices here, True or False. Fill in the Blank – These questions require the players to come up with the answer on their own. Watch for fun and silly answers teams may write if they don’t know the real answer and share them, when appropriate, with the crowd to add humor. Brain Freeze Challenges – These Rounds of questions are a variation to traditional trivia with games such as Photo Galleries, Word Challenges, Matching, and Unscramble. Keep in mind that question types are generated randomly. As well, each of your Brain Freeze Challenges will have simple directions printed on them so your Host can explain the rules to your teams. When reading all questions, make sure you read the category first.

14 THE TEAMS Each team can have 1-8 players on their roster BUT with a maximum of only 6 players playing at a single game. There is no limitation to the number of teams you can have play other than the limitation of space in your bar. The guidelines for Teams are as follows: Team Registration Cards – Have each team fill out a team registration card and hand it in with round one. This way you capture that team’s information including their (encourage them to put all team members s on the card). This is part of the table tent you should have on each table before the game begins. Creating A Team – The “captain” will create their team and roster on line. Pre-Registering – Each Team will register for each of your weekly games. Team Roster – Each Team can have up to 8 players on their roster but only 6 playing at any one game. Team Rankings – Teams will receive rankings based on the average of their top scores.

15 CREATING A TEAM Each team will go to and then to the “Join The League” tab. They then create their Team Name and Password. Once they are logged on, they can add players to their roster, add a Team Bio and even upload a Team Photo. A big part of World Tavern Trivia is the “bragging rights” for the teams. When they win, they want to see their name in lights, so it is imperative that they use the website. (Don’t let them tell you they don’t have a computer, at least one person on their team has access to one!). Maximum of 8 players per Team Roster Maximum of 6 players per Team per game. (starting line-up) Players must pre-register online to get credit for their points Each team will have a separate log in and password giving them access to all of their team’s information. Encourage all team members to get added to the team so they will also receive any s you send out to your teams. All championship invites come through too and they don’t want to miss them.

16 CREATING A TEAM Each week, your teams will register online for the games at your Tavern. They simply log into the website, click on the “Register for a Game” tab, and find your Tavern. By having the teams pre-register, you will have an idea of how big your crowd will be that evening so you can accommodate with staffing and seating. As well, it will make it MUCH EASIER for you to update the scoring. Notes -If a team doesn’t register, don’t worry, you can add any Team to any one of your games. -A great way to encourage Teams to pre-register for events is to remind them there is a weekly online bonus question worth 20 points. -Create a temporary team button is also available if you have a team name and an address. You can create a temporary team for them and once you do, they will get an asking them to update the team profile. Make sure you use valid addresses.

17 TAVERN CHAMPIONSHIPS 3 times each year there will be Tavern Championships where every Team that is ranked at your bar will be invited! The Top 5 Teams ranked at your bar will receive Bonus Starting points for the Championship, giving them an advantage over the others. You will need to add these points to the start of your tavern championship game. (They deserve this since they played so well during the Regular Season). 1st Place = 60 bonus starting points 2nd Place = 40 bonus starting points 3rd Place = 30 bonus starting points 4th Place = 20 bonus starting points 5th Place = 10 bonus starting points The Winning Team is declared your Tavern Champion and wins the great prizes that you and your vendors provide. Take a picture of the team and hang your photo plaque at the bar. As well, the Tavern Championship Team will be invited to that year’s National Championship where they have the chance to win $10,000 in cash prizes provided by World Tavern Trivia!

Who gets to go to World Tavern Trivia Nationals? Each bar’s tavern Champion and the number 1 ranked team at the end of the season qualify to play at the World Tavern Trivia National Championships. What are they playing for? The World Tavern Trivia qualified teams are playing for the $10,000 in cash prizes offered by World Tavern Trivia at Nationals. What is National Championships? The World Tavern Trivia National event is a blast! The teams come from all over to compete for the $10,000 in prize money. The format is typically 2 days of trivia including 3 games with 1 game called The Amazing Trivia Race and a party. At the party, World Tavern Trivia crowns one team the National Champions.

In order to run a successful World Tavern Trivia Game, you should follow these easy steps. CREATING YOUR GAME To create your game, simply log on to the website, with your Username and Password. Click on the Create a Quiz tab You will be prompted with the date and time of the next game click on Create Quiz Select the Categories you would like to be included in your game. You must select at least 5 categories so there is a good variety of questions or click on Select All Categories for a random quiz including all categories. Put your game inside your Clipboard so you are ready to go! Note: Be sure to do this at least 24 hours ahead of time in case you have any issues.

20 THE RULES 6 Player Maximum/Team – At each game. Remember, you can have up to 8 players on your roster, but only 6 playing at one time. Encourage larger teams to make 2 teams if needed. 6 Rounds of Questions – Each of 10 questions each. The team can pick one round, from rounds 4, 5 or 6, to be that team’s double points round. They get to hear the question and record their answers. If they feel that they did really well on that round, they simply check the “x2” box and they will receive 20 points for each correct answer. Rankings – Each team gets ranked at 3 levels. -Tavern Ranking = Average of Top 4 scores at this bar -State Ranking = Average of Top 6 scores at any bar in the state -National Ranking = Average of Top 8 scores at any bar in the Country Bonus points – The Top 3 Teams from each game will get bonus points for 1st place, 60 for 2nd and 40 for 3rd. These bonus points are automatically added to your games score after you put in that nights score.

YOUR FIRST FEW GAMES Keep in mind that during your first few games you will have many or all NEW TEAMS! These players have not yet Registered their Teams on the website, so you won’t be able to update the points right away. BE SURE TO TELL ALL OF YOUR NEW TEAMS to Register on the site within 24 hours of the game. Please have all new teams fill out and hand you back the new player cards that are part of the table tents we shipped to you and you should have one on each table. Keep these sheets and if the team doesn’t register, we can create a temporary account for them. WAIT 72 HOURS to update your points for the first few weeks. After that, you should be updating your points within 24 hours.

GETTING SET UP Microphone/Speakers set up (the best set up is a microphone that interrupts the music and once you’re done reading the question, the music comes back on) Tables chairs set up in your Trivia area (this can be in the main part of your bar) Pens/Pencils, Answer Sheets and Quiz printed out with marketing tips so you have the answer to the weekly online question. 3 Fold Table Tents/New Team Brochures on every table After your first game, you will want to print the Tavern Rankings and post for everyone to see

GETTING STARTED Make announcements 1 hour before and every 15 minutes after that. “We will be starting World Tavern Trivia in 1 hour/45 minutes/ 30 minutes. If you would like to play, come see me. Recruit Teams. Go around the bar and get everyone to play! This is a great way to recruit more teams. Leave anyone you speak to an answer sheet whether they say yes or no about being interested. Let them know once they start hearing the questions they might change their minds. Make another announcement. “15 minute until World Tavern Trivia, come up and see me to sign up and get answer sheets”. “Let’s get ready to start”

THE RULES “Welcome to World Tavern Trivia everyone. Remember that we are here to have fun so here are some of the rules.” There will be 6 rounds of 10 questions each Each correct answer is worth 10 points except you will be able to pick your team’s double points round from round 4, 5, or 6. You get to hear the question and record your answers. If you feel that you did really well on that round, you simply check the “x2” box and you will receive 20 points for each correct answer. Announce what prizes the teams are playing for (bar gift certificates work great as well as beer and liquor swag). Register your Team online so you can get ranked Please fill out the New Team card on your table and hand it in with your answer sheet

At the end of the season, the Top Teams will play for the Tavern Championship No yelling out answers and no using cell phones or PDA’s. If you need to use your cell phone during play, you need to walk away from the table to use it and you are not able to return until that question or challenge is complete. If they leave in any part of the challenges, they have to sit that round out. This has to be enforced strictly as most phones have internet access. Above all, everyone is here to have fun! Announce your food and drink specials Take care of your servers – They are working hard for you! Please bring out more people next week to play! We want to make this the biggest Trivia Party.

Lets get started – You just went over your announcements Please ask all teams to come up and get an answer sheet if they do not have one already. Then ask a team member from each team to bring up their answer to the Online Bonus Question. If that team gets it correct add the bonus points in the bonus points column on the master score sheet. Next let the game begin. You will announce “this is round one, our warm up round. The first question is from the category (always announce the category before reading the question) and read the question”. You will give them a minute or two to answer and go on to the next question. You will do this through the end of that round. Once the last question is read, ask them to hand in their answer sheets when ready. Announce your food and drink specials, turn the music up and you now take this time to score each quiz. Once you are through scoring them, record their points on the master score sheet. You will then read the questions with the answers back to the teams. Then it is time to let them know who came in last through first place. Make sure you do this after each round. This brings out the competitive nature in all teams! Start with the next round and keep going until you are done. Make sure you announce the winning team for the night and thank everyone for coming out.

CHALLENGES From time to time a question may have an alternative answer. If a team feels as though an answer to a question in our system is incorrect, they can make a challenge to the trivia director. If the trivia director is unable to make a ruling, a challenge can be made to the league. Challenges can be submitted to

EMERGENCY BRAIN FREEZE GAMES We understand that because the games are generated via the web, there is a possibility of not being able to create a game because of a power outage or internet connection being down. In your Brain Pack, you received 2 Emergency Brain Freeze Games to be used in this case. As well, there are other games on your Training CD that you can print and there are two games under marketing tools on the website.

29 THE WEBSITE is a very powerful website giving you a number of tools to help ensure your World Tavern Trivia games are a success. After you log on to the site and go through the Newsletter Page, you will see a number of tabs in the center section that allow you to access different tools.

30 THE WEBSITE My Schedule – This section gives you the details of your scheduled events. 1. Search by Season and Week 2. View your weekly schedule 3. See how many Teams are pre-registered, and click on this # for the Team Names 4. Add Teams that did not pre-register for your games so you can award them points 6. Send Mail – Use this function to send s to all of your players and teams. This is a great marketing tool! 5. Edit your event details

31 THE WEBSITE Create My Game – This section allows you to create your game! You simply select the Categories from which you would like your games created. BE SURE TO SELECT AT LEAST 5 CATEGORIES! 1. Select All – Want a great mix of questions, just click on this box. 2. Click the box next to each category you would like included 3. Select the # of Teams you expect tonight (plus a few extra) so you have enough Brain Freeze Challenges to hand out!

32 THE WEBSITE Update Scores – After you have added all your Teams to the game, simply update the scores by typing in the number of points they had at the end of the game. 1. Increase Team Count – If you had more Teams than set on your schedule, you can click here to increase the number. 2. Bonus Points will automatically be awarded. DO NOT ENTER BONUS POINTS! 3. Enter the Point Total next to each team name. 4. When you are done, simply click “ADD” and your points and rankings will be adjusted automatically

33 Get Championship Information
THE WEBSITE The last few slides highlighted some of the key components. After you are done the training program, take a few moments to log on to the website and familiarize yourself with it. Read The Tavern Newsletter Get Championship Information Shop For Supplies Get More Marketing Tools View Your Schedule. See The Entire World Tavern Trivia Calendar Create Your Quiz View The Team Rankings At Your Bar Update Your Scores

Like any part of any business, this promotion will only be as successful as your marketing! We have provided you with a number of tools to help market your games, but there is more! Please read this section carefully as it will be the most important tool you have in bringing in the crowds and hearing the cash register ring! Game Times – Choose your games and times based on the crowd you are trying to attract. Early Games – 6:00-6:30 start times for the after work happy hour crowd. Get them in there to eat dinner and have a few drinks before they have to head home. Later Games – 8:00-9:00 start times for your party crowds. Include the trivia categories that are a bit more “edgy”. (i.e. Heavy Petting and Get Your Buzz On) 2 Games Or 1? – Having 2 games per night will keep your teams around longer. For some bars, this may not work. You can also start out with 1 and see if there is interest in 2nd game per night

Marketing Materials Up And Out! – Be sure to hang your posters, flyers and put out your table tents right away! Tell Everyone – Does your staff know how World Tavern Trivia works? Make sure they tell everyone who walks through your door about it. Announcements During Other Events – Tell your DJ, Karaoke Guy, or Bands to make announcements during other events. Have A Round On A Busy Night – Sometimes people get “scared” of the word Trivia because they don’t feel like they can compete. Well World Tavern Trivia is designed to make everyone have fun and compete. Have a quick round on Friday Night when you have a big crowd or on Thursday night in between Karaoke sets. Give them a taste of what they can expect. On your Training/Marketing CD we have included a number of Fun Rounds of questions to be used on other nights to market your World Tavern Trivia Events!

Specials – Everyone loves a “special”. Be sure to have some good (but not too good specials) on Trivia Night. This doesn’t mean you should give away the house…just something to entice players to spend a few more dollars! Food, Food, Food! – World Tavern Trivia is the perfect environment to eat while playing. Make sure you have menus on all tables. A Great Staff – Above all, make sure you have a great staff that is servicing your World Tavern Trivia Customers. Beer Breaks – In between rounds, have your Trivia Director announce Beer Breaks. “Who needs a drink? Who needs some food?”.

Make It A Party! Most importantly is to create a party atmosphere. Remember, this isn’t Jeopardy, this is bar trivia. Keep the music up during registration and in between questions. Make jokes or poke fun at teams not doing so well. Be Organized! People love organization. Start on time, have your game ready to go, your seats set up, answer sheets and pencils ready etc… USE THE FUNCTION! – Undoubtedly the most important tool for World Tavern Trivia has been the Send Mail Function. Send out an every week to all of your teams telling them about who won, who is #1 ranked team at the bar, food specials for the next game or to bring more people with them. Never Stop Promoting – You should never allow yourself or your staff to become complacent! Even if your bar is packed to the walls, keep marketing and keep promoting. You never know when players move, get married or graduate not allowing them to play any more!

38 YOUR TASKS! World Tavern Trivia was designed to be one of the most successful, low cost and easy to run promotions ever. If you are committed to making this a successful promotion…then it will be. But you can’t sit around and wait for people to show up…YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! So here is a quick task list. START NOW! Call and Schedule your Training Review! Posters and Flyers Up around your bar (with days and times written in) Table Tents/team registration cards out around your bar Training Meeting with your staff Prizes from your vendors Add World Tavern Trivia to your website, Facebook, Myspace, advertising and in house schedules Tell everyone who walks through the Door about your trivia night!

WORLD TAVERN ENTERTAINMENT is in business to help you grow your business! If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call your Entertainment Rep or the office at (919) ! TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THIS THE MOST PROFITABLE PROMOTION YOU HAVE EVER RUN!

40 THE REVIEW! To make sure you understand some of the most important parts of World Tavern Trivia, we have put together this quick review. Click to get the next question and click again to get the answer. If you don’t get 10 out of 10 right, please go through the program again. GOOD LUCK!

41 d) All of the above. You should constantly be marketing!
THE REVIEW The most important thing I can do to promote World Tavern Trivia at my bar is to… a) Put my posters, flyers and table tents all around the bar right away. b) Make sure my staff understands how our trivia works and tells everyone! c) Announce World Tavern Trivia during all of my other weekly promotions d) All of the above d) All of the above. You should constantly be marketing!

42 THE REVIEW If a customer wants to play you should explain that after the game they need to _________________________? a) Visit Tavern to register their team. b) World Tavern Trivia to tell them. c) Call World Tavern Trivia’s office. d) Go home and sleep off their hangover. a) Visit to register their team. It’s important that each team registers for each one of your games.

43 THE REVIEW When choosing your Trivia Director they should a) Have a good personality and know how to have fun b) Be incredibly smart c) Be someone who is a hard ass and enforces the rules d) Be someone who can pound Jaeger bombs like there is no tomorrow. a) Have a good personality and know how to have fun. Remember, this is a Trivia Party and not Jeopardy!

44 THE REVIEW It is important to update my Team’s points on the website within 24 hours after each game because… a) Teams love to see their points b) Teams love to see their names on the website Leader Boards c) The game is not over until the scores are entered. d) All of the above. d) All of the above. This is about the ego! Bars who do not enter their points right away will lose teams for the next week! It is so important to building your trivia crowds.

45 c) 10 points for all Rounds and 20 points for the double points round.
THE REVIEW For each correct answer, teams get ______ points for all rounds and gets ____points for the round they chose to be the double points round? a) 25 and 50 b) 50 and 100 c) 10 and 20 d) 100 and 200 c) 10 points for all Rounds and 20 points for the double points round.

46 THE REVIEW A Brain Freeze Challenge is a variation of traditional trivia questions and might include which of the following? a) A photo gallery where teams must identify each photo b) A word scramble where teams must write down the unscrambled word c) A list of movies that they have to put in order of release date d) All of the above d) All of the above. Brain Freeze Challenges are one of the many things that separates World Tavern Trivia and other boring trivia.

47 THE REVIEW A great way to promote bigger sales on my World Tavern Trivia night is to… a) Say “Thank-You” to everyone for coming out at the start of each game. b) Announce your food and drink specials tonight and have attentive servers c) Put menus on every Team’s table d) All of the above d) All of the above. You should always thank everyone for coming out and let them know about the great food and drink you have.

48 THE REVIEW Some good ideas for winning prizes for each game include… a) Hats from your beer or liquor vendors b) A $25 gift certificate to your bar or restaurant c) T-shirts with your Bar’s logo on them d) All of the above d) All of the above. The prizes don’t have to cost you a lot, they just have to stroke the ego of the winning teams!

49 THE REVIEW The crowds for my World Tavern Trivia game will a) Be as big as they are going to get on the first night. b) Get smaller each week because I won’t update my points or give out prizes c) Not spend any money because I don’t have servers or announce my specials d) GET BIGGER WEEK AFTER WEEK BECAUSE I AM GOING TO PROMOTE THE HECK OUT OF THIS EVENT! d) All of the above. This promotion can and will be as big as you want it to! We are here to help you make it a success!

50 LET’S GET STARTED! Alright, your training is almost over. Now it’s time to call your World Tavern Trivia rep at (919) to schedule a training review. Remember, we are in business to help your business grow…and will do whatever we can to make sure that happens! Here’s to the most fun and profitable promotion you have ever run!

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