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3 James Newton Howard & King's College Choir (1987)
“O Magnum Mysterium” James Newton Howard & King's College Choir (1987)



6 “Nothing is stronger than an idea
whose time has come..” VÍCTOR HUGO

7 Dr James Maxlow was born in Middlesbrough, England in 1949
Dr James Maxlow was born in Middlesbrough, England in His passion for geology no doubt was inherited from a family history of “ironstone workers” supplying iron ores mined from the Cleveland Hills, south of Middlesbrough, to the foundries and steel rolling mills of Middlesbrough during the 1800s.

8 James immigrated to Australia with his parents in 1953, where he grew up in Melbourne. His passion for the outdoors was later kindled by regular camping trips throughout Victoria during his early childhood days in Australia, later to blossom into bush walking, caving and rock hunting during his college years.

9 He initially studied Civil Engineering at the then Swinburne College, but soon became disillusioned with engineering and redirected himself to a degree in Geology at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, graduating in It was in Melbourne where he later met and married his lovely wife Anita and during their work and travels around Australia bore their three children, Jason, Karena and Jarred.

10 After initially working as a mine geologist in Victoria, a brief sojourn into surveying, survey drafting, mine surveying and home building again saw James return to geology, this time in the Northern Territory and later in Western Australia.

11 His varying work experience being directly attributed to the fluctuating stock market and mining economy at the time – an unfortunate side effect of the profession. James spent in excess of 35 years working as an exploration and mine geologist throughout much of Australia, gaining valuable field experience and knowledge, which he has since applied to research into his other passion – Earth Expansion.

12 James’ interest in Earth expansion stems from working in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Pilbara region is a huge, ancient domal structure, several hundreds of kilometres across. There, 2,500 million year old iron and silica-rich sedimentary rocks form the largest deposits of iron ore in the world.

13 What was so intriguing to James was that the bedded sediments, right down to finest sedimentary laminations seen in the iron ores, could be intimately correlated between widely separated sites for distances of over 300 kilometres. As you drive through the Pilbara region, the exact same sequence of rocks and fine banded structures are exposed everywhere along the hills and escarpments.

14 James’ studies showed that, in the central portion of the Pilbara domal structure, some 30 kilometres of sediment and volcanic rocks had been eroded away. It occurred to James that this domal structure may have been a preserved fragment of the ancient Earth, with the dome reflecting the radius of the ancient Earth.

15 It took a further fifteen years of working and raising a family before circumstances allowed James to return to University. Amidst a barrage of academic intolerance he gained his Masters in geology in 1995, followed by a Doctorate of Philosophy in 2002 at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia, including a letter of commendation from the university Chancellor for thought provoking original research. Even there he had to follow established protocol though, before finally breaking free and branching out into his own research. Years later, here is his legacy.

16 “They think I'm lost, just because I walk in another direction.”

17 “In questions of science,
the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” GALILEO GALILEI

18 “Most of the research is to seek funding.”

19 “The problem that mainstream geology
imagines is that expansion tectonics is a threat to their career, research programs, reputation, or at the very least a threat to their intelligence.” JAMES MAXLOW

20 “We are transforming the old universities into modern shopping centers of knowledge!”

21 “An expanding Earth is perceived by mainstream literature as having been proven wrong, so why should they bother.”. JAMES MAXLOW


23 As you may or may not appreciate, challenging Plate Tectonics in any shape, form, or format, is potentially an almost impossible task. The peer review system tends to maintain the intellectual status quo by rejecting new ideas. What this simply means is that there are enormous amounts of research funds that are currently being made available to Plate Tectonic research all over the world. The last thing these researchers would want is for their hard earned efforts to be shown to be wrong, and in particular for their academic and even international reputations to be tainted.


25 In order to retain their hard earned reputations, and to control the outcomes of any outside research, efforts to publish new ideas in so called “respected publications” must then be peer reviewed. Because this peer review process is dominated by advocates of Plate Tectonic theory, then rejection of alternative ideas or outcomes is essentially guaranteed.


27 During his academic years James met and communicated with many wonderful “expansionists” from around the world. Most notable of which was the late Professor Sam Warren Carey from Tasmania, the father of modern Earth Expansion, Jan Koziar from Poland, and Klaus Vogel from Germany, the father of modern Expanding Earth modeling studies.

28 “Really new trails are rarely blazed in the great academies.
The confining walls of conformist dogma are too dominating. To think originally, you must go forth into the wilderness. Do not expect to be hailed as a hero when you make your great discovery.” SAMUEL WARREN CAREY

29 - Samuel Warren Carey & Klaus Vogel (1
- Samuel Warren Carey & Klaus Vogel (1.979) / Kalus Vogel & James Maxlow (1.995) -




33 - James Maxlow, Klaus Vogel & Jan Koziar (Sicily, 2.011) -
Klaus Vogel, an engineer from Germany, was the first to build accurate scale small earth models using seafloor mapping data, while Jan Koziar was the first to derive a formula using areas of seafloor crusts to determine the ancient Earth radius. - James Maxlow, Klaus Vogel & Jan Koziar (Sicily, 2.011) -

34 - Modelos de extensión de Jan Koziar -
- Extension models from Jan Koziar -



37 - Tectonic Expansion models from James Maxlow, Warsaw (1998) -

38 Anita and James visited both Klaus and Jan in about 1995 where they gave a series of lectures throughout Germany and Poland. They took with them early, hand-made and hand painted versions of their earlier globes and found that they were virtually identical to Klaus’ globes – both done independently of each other. - Klaus Vogel's Earth models - - James Maxlow's Earth models -

39 - James Maxlow & Klaus Vogel -
Since then James has rebuilt and extended on the globes. These globes represent the first time that modelling has been extended back to the beginning of the Archaean Era – for any tectonic theory. - James Maxlow & Klaus Vogel -

40 KLAUS VOGEL “I have been continually amazed that
the simplicity with which Earth expansion answers so much of the Earth's evolution has been so delayed in universal adoption.” KLAUS VOGEL


42 It was during his academic studies that Professor Carey “passed on” his Expanding Earth baton to James, an honor that he most cherishes. James first met him at 2 presentations that he gave in Perth, Western Australia in Soon after that James started his Master of Science degree, titled “Global Expansion Tectonics: The Geological Implications of an Expanding Earth” (1995).

43 * Letter to James Maxlow from Sam Warren Carey (1993)

44 “Thank you for sending me your draft manuscript
“Thank you for sending me your draft manuscript. I now believe that you are the one to pick up the baton, now I am bowing out. I took it from Alex du Toit. I think the last letter he wrote just before he died was to me... With warm grettings, and my welcome to you as the one to whom I must pass my baton.” - Alexander du Toit -

45 Alexander Du Toit is remembered not only as the main baton-carrier of Wegenerian continental drift theory in the early 1900s, but as the most important geologist in the history of South Africa. A field geologist with observational and synthetic powers of the highest rank, early in the twentieth century he embarked upon a twenty year study of the geology of South Africa which produced a series of important books and articles over the later portion of that period. - Alex Du Toit in campaign work for the Geological Survey of Cape Town -

46 Securing a grant from the Carnegie Institution of Washington in 1923, he spent five months in South America familiarizing himself with the geology of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, and comparing this to the units in South Africa; this led the publication of his “A Geological Comparison of South America with South Africa” in 1927, and the even more celebrated “Our Wandering Continents: An Hypothesis of Continental Drifting” in 1937. - Continent of Gondwana during the Paleozoic, Du Toit's original graphics-

47 - Map of two ancient supercontinents by Alexander Du Toit -
Du Toit had some success in convincing Old World geologists of the possibility of continental drifting. - Map of two ancient supercontinents by Alexander Du Toit -

48 James was in regular contact with Sam Warren Carey, mainly via letter
James was in regular contact with Sam Warren Carey, mainly via letter. However he was not able to supervise him profusely due to ill health. His wife Anita did manage to visit him at his home in Hobart, Tasmania, and she found him to be a very courteous and entertaining man. He was very supportive of his research. Anita is a Graphic Designer and hand painted the early versions of the small Earth globes. - Anita Maxlow -

49 - Professor Sam Warren Carey at Wroclaw, Poland (1.991) -
In year 1999 James then commenced a PhD titled: “Quantification of an Archaean to Recent Earth Expansion Process Using Global Geological and Geophysical Data Sets”. Carey died in 2002 before completing his thesis. - Professor Sam Warren Carey at Wroclaw, Poland (1.991) -

50 Since his academic studies, James Maxlow has been actively involved with spreading the merits of Earth Expansion, with conferences in Japan, Athens and Australia to his credit.

51 James has published a book on Earth Expansion “Terra non Firma Earth” available from Oneoff at: Dr. James Maxlow’s book deals with one of the most controversial scientific theories about the Earth.

52 It is commonly believed that the Earth has been a constant diameter during most of geological time, but James Maxlow provides a range of evidence that the Earth is expanding in size. It's an important landmark in science and the questions raised in it need to be seriously considered by all sincere scientists.

53 "The evidence is the most decisive proof."


55 Currently James is immersed in the development of his new book "On the Origin of Continents and Oceans: A Paradigm Shift in Scientific Thinking", which is scheduled for the year James is also involved with production of software and DVDs to further promote Earth Expansion as a viable alternative to current tectonic theory.


57 James Maxlow has its own official website
James Maxlow has its own official website. Like its theory, its website is expanding and will grow with more information about his work and his theory on the Expansion Tectonics.

58 Dr. Maxlow's interests in Expansion Tectonics stem from a dissatifaction with plate tectonics in explaining geological phenomena. As part of his PhD research into global tectonics, he created models of an expanding Earth from the present back to the early Archaean Era. This is the first time that both oceanic and continental crusts have been used to reconstruct plate assemblage for the entire 100% of Earth history. Models were then used to layer global geographical, climatic, geophysical and geological data to quantify an Earth expansion process (Note: Earth expansion = growing Earth).




62 “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER


64 The expanding Earth hypothesis draws on the same evidence used by plate tectonics, but unlike plate tectonics where continents are randomly shunted around the Earth’s surface as ocean floor is created at mid-ocean ridges and consumed at subduction zones, in the expanding Earth hypothesis there are no subduction zones so the Earth must expand in size as new ocean floor is created.

65 - Subduction, conventional theoretical solution for plate tectonics -


67 - The manipulation is becoming more manipulated -

68 SAMUEL WARREN CAREY “People don't want to see it.
They believe in subduction like a religion.” SAMUEL WARREN CAREY


70 “There is more religion in mens science than there is science in their religion.”


72 SAMUEL WARREN CAREY "I had taught subduction for more years
than any of the present generation of people had been with it. And when they have been in it as long as I have, they'll abandon it too." SAMUEL WARREN CAREY


74 LAWRENCE S. MYERS "Subduction is not only illogical,
it is not supported by geological or physical evidence, and violates fundamental laws of physics." LAWRENCE S. MYERS

75 - Breaklines and dorsal expansion due to Earth Expansion -



78 All these reconstructions are supported by existing and verified data
All these reconstructions are supported by existing and verified data. James Maxlow extends the reconstructions further back in time in the history of geology by the progressive removal of young basin sediments and magmatic complexes and the restoration of each area to a pre-existing configuration.

79 “Mollweide projection digitised with permission from the
Commission for the Geological Map of the World and UNESCO, 1990”



82 “For a moment I thought that reality might not be as we think.
Fortunately I regained immediately my mental programming!”

83 James Maxlow believes: “There is a lot of very strong evidence for an expanding Earth, much of which has not been considered prior to this research. The fact that all crustal plates can be fitted together back in time with one unique assemblage is relatively common knowledge. The strongest evidence in support of an expanding Earth comes from the very evidence that has been traditionally used to negate Earth expansion. When ancient magnetic pole data is plotted on models of an expanding Earth, each of the poles cluster as diametrically opposed north and south poles.


85 Similarly, the equator derived from these pole locations coincide precisely with the distribution of fossil species and sedimentary climatic indicators, such as limestone, coal, and glacial debris. Similarly, faunal and floral species evolution is shown to be intimately related to this progressive continental break-up and oceanic crustal development. Global extinction events coincide with wholesale climate and sea-level changes, and the distribution of metallic ores and petroleum occurrences are readily comprehended. This phenomenon is impossible on plate tectonic models and tells us that an expanding Earth far better explains the distribution of all geological, geophysical, and geographical global tectonic data.”




89 MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO “Knowledge which is divorced from justice
may be called cunning rather than wisdom.” MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO

90 Article by Dr. James Maxlow made ​​from his texts with multimedia adaptation by "El Proyecto Matriz". For more information about the author go to his official website. CONTACT:

91 BOOKS BY JAMES MAXLOW Hardcopy book can be purchased from: and EBook can be purchased from:

92 BOOKS BY JAMES MAXLOW For anyone that wants to access James Maxlow's PhD thesis, you can download a pdf version from: James Maxlow's official website:











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