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© 2007 First Marblehead Corporation The information contained herein is subject to change without notice The First Marblehead Corporation New Employee.

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1 © 2007 First Marblehead Corporation The information contained herein is subject to change without notice The First Marblehead Corporation New Employee Orientation

2  Slide 2  Getting Started at First Marblehead Corporation  Our goals for today… — Welcome! (Gift) — Introductions: Getting to know one another — Where we work and who works where — Overview of Union Federal Savings Bank — Understanding your environment: Your facility Your space Dress code Benefits overview Incentive programs Employee discounts — Getting started: Learning & Development @FirstMarblehead The Online Learning Center Forms — Answer your questions

3  Slide 3  Introductions  Who are you and where did you come from? What brought you to First Marblehead?  Share an interesting fact about yourself with the group, such as interests, hobbies, travels, family, background, etc.  Where will you be going after orientation? What is your role here at First Marblehead?

4  Slide 4  Our Mission Statement…  How do we do this? — Using our services, our clients can offer student borrowers access to customized, competitive student loan products. — In fiscal 2006, we assisted our clients in originating over $3.4 billion in private student loans.  Who do we work with? — Clients of First Marblehead's private education loan facilitation services range from large banks to membership organizations to colleges and universities. We will be the best provider of financial solutions that help students achieve their dreams.

5  Slide 5  The First Marblehead Corporation…. Where we work and who works where! Marblehead, MA  When the company started up in 1991, this was the original and only site (hence the name!)  It didn’t take long to out grow this space and in December, 2003 we closed our office in this historic site on the ocean.

6  Slide 6  Where do we work? Prudential Center Boston, MA 29 th & 34 th floors Park Square Building Boston, MA 4 th, 5 th & 6 th floors One Cabot Road Medford, MA 2 nd & 3 rd floors Today we occupy four sites… Union Federal Savings Bank North Providence, RI

7  Slide 7  Which groups work in the Prudential Building (PRU)?  Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery  Business Development  Corporate Compliance  Compliance & Audit  Corporate Law  Corporate Planning  Executive Group  Facilities  Finance  First Marblehead Data Services, Inc.  Human Resources  Marketing  Product Strategy  Risk Management  Strategic Alliances  Strategy, Corporate Development & Market Research

8  Slide 8  Which groups work in the Park Square Building (PSB)?  Corporate Audit & Investigations  Client Services  Facilities  Finance  Human Resources  Information Technology

9  Slide 9  Which groups work in the Medford location (OCR)?  Client Services  Facilities  Human Resources  Information Technology  Loan Operations

10  Slide 10  Overview of our work in North Providence (UFSB)  Union Federal Savings Bank (UFSB) was acquired by First Marblehead on November 30, 2006.  $40 million asset community bank with a single branch.  Banking channel which provides deposit and loan services to retail customers.

11  Slide 11  Understanding your environment: Your space  We work in an environment that is physically open as possible to: — Facilitate the flow of information — Sustain an open culture — Promote collaboration  Space guidelines: Due to our open environment, please be mindful of the neatness of your workspace.

12  Slide 12  Understanding your environment: Your space  At your desk you’ll find: — A fully configured computer (desktop or laptop), with your user ID, intranet user ID, and passwords — Your phone, activated and ready to use with your voicemail password and instructions (dial 9 to get an outside line)

13  Slide 13  Understanding your environment: Dress code and badge  We strive to maintain a businesslike, yet comfortable environment. Please dress in business casual attire. Please avoid wearing the following: Jeans* Sneakers Flip flops Tank tops Sweats Other forms of casual dress Appropriate attire includes clothes that are clean, without holes, fit properly and cover midriffs & shoulders.  ID badge must be worn at all times. *Jeans may be worn on Friday’s at the Park Square and Medford buildings.

14  Slide 14  Understanding your environment: Your facility  At all of our locations, for your comfort and enjoyment we have:  coffee, tea and filtered drinking water available  reduced price vending machines where you can purchase sodas, juices, and snacks  kitchen/galley areas available with refrigerators and microwaves for breaks and lunch  Note: There are also some additional comforts at the Medford/OCR location.  Wellington Grill – full service cafeteria located on the 1st floor  Fitness Center – free to all employees based in OCR  Parking – free to all employees

15  Slide 15  Understanding your benefits  You will be invited to a comprehensive benefits overview to fully acquaint you with all of you benefit options. Here is a quick overview. — Our health plan: Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA — Our dental plan: Delta Dental Premier — Our life/disability insurance plans: MetLife — Employee stock purchase plan: ticker symbol FMD — 401(k): Fidelity — Paid holidays, vacation and floater days

16  Slide 16  Incentive Programs: Employee Referral Bonus Program Employee Referral Bonus Program (ERP)  Program available to regular full-time employees only. - Director level and above and HR employees are not eligible.  Bonus is paid as taxable income and is payable immediately after the referred employee starts! No waiting period!  The referral bonus is $1,000 but may vary depending on the position.  Upon completion, submit the ERP form to Human Resources for payment. For more information, please visit our corporate intranet site at

17  Slide 17  Incentive Programs: Tuition Reimbursement Program Tuition Reimbursement Program  All regular full-time employees that have at least six months of service and are considered in good standing are eligible for tuition reimbursement.  Reimbursement is 100% of the cost of tuition, up to $1,312.50 per course, or $5,250 per year.  The fee will be reimbursed upon receipt of proof of successful completion and a grade of “C” or better is attained.  All courses must be considered work related and be approved by the Senior Vice President of your Division and by Human Resources prior to registration.  For more information or Education Assistance forms, please contact the Human Resources department. For more information, please visit our corporate intranet site at

18  Slide 18  Employee Discounts Commuting tax benefit  Employees are offered MBTA/Charlie Card pre-taxed benefit up to $110 per month; and/or  Parking pre-taxed up to $215/month Fitcorp membership at a reduced rate  Waive $25 initiation fee  $35 monthly fee instead of $85

19  Slide 19  Employee Discounts  Boston Sports Clubs membership at a reduced rate — Waive $129 initiation fee — $59.95/month for a passport membership — Enroll by going to For more information, please visit our corporate intranet site at

20  Slide 20  Employee Discounts  Corporate Movie Club — Movie ticket entertainment discount  Employees wishing to purchase tickets at a discount can have the amount deducted from their paycheck. For more information, please visit our corporate intranet site at

21  Slide 21  Enough about us…let’s talk about you  Now that we have provided some background about First Marblehead, let’s discuss how you will become a part of our team!

22  Slide 22  Where do we go from here  We view new employee orientation as a process, not an event… So you will be hearing from us throughout your first six months at First Marblehead to help you meet your fellow associates, learn about our business, and begin to grow your skills.

23  Slide 23  Today and the next two weeks  You will get your building ID badge and tour your facility.  You’ll be contacted by your manager or HR to review the time management process.  You will access the First Marblehead Online Learning Center (ePath Campus) to read and familiarize yourself with:  Information Security Policy and complete a short test  Insider Trading Policy and complete an affirmation  *There will also be some optional courses which we recommend you take  You will be invited to attend a Benefits Overview training with Linda Haley, Benefits Manager or Diane Soucy, Senior Benefits Analyst.  You will receive an email from the Helpdesk with login instructions for the Intranet (

24  Slide 24   What is the program? During the first few months of employment, your Associate Volunteer will take you to lunch, on building tours, and casual meetings to discuss the various areas of our business and client base.  How do you get an Associate Volunteer? You will receive an introductory email directly from your Associate Volunteer. From that point forward, you will work directly with them to coordinate meeting one another. Associate Volunteer

25  Slide 25  Learning & Development @FirstMarblehead  First Marblehead is about education so learning is extremely important to us! — The L&D Portal is a virtual campus where you'll find the classroom, online and other resources that support your growth and development within our Company. — Access: Go to the First Marblehead Intranet: https://fmc.webexone.com Click on Learning

26  Slide 26  Learning & Development @FirstMarblehead

27  Slide 27  New Employee Home  Access the programs that introduce our business model and organization, as well as the courses that fulfill our corporate governance and compliance requirements.

28  Slide 28  New Employee Home  You will also find an overview of your next six months.  Click on a blue arrow for more information about a topic.  Managers and supervisors can click on a link on the bottom of the page for additional information.

29  Slide 29  First Marblehead Online Learning Center  First Marblehead’s Online Learning Center allows you to: — Enhance your career growth through Web-Based Training — Review and understand critical company policies and procedures  When you log on to the Online Learning Center, your home page displays training and corporate policies that are specifically for you A complete history of all your training activity is maintained in your History page.

30  Slide 30  Log on to Online Learning Center  Log on by typing the following URL:  The Login screen displays:  Your login information will be found in your First Marblehead Corporation folder.  Questions? Send an email to:

31  Slide 31  First Marblehead Online Learning Center  Remember, by the end of your second week at First Marblehead, you must log into the Online Learning Center and complete: — The Information Security Policy course — The Insider Trading Policy course  The following courses are optional but it is strongly recommended that you review: — Introduction to the First Marblehead Online Learning Center — The Business Overview — Your Workspace — Student Loan Marketplace

32  Slide 32  Your first quarter at First Marblehead  You will be invited to a New Employee Luncheon with First Marblehead’s CEO, Jack Kopnisky.  You will attend the following classroom trainings: Life of the Loan Code of Conduct

33  Slide 33  Your first six months: Managers and Supervisors  In addition to the courses listed in the previous slide, managers and supervisors will also complete the following: — Classroom training Managing at First Marblehead Employee Development Planning Workshop People Skills — Online training Performance Management Purchasing Policy and Procedure

34  Slide 34  Reviewing your forms  I-9 with a photo copy of your employment eligibility documents  Payroll — W-4 Federal Tax Withholdings Form — M-4 Massachusetts Tax Withholdings Form — Direct Deposit with voided check — ADP iPay Statements — Non-exempt employees are paid weekly (in arrears) – every Friday — Exempt employees are paid semi-monthly (current) – the 15 th & last business day each month  Equal Opportunity Information  Life and Disability Beneficiary Form  Emergency Contact Information

35  Slide 35  What questions can I answer for you?

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