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Open every day of the year from 7am to 7pm. We accept all kinds of refuse Household Garbage Metals and Plastics.

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3 Open every day of the year from 7am to 7pm.

4 We accept all kinds of refuse Household Garbage Metals and Plastics

5 Hazardous Waste Collection Asbestos, Batteries, CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons), Chemical Fire Extinguishers, Contaminated Soils, Corrosives (eg hydrochloric, sulphuric, nitric acids), and Alkalines (eg. caustic sodas), Flammable Liquids (eg. fuel, solvents ie. paint thinner), Medicines, Drugs, Mercury Containing Items (eg. mercury thermometers, mercury switches), Motor Oil, Paints, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Weed Killers, Photo developing Chemicals (undiluted), Products that react vigorously with water (eg swimming pool chlorine), Transformers, Unknown or unmarked waste with a chemical odour or vapour cloud, or is giving off smoke, or is irritating to the eyes or skin, or is making noises, like explosions, or is in a metal cylinder (like compressed gases)

6 Commercial and Government Trucks line up to the Weighbridge Scale every day except Sundays.

7 A Tipping Fee is charged per ton of refuse dumped at the Tynes Bay Facility

8 The amount of waste received at Tynes Bay has had a constant annual growth rate of 4.8%

9 Tipping Hall The Front-end Loader pushes the Bulky Waste into the Shear to be cut into smaller pieces to feed the Furnaces

10 Much of the refuse dumped at Tynes Bay is in the form of pallets and other wood which is mixed with the garbage in the bunker.

11 Refuse is burned leaving only clinker ash which is mixed with cement and used in land reclamation. Heat from the fire is used to generate steam at high pressures. This steam is passed through a turbine coupled to an alternator which generates electricity.

12 The Tipping Hall Water Storage Bulky Waste Shear The Bunker Ash Plant Quench Tank Refuse Crane The Boiler

13 Much of the refuse is made up of wood in the form of pallets Bunker Refuse Crane Control Room

14 Full Bunker

15 Trucks tip their loads directly into the Bunker



18 Trainee Process Controllers

19 Plant Manager ~ Kirk Outerbridge

20 Stack Electro Static Precipitator Induction Fan The ID Fan draws the products of combustion from the furnace through the ESP where most of the particulate matter is removed. These flue gases are then discharged to atmosphere via the stack. Emissions monitoring

21 Electro Static Precipitator

22 Induced Draft Fan

23 The Chimney Stack is 91 meters high and about 300 feet above sea level. There is a staircase inside the stack so that you can climb to the top. The Bunker is 17.5 m deep (57 ft)and can hold 6,000 tons or about 4 weeks of garbage. The refuse crane can lift up to 5.8 tons We can burn 288 tonnes in one day or 12 tonnes per hour (approximately 4 full garbage trucks) It takes about one hour for the complete incineration process to take place from the bunker to the quench tank.

24 Sea water is drawn from the ocean where it is treated with chlorine to remove bug and plant growth in the pipes. Chlorine is made in our Electro-chlorination chlorination plant. The sea water is also screened before entering the suction bay of the Sea-water Pumps. The water is pumped to the condensers and is then returned to the ocean a few degrees warmer.

25 Sea Water condenses the steam in the “Dump Condenser” and the “Turbine Condenser” The condensate is fed back to the boilers. Turbine Condenser Dump Condenser


27 Turbo- Alternator

28 High Pressure Steam Manifold

29 Boiler Feed Water Pumps

30 Reverse Osmosis Plant

31 Water Treatment Plant

32 Ash Plant

33 Ash Plant cement trucks

34 Primary School Tour Group

35 Taking a look at the Fire

36 Seniors Tour Group



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