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Performance Reviews Jennifer Hall Learning and Teaching Resources Coordinator Sandra Murtagh Human Resource Coordinator Jenny Needham Library Technician.

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1 Performance Reviews Jennifer Hall Learning and Teaching Resources Coordinator Sandra Murtagh Human Resource Coordinator Jenny Needham Library Technician

2 2 Bendigo Senior Secondary College Library PR Sandra Murtagh, Human Resource Coordinator Jennifer Hall, as Library Coordinator Jenny Needham, Library Technician Dale Pearce, Principal

3 3 Bendigo Senior Secondary College Library PR 44 SSO staff 3 Library Technicians Annual Reviews Aligned to annual increments

4 4 Why have Performance Reviews? Goals: Foster staff development Increase communication between managers/coordinators and SSOs Provide valuable feedback about performance Recommend strategies for professional growth

5 5 Successful Performance Reviews Are: Designed well Administered by trained supervisors Supported by your Principal

6 6 Experiences and Role Human Resource Coordinator

7 7 Performance Review New SSO Agreement The performance and development arrangements for SSOs are generally unchanged from the Victorian Government Schools – School Service Officers Agreement 2001. Victorian Government Schools Performance and Development Handbook, September 2005 provides guidelines and pro-formas. Victorian Government Schools Performance and Development Handbook,

8 8 Performance Review The performance and development arrangements for school staff are designed to: Support the school in meeting its responsibilities to students, parents & to government through linking staff performance with achievement of school government objectives Provide feedback on performance which will:

9 9 Performance Review Enhance the capacity of staff in promotion positions to apply the leadership and management competencies required in their positions Recognise effective performance through salary progression and Provide a supportive environment for improving performance where the required standards are not met.

10 10 Performance Review The Victorian Government Schools – Schools Service Officers Agreement, 2004 advises that salary progression, within a salary range, for SSOs is NOT automatic and will be linked to performance standards.

11 11 Performance Standards Be acquainted with and effectively carry out, the responsibilities of the position as set out in the relevant position description Seek feedback on, and improve knowledge and skills Act in a professional manner with colleagues and, where appropriate, with students and parent/guardians

12 12 Performance Standards Promote a safe and supportive school environment Understand and act in accordance with the school charter (strategic plan) code of practice Be acquainted, and act in accordance, with the goals and priorities set out in the school charter (strategic plan)

13 13 BSSC Process 2005 - Model developed by a team of SSO staff representative of all areas within the school. The team discussed professional development requirements as well as performance review processes and proformas. 2006 - 2005 model retained as supported by SSO staff and newly appointed Principal with minor changes to reflect alignment with DE&T requirements.

14 14 Performance Review Examples Department of Education & Training Bendigo Senior Secondary College SSO1 Bendigo Senior Secondary College SSO2

15 15 HR Coordinator Role Assigns each SSO a reviewer (immediate supervisor) Raises performance & development proforma for each SSO member and inserts information from HRMS Advises all SSOs and reviewers of the process and timelines via letter Distributes performance & development documents to SSOs

16 16 Performance Review SSO completes the self review section of the performance and development pro-forma and passes on to reviewer Reviewer completes reviewers assessment Reviewer arranges review feedback meeting with SSO

17 17 Performance Review Review feedback meeting occurs Reviewer & SSO discuss the review outcome Goals & objectives & professional development plan developed At the completion of the review feedback meeting the reviewer and the SSO add comments as required Decision made as to whether SSO has met standards. (Principal must make this decision)

18 18 Performance Review Performance review documentation forwarded to HR Co-ordinator for HRMS notification A copy provided to SSO and a copy on personnel file HR Co-ordinator to implement PD for SSO staff as per Professional Development Action Plan

19 19 Professional Development Planning SSO identifies professional development to be undertaken - supports ongoing learning/career aspirations and improves capacity to undertake their role effectively.

20 20 Professional Development Planning Support to assist SSO to meet performance standards in context of duties School-based development opportunities Statewide & Regional professional development Accredited courses for SSOs within the SSO ATF SSOs perceptions of their level of knowledge/skills

21 21 Performance Review Grievance Procedures SSOs may lodge a grievance IAW Teaching Service Order 191.Teaching Service Order 191.

22 22 Experiences and Role Learning & Teaching Resources Coordinator (as Library Coordinator)

23 23 From Coordinators Perspective Opportunity to meet with SSO staff to assess performance Opportunity to develop further planning and address personal and professional goals of the SSO

24 24 Library Coordinators Role Initially discuss procedures with Sandra as our HR Coordinator. This ensures that the process is carried out equitably across all areas of the college for all SSO staff Discuss process with our Library Technicians individually and distribute paperwork Provides for an opportunity to answer any initial questions or concerns and outline timelines

25 25 Library Coordinators Role Complete the appropriate reviewers formsreviewers forms Refer to position description Refer to team goals and strategic plans Refer to ongoing review material throughout the year – De Bono thinkingDe Bono thinking

26 26 Experiences and Role Library Technician

27 27 How To Approach a Performance Review Planning is the key to holding a constructive performance review. Consider the areas you perform well in. Note down all major achievements for the year Look at the areas where you think you could improve. Disclosing these demonstrates your insight and commitment to improving performance List additional goals and objectives, with suggestions for how they might add value to your job

28 28 How To Approach a Performance Review Identify any work processes that could be improved and be valuable to the library. Any suggestions even if they are not implemented demonstrate that you are motivated and genuinely interested in improving the library Try not to take criticism personally. Look at suggestions for improvement as areas that you need to work on Have a list of goals you would like to achieve in the following 12 months, and professional development you might like to attend

29 29 Performance Review SSO Annual Review Proforma

30 30 Consultation with Coordinator Compare all formsforms Discuss any similarities and differences in comments Discuss professional development options Review library and college strategic plans to ensure there is correlation

31 31 Advantages and Disadvantages Opportunity to identify and acknowledge SSO performance Opportunity to praise and offer constructive criticism as appropriate Opportunity to complete strategic planning and improve team performance Can be stressful if not handled well by coordinator Potential for competitiveness between staff Of little value unless followed through over the next 12 months

32 32 Advantages of Performance Reviews Potential to increase job satisfaction and understanding Will identify areas where development is needed Can establish agreements on professional development goals for both the individual and the department Enable work processes to be continuously monitored and improved where necessary Knowing what is expected of me outlines to my coordinator what is expected of her.

33 33 Advantages of Performance Reviews Gives me an opportunity to comment on my own performance Have found it valuable to gain performance feed back and recognition Has increased my self assessment Has promoted teamwork, our team is more productive when everyone works towards agreed goals Gives me a time to discuss progress, challenges and accomplishments.

34 34 Disadvantages of Performance Reviews The things I felt when first asked to be appraised were: - Stressed - Threatened - Apprehensive - Nervous / Worried I cannot live up to expectations of the manager or department Your manager/coordinator may not be in a position to observe or give relevant assessment to certain dimensions of performance.

35 35 Disadvantages of Performance Reviews You could feel disadvantaged or have results biased by a manager who may have a personal bias against you. This can also work from an opposite perspective, if there was a close connection between the two parties, certain deficiencies may be overlooked Can promote unhealthy competition between employees Variation in results due to factors beyond my control. This could be avoided though by having regular meetings

36 36 Concerns about the Performance Review Get the facts without getting defensive Ask for a second meeting Ask your manager to explain each criticism Consider a consultation with a Human Resources Manager Suggest things you can do in the following 12 months to improve your performance

37 37 If your performance review is successful… You will leave feeling motivated and excited about your job You will feel acknowledged, appreciated and fairly rewarded for past efforts You will become (or continue to be) a valuable asset to the future success of the library.

38 38 Bendigo Senior Secondary College Library PR Sandra Murtagh, Human Resource Coordinator Sandra Murtagh, Human Resource Coordinator Jennifer Hall, as Library Coordinator Jennifer Hall, as Library Coordinator Jenny Needham, Library Technician Any Questions?

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