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Hydrocephalus Project Vietnam Aid for Kids 18 Market Square, Houlton ME 04730, Tel: 207-532-4107.

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1 Hydrocephalus Project Vietnam Aid for Kids 18 Market Square, Houlton ME 04730, Tel: 207-532-4107

2 7000 to 8000 children are suffering from Hydrocephalus in Vietnam at this moment Hydrocephalus is a condition where excessive internal fluids flow into the head, causing it to swell grotesquely. 1 in 500 children will be born with Hydrocephalus For a lot of these children it is already too late and an operation is no longer an option. What is Hydrocephalus? They lie in bed… …waiting to die

3 What causes Hydrocephalus and What can be done?

4 This child has hydrocephalus. He has an estimated two more years to live With a shunt implanted, he could have had a normal life Within the brain there are some cavities named ventricles, where a liquid known as Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) is produced. The purpose is to protect the brain and spinal cord, acting as a shock absorber. It also carries away disposed materials. What is Hydrocephalus? When for any reason the volume of CSF increases within the head and the brain, the size of the ventricles increases and this is known as Hydrocephalus. This translates into an increase of head pressure which can cause expansion of the skull and suffering of the brain The CSF circulates from the ventricles towards a space that exists between the brain and the membranes (meninges) that surround it, from where it is "eliminated", into the blood stream.

5 To treat Hydrocephalus a shunt is used to diminish the volume of accumulated CSF. The shunt drains the excess CSF from the ventricle through a catheter using a reservoir pump to regulate the amount of fluid going out. A Distal catheter then takes the fluid to the place where it is going to be absorbed. The most frequent places are the abdomen and the heart. This flexible hose is usually left with sufficient length, thinking of the child's growth Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunt

6 Some kinds of Hydrocephalus are known as "non communicating" (because there is no communication between the ventricles and the spaces around the brain, where the CSF is absorbed). In such cases a Third Ventricular Cisternostomy can be done. This operation is done with the help of an endoscope (an instrument connected to a video camera which allows the depths of the brain to be seen) and instruments which are passed through it to make an opening in the floor of the third ventricle, which will allow the passage of CSF to a place where it can be absorbed (subarachnoid space). Third Ventricular Cisternostomy If this procedure is indicated and can be carried out effectively, it could be possible for the patient to live without the need of a shunt.

7 To address this problem, Aid for Kids plans to build a Hydrocephalus Clinic and provide funds for surgery so families can get the help they need for their children before it is too late. Hydrocephalus Project Vietnam The cost of this surgery, and post- operative treatment is around $2,000. This, of course, is far more than most families in Vietnam can afford.

8 Hydrocephalus Project Vietnam The Hydrocephalus Clinic will be built in Cu Chi. Cu Chi lies approximately 40km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. Aid for kids has already secured the land to build the Clinic on and is now waiting for funding to start this project. Aid for Kids hopes to start this project at the beginning of 2009

9 Hydrocephalus Project Vietnam Funding for: Preventive Surgery Corrective Surgery (Surgeries to be carried out at Cho Ray Hospital) A Clinic to provide: Recovery and care Rehabilitation Family training and support The Purpose of the Project is to provide:

10 Hydrocephalus Project Vietnam Planning and Building of the Hydrocephalus Clinic: $60,000 The funding needed for this project has been split into three sub projects: Consistant available funds for Preventive and corrective surgery: $50,000 Equipment and Furnishings: $60,000

11 Hydrocephalus Project Vietnam Make a donation Sponsor a fund raiser If you know anyone involved in a foundation - help us introduce a proposal. Encourage your church to sponsor one child - $2,000. Join My Power Mall and Shop On Line a percentage will go to the project. You can help in any of the following ways:

12 Hydrocephalus Project Vietnam HELP THEM NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

13 Hydrocephalus Project Vietnam Aid for Kids would like to start this Project at the beginning of 2009 Your help is needed.

14 Hydrocephalus Project Vietnam For more information please contact: Aid for Kids 18 Market Square Houlton ME 04730 or visit

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