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Business Process Outsourcing Axean PacificIntellix.

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1 Business Process Outsourcing Axean PacificIntellix

2 Axean Pacific and Intellix  Axean Pacific: A consulting services company working in healthcare since 1997.  Intellix: A healthcare consulting company specializing in business management services.

3 Alliance Partners  Access Worldwide: Providing a variety of sales, education, communication and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services since 1983 with 1,300+ employees in four locations nationwide and an offshore communication center in the Philippines.  Summersault: Providing high-value outsourced transaction processing and business services since 1996 for healthcare, financial services, and logistics companies with facilities based in the Philippines.

4 Business Services  Multilingual Teleservices  Member/Customer Retention  Lead Generation  Win-Back Programs Pharmaceutical Services  Medical Education  Clinical Trial Recruitment  Direct-to-Consumer Support  Pharmacy Stocking  Physician Product Detailing  Disease Management Transaction Processing  Claims and Reimbursement  Accounts Payable  General and Fixed Asset Accounting  HR Administration

5 Alliance Strengths  Call center and business process outsourcing services.  Mainstream and in-language support.  15+ languages on any given day: English, Spanish, Cantonese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and more…  4 US and 2 Philippines based facilities.  Secure and high technology facilities. EMedia, phone, print  ISO9000 certified.  Structured management methods and standards.

6 Reach. Communicate. Educate.  Offerings Claims Processing Risk Registry and Disease Management Pharmaceutical Services: Education, Awareness, Stocking Programs Member Outreach and Retention Programs

7 Solutions that Work Call Center Inbound  Customer Service  Prescription Order Processing  3rd Party Verification  Physician Locator Call Center Outbound  Member Acquisition  Member Retention  Product Awareness  Win-Back Campaigns  Market Research Transaction Processing  Claims and reimbursement processing  Marketing Incentive Program across 14 countries  General accounting and asset management services  Accounts payable and order processing

8 Abbott Labs Acurian Allergan AstraZeneca Barr Labs Baxter Bayer Berlex Biovail Boehringer Ingelheim BMS Cardinal Health Eli Lilly Forest GlaxoSmithKline HCG IBM Janssen LifeScan Merck Novartis Noven Ortho Biotech Ortho-McNeil Pfizer Procter & Gamble Searle Schering Solvay Warrick Wyeth BPO Client Roster

9 Anuj Sudeora Victor Tayao Contact Information

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