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WEB – where everybody belongs

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1 WEB – where everybody belongs
Los Alisos Middle School WEB – where everybody belongs


3 WHAT IS WEB WEB is a sixth grade transition program
Preparation – This begins with WEB Leader visits and information getting out to the fifth graders and their parents in the spring. Orientation - WEB orientation is phenomenal! Students are welcomed and wow-ed. The orientation is opening and closing assemblies and a small group session of 10 students led by a WEB Leader. Yearlong support – The same WEB Leader that led the new students on orientation day will provide so9cial and academic support throughout the school year. WEB is a Leadership training program Eighth graders were trained in team building activities, cooperative skill development, and discussion skills. WEB is a school community building program The school climate will change because of WEB based on a simple concept: Connecting sixth graders with successful eighth graders. While creating a sense of comfort for the incoming students, the WEB concept also addresses the attitudes of the eighth graders toward the sixth graders, and respect for sixth graders becomes the norm.

4 Summer Orientation August 2011

5 WEB at Los Alisos 91 WEB Leaders meet 2 times per month
10 WEB Commissioners in charge of socials 6th graders have 1 activity per month: September – Lunch with WEB Leader October – WEB/ASB Sponsored School Dance November – Morning welcome with Hot Chocolate Academic Follow-up: Lessons taught in all sixth grade classes by WEB Leaders. On November 16 WEB Leaders were trained on study skills and questioning techniques to begin working with 6th grades during 1st and 4th Block with permission from their regular class. First lesson: If you Don’t A-S-K, You Don’t G-E-T

6 WEB Leadership 3 Teacher WEB Coaches 91 8th Grade WEB Leaders
10 WEB Commissioners 348 6th Graders

7 WEB’s Reach Number of schools trained: 1012
Number of educators trained: 2981 Number of states: 33 Students impacted each year: In North America: 600,000 All incoming 6th graders 20% of a school’s 8th graders 35% of a school’s overall population

8 COMING SOON …………… Los Alisos WEB - school page in our website

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