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Where does our drinking water come from?

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1 Where does our drinking water come from?
And how is it produced?

2 Origins of Scottish Water
In Scotland 97% of the population receives water from the public water supply. Scottish water is originally taken from the rain. Water in people´s homes is either taken from surface water, lakes, lochs, reservoirs, etc, or from under the ground where it is flitered through the process of seeping through the soil. Most people´s water comes from surface water but there are some places in Scotland where water comes from under ground. Water is stored underground in an aquifer. The most effective aquifers are th sandstone aquifers in South West Scotland and Fife.





7 Process of Collecting Water
The water is piped from the lochs and reservoirs to the water treatment works. It is then cleaned to take out any dirt or harmful bacteria. The cleaned water is now ready to drink and is piped into homes and businesses. Once the water has been used it is called waste water. The waste water is piped to the waste water treatment works to be filtered and cleaned. The cleaned water is then piped back into the sea and the water cycle starts again as it has done for millions of years.

8 Scottish Water Treatment Process
Water needs to be treated to get rid of any harmful bacteria to make it safe to drink, and the way it is treated depends on where it has come from. All water contains some naturally occuring substances and each type of water needs a different treatment process to ensure it is safe to drink. Example of treatment process: 1. screening 2. aeration 3. clarification 4. filtration 5. disinfection 6. pH Adjustment

9 Scottish Water distribute 2,400,000,000 litres of water every day.


11 Icelandic Drinking Water
95% of the water that is used in Iceland is untreated groundwater. Groundwater is obtained from springs, boreholes and wells. It is normally without minerals because the lava cleans out the water. So there is no need to add anything to the water.

12 Icelandic drinking water is among the best in the world.

13 Where Is The Water Taken From?
The drinking water in Reykjavík is taken from boreholes near Reykjavík, a place called Heiðmörk. The names of these particular boreholes are Gvendarbrunnar. All water is taken from covered wells which are between 10 to 140 meters deep.



16 History Of Drinking Water In Belgium
Industralisation  no hygiene  pollution of river water Result Diseases: cholera, typhus

17 Now 3 ways Pumping surface water Pumping up groundwater
Seawater desalination

18 Surface Water More purified than groundwater  Higher price
Multiple steps: Aeration (add oxygen) Get rid of impurities Filtration Desinfection Storage

19 Groundwater No living organisms after 6 weeks Steps:
Hygienic, but oxygen-free Fewer steps Steps: Aeration (add oxygen) Filtration

20 Seawater Desalination
Desalination plant Many ways Ex. Destillation Salt water  fresh water

21 Dutch Proverb „Zich als een vis in het water voelen“
„Water bij de wijn doen“ „Spijkers op laag water zoeken“

22 Bibliography

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