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1 Where Are We with MedRec? Alice Watt, ISMP Canada March 3, 2011

2 Objectives Whats Happening with MedRec across the country? National Summit: Optimizing Medication Safety at Care Transitions Share your story

3 MedRec Stories Front Line Staff WHY ? Its the right thing to do!

4 Our medication reconciliation failures did not occur because of random bad luck. Their occurrences made us distrust hospitals and turn them into places of fear rather than places of healing. - Donna Dennison

5 National Survey - Top Issues Defining Roles/Responsibility IT Support systems Resources/Training Physician engagement Senior leadership support

6 National Summit: Optimizing Medication Safety at Care Transitions

7 Feb. 10, 2011 70 invited CEOs, MDs, national organizations To inspire national high level support for medication reconciliation – Denison, Schnipper, CEOs, SHN story, national organizations, group work A Call to Action

8 Culture Infrastructure and tools – Make the right thing to do, the easy thing to do Skills and training Multi-sector engagement Emergent Themes

9 Publicize the human and financial toll of not moving MedRec forward Consensus to bring key partners (CMA, CNA, CSHP, CACDS) together to take what we have learned and the tools we have developed and accelerate adoption Create an action plan for implementation across the continuum of care Leadership Accountability and Systems Thinking

10 Define the role of patients, families and the public and communicated not only to consumers but to providers Medication reconciliation will succeed only if patients/caregivers are involved in their care. The patient/caregiver needs to be able to have access to their medication record and medication list and to be able to maintain and keep this list current. Its safe to ask! Public Engagement

11 I dont recall when we got permission to stop taking (medication) histories. So we have to be specific and blunt to do this. You will not find a board member or CEO that will tell you it is not important. But they will tell you they think it is being done. There is an assumption that this is occurring as part of the treatment plan. Vickie Kaminski President and CEO Eastern Health, Newfoundland and Labrador

12 Leadership: Recommendations 1.MedRec will be identified as a strategic priority for all healthcare organizations with dedicated resources and clear accountability for reporting and monitoring of goals and deliverables. 2.MedRec will be a required measure reported through the senior leadership and the board on a quarterly basis which will be included in data submission to Accreditation Canada as part of maintaining accreditation status.

13 Led by CPSI a Canadian team will be created to implement medication reconciliation across transitions of care across the continuum Patient safety week (Nov. 2) Virtual Forum on Patient Safety about MedRec Announcement of a national medication reconciliation challenge Next Steps

14 National Survey – What are you most proud of? Most of my staff have embraced the process and importance of MedRec. We have uncovered a surprising number of errors and near-misses which could have been harmful. MedRec has made it into Corporate goals for the 10/11 and designated support regionally is being brought in to assist. I cannot do this off the side of my desk!

15 Everybodys got a story… Whats Yours? As a clinician, share your good save story. What has your personal MedRec experience been as a patient or as a family member/friend of a patient?

16 Cross – Sector Dialogue How can we work together as a system ? How can we work together to engage/empower the patient ? What are you going to do differently on Monday?

17 Spring Training begins March 22 Register today!

18 Questions alice watt

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