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Where the Red Fern Grows

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1 Where the Red Fern Grows
by Wilson Rawls

2 Chapter 1 Focus question:
The narrator doesn’t yet reveal his name. What does he tell and show about himself? Vocabulary Words: sheen squalling

3 Farming in the 1920s

4 Chapter 2 Focus question: How do you picture Billy and his home?
Vocabulary: aromatic canebrakes Sparsely squalling

5 Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma
The Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma A Cherokee Chief

6 Chapter 3 Focus question: How does Billy change during these two years? Vocabulary: dumbfounded festered quavering

7 The Ozark Mountains

8 Chapter 4 Focus question: Compare Billy to the townspeople.
Vocabulary: provisions

9 Chapter 5 Focus question: What bonds are already being forged between Billy and the pups? Vocabulary: muster provisions

10 Chapter 6 Focus question: Are you surprised by his parents’ reaction when Billy comes home with the puppies? Why or why not? Vocabulary: hampering querying

11 Rural Life A corncrib is a slatted enclosure for storing and drying ears of corn. The spaced slats let air circulate and prevent rotting.

12 Another example of a corncrib

13 Chapter 7 Focus question: What do you learn about raccoons and raccoon hunting in this chapter? Vocabulary: bulldogged gouge wiley

14 Raccoon Hunting Dogs chase the raccoon by scent until it is “treed,” which means that it is trapped in a tree.

15 The dogs then “bark treed,” and then the hunter got the raccoon down by chopping the tree down or scaring it out. It was considered unsportsmanlike to kill a raccoon while it was treed.

16 Chapter 8 Focus Question: How does this chapter demonstrate Billy’s feelings for his dogs? Vocabulary: domain jarred

17 Chapter 9 Focus Question: Based on Billy’s actions, what three adjectives would you use to describe him? Vocabulary: limbered wedge winced

18 Chapter 10 Focus Question: What do you learn about the unusual qualities of Old Dan and Little Ann in this chapter? Vocabulary: abounded nonchalantly riffle slough

19 Chapter 11 Focus Question: What do you discover about the importance of self-reliance? Vocabulary:

20 Chapter 12 Focus Question: Compare Billy and the Pritchard boys.
Vocabulary: begrudgingly debris disposition surpassed

21 Prohibition (1920 – 1933)

22 Chapter 13 Focus Question: Are you surprised by the outcome of the ghost coon hunt? Why or why not? Vocabulary: clambered taut

23 Chapter 14 Focus Question: This chapter reveals the personalities of Billy’s mother, his youngest sister, and his grandmother. What is Billy’s relationship with each of them? Vocabulary: droning gloated jubilant

24 Chapter 15 Focus Question: What do Grandpa’s actions tell about his character? Vocabulary: dabbing


26 Chapter 16 Focus Question: How do you predict the hunt will end? What makes you think so? Vocabulary: doused faltered flitting

27 Chapter 17 Focus Question: Are the Colmans’ actions during the blizzard responsible or irresponsible? Explain your answer. Vocabulary: gawking

28 Chapter 18 Focus Question: What do you learn about love and loyalty from Billy, Grandpa, and the dogs? Vocabulary: awed haggard

29 Chapter 19 Focus Question: In what ways do Old Dan and Little Ann help Billy and his family? Vocabulary: berserk feeble churring foliage cleaved jugular disembowel lithe entrails scourge

30 Chapter 20 Focus Question: How does Billy come to terms with the deaths of Old Dan and Little Ann? Vocabulary:

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