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Where Have All the $ Gone? * Dr. Ralph D. Westfall © May, 2011 * sung to the tune.

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1 Where Have All the $ Gone? * Dr. Ralph D. Westfall © May, 2011 * sung to the tune of Where Have All the Flowers Gone?Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

2 Total CSU Full-Time Faculty vs. Managerial & Professional /pdf/z7a09.pdf /pdf/z7a09.pdf (pp. 298-299) 1980-2009 data

3 Tail Wagging the Dog? 1980: 0.47 manager/professional per full-time faculty throughout whole CSU 2008: 1.01 manager/professional per full-time faculty 2+ manager/professionals per full-time faculty in another generation?

4 Cal Poly Pomona MPPs* 90 in 1984; 132 in 2010; Sources: see notes page * MPP = “Management Personnel Plan” employee

5 Roll Back MPPs to 1984 Level? By reducing from 132 MPPs to 90, Cal Poly could both add more than 25 full- time faculty and reduce tuition and fees (see details on next two slides) Offer 175+ more classes per year (easier to get classes, no program cuts) Cut annual tuition and fees by $190 per student

6 Alternative 1: All to Education What if Cal Poly's MPPs were reduced back to 1984 levels (from 132 to 90)? MPPs are paid more than faculty, so could add over 50 full-time faculty Nearly 400 more classes per year would make it easier to get classes No need for planned cuts and eliminations of academic programs

7 Alternative 2: All to Students Total MPP salaries in 2010 = $14.8 MM Plus fringes at 39%, it becomes $20.6 MM Allocate 42/132 (MPP growth) = $6.6 MM Divide by 17,241 FTE students = $380 annual tuition/fees savings per student Sources: MPP count, salaries, fringes and FTEs from Cal Poly Pomona administration (see notes page) FTEs

8 The Administrative Mentality Provost denBoer: cut academics “We must … invest the university's diminished resources in programs that meet the highest standards of academic quality … we believe it is in the best interests of the department and college to close the [fine arts option] program.” 2010/05/cal-poly-pomona-fine-arts- opti.html

9 Administrative Mentality - 2 Provost denBoer: keep administrators “He said administrative functions will be reviewed and probably pared, but he rejects the argument that significant cuts can be made in that area. … ’These are people who work very hard and have to be properly compensated.’” al/la-me-cal-state29-2009nov29/4 al/la-me-cal-state29-2009nov29/4

10 That Picture: What’s Wrong? Analytical, objective vs. compassionate Don’t faculty members work hard? In justifying not cutting administrative positions, denBoer said: "The lights have to stay on" That’s misleading: the problem is not head counts at the operational levels, it’s the excessive number of administrators

11 Administrators Gone Wild 1975-2009 (total CSU full and part-time): Service and Maintenance -33% Clerical and Secretarial -29% Technical and Paraprofessional -4% Skilled Crafts +18% Faculty (almost half part-time)+28% Managerial and Professional +221% Source: see notes page

12 What Next? Communicate as widely as possible, and especially to influential people: 1. The CSU is doing a great job for the state of California, but it can’t continue to do so without adequate funding 2. The funding needs to go where it will do the most good—into teaching rather than into more administrative empire-building

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