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Work Local - Grow Global What is a Pre-Launch? The most valuable time to create Real Value in a New Country or with a New Opportunity Launch.

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1 Work Local - Grow Global What is a Pre-Launch? The most valuable time to create Real Value in a New Country or with a New Opportunity Launch

2 Work Local - Grow Global Japan Time Line The NuSkin Launch into Japan September 1992 April 1992 December 1992 April 1993 First Japan Pre-Market meeting GUAM Second Japan Pre-Market Meeting SAIPAN Hawaii Meeting Japan Opens for Business Launch October 1992 Blue Diamond Meeting PROVO, UT

3 Work Local - Grow Global THE NEXT BIG THING The Launch of the Pharmanex/Scanner Opportunity in Mainland China Heres WHY!

4 Work Local - Grow Global The Launch of Pharmanex in China KEY FACTORS 1)The market for Nutritional Supplements is Booming (growing at 25% to 30% per year) 2)Chinese Consumers want Western Science based Supplements with Eastern origins 3)Total Population of 1.3 Billion People 4)Rapidly Modernizing Market 5)Chinese are getting Fat as Diet Westernizes 6)Distrust Local Nutrition Products/Inferior

5 Work Local - Grow Global One of only two foreign MLM companies operating in China (Amway & Mary Kay) Doing Business in China for 10 years 2003 Sales = $1.2 Billion USD 2004 Sales (Projected) = $2 Billion USD 65% of sales are Nutritional Products – 35% Everything else Operating Nationwide – Hundreds of Amway Stores AMWAY IN CHINA

6 Work Local - Grow Global NU SKIN IN CHINA Launched in January of 2003 Issued a Class B License April 2004 License Upgraded to Class A National Expansion planned for 2005 Non-MLM Model – Employee based 2003 Sales - $ 40 Million USD 2004 Sales - $ 120 Million USD (Projected) 2007 Sales Projected ($1 Billion)

7 Work Local - Grow Global PHARMANEX IN CHINA 2 Years in approval for 6 Pharmanex Products LifePak to be approved by Ministry of Health-December 2004 Network Marketing Regulations to change in December 2004 Scanners deploy in 112 Nu Skin Stores by January 2005 Full Mobile Scanner Model will begin in October of 2005 Projected market of 50,000 Scanners (10 years)

8 Work Local - Grow Global WHAT IS LIKELY TO HAPPEN The only TWO Western Nutrition Products Approved for Sale in China are: Nutrilite (Amway) Centrum With the Scanner in China we will prove how lousy these products truly are Nu Skin will become Pharmanex focused (65% of Amways sales are Nutrition) Nu Skin is now paying 50%+ in Commissions versus Amway at 22% total Commissions

9 Work Local - Grow Global PHARMANEX CHINA STORY 1,000s of Acres of Farms in China controlled by Pharmanex 150,000 Sq. Ft. Cold Processing Facility outside Shanghai 30 PhD Level Scientist at Pharmanex Labs at Shanghai Medical University 10 PhD Level Scientist at Pharmanex Clinical Center at Bejing University New Scanner Production Factory in Shanghai, China TOTAL INVESTMENT IN CHINA EXCEEDS $80 MILLION NO OTHER NUTRITION OR MLM COMPANY HAS MADE THIS LARGE OF A COMMITMENT TO CHINA

10 Work Local - Grow Global FINAL RESULTS 1)CHINA$2 Billion 2)JAPAN$1 Billion 3)USA$1 Billion 4)INDIA$1 Billion 5)EU$1 Billion When Pharmanex and the Scanner are deployed worldwide we expect to generate these PHARMANEX sales volumes from these countries in USD Make sure you get your piece of the pie

11 Work Local - Grow Global 2003 China Coverage

12 Work Local - Grow Global 2003 Store Openings (110) Province Population (millions) Fujian34.71 Guangdong86.42 Sichuan42.88 Liaoning42.38 Jilin27.28 Zhejiang46.77 Jiangsu74.38 Shanghai16.74 Total371.56M

13 Work Local - Grow Global 2004 China Coverage

14 Work Local - Grow Global 2004 Store Openings CityProvince Population (millions) XianShaanxi36.05 Chongqing 30.90 QingdaoShandong90.79 KunmingYunnan42.88 ZhengzhouHenan92.56 KunshanJiangsu Open WenzhouZhejiang Open Total293.18M

15 Work Local - Grow Global 2005 China Coverage

16 Work Local - Grow Global Q1/Q2 2005 Store Openings CityProvince Population (millions) Beijing 13.82 Tianjin 10.01 ShenyangLiaoning Open WuhanHubei60.28 HarbinHeilongjiang36.89 TaiyuanShanxi32.97 JinanShandong Open NanchangJiangxi41.40 ChangshaHunan64.40 GuiyangGuizhou35.25 ShijiazhuangHebei67.44 HefeiAnhui59.86 LanzhouGansu25.62 UrumqiXinjiang16.89 XiningQinghai5.18 Total470.01

17 Work Local - Grow Global Advantages to Move Now in China Operating now for 18 months-Track Record Government Relations Established New MLM Rules from China Govt – Dec 2004 Part-time Distributor Option coming – Jan 2005 Scanners in Stores – Jan 2005 Pharmanex Launch – Feb 2005

18 Work Local - Grow Global Pharmanex Timeline Pharmanex in China January 2004 SeptemberJuly 6 Months8 Months 2005 December FebruaryOctober First China Fly-in Greater China Convention Hong Kong 12,000 attendees 75 scanners Chinese Gov. legalizes MLM in China Scanners deploy in stores Pharmanex Officially Launches in China Mobile Scanner Program launches in China Launch

19 Work Local - Grow Global China Pharmanex Products Q1

20 Work Local - Grow Global Chinese Websites Key to Fast Distribution of Chinese Materials Both Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions Many new features and upgrades coming soon Overseas – HK and Taiwan Simplified – Mainland China Get Current Passwords from your upline

21 Work Local - Grow Global Greater China Convention 12,000 Attendees Expected 1 st Regional Convention Held Outside the USA 75 Scanners Present to Scan Everyone Register Your Contacts to Attend this 1 st Ever Greater China Convention – Register at on the Home Page OR at: Chinese from 26 out of 34 Provinces can travel to Hong Kong virtually unrestricted

22 Work Local - Grow Global Free Global Computer Calls IP Telephony Platform is Go to Download the program – 2-3 minutes Voice Quality Better than a Phone Call

23 Work Local - Grow Global Free Global Computer Calls What you need to use SKYPE: - A Computer or Pocket PC (IPAQ) -A DSL or Cable Internet Connection - A copy of the SKYPE program – Free -A microphone or headset

24 Work Local - Grow Global Free Global Computer Calls What you can do with SKYPE: 1.Call to any online registered user of SKYPE 2.Do 5-person conference calls 3.Caller ID included 4.Embed a call-to Link in e-mails – just click to call you 5.Call any regular phone 6.IM contacts while on a SKYPE conference call

25 Work Local - Grow Global Free Global Computer Calls Register yourself as a SKYPE User with just your First and Last Name with OTG on the end. Example: NathanRicksOTG

26 Work Local - Grow Global Overseas Chinese 70 Million Ethnic Chinese Living In: Australia Hong Kong Indonesia Japan Malaysia New Zealand Philippines Singapore Tawain } All have Business and Family Connections in Mainland China

27 Work Local - Grow Global Building China From USA and Canada Ask everyone you know, who they know in China OR who does business with/in China Chinese Restaurants / Drycleaners / Small Shops Chinese/American Clubs and Groups Internet Contacts – Chinese

28 Work Local - Grow Global Strategy of USA / Canadian Distributors 1) Work Local Much more cost effective to build where you live Speak your own language Cheaper communication cost (phone, internet, etc.) Millions of [ethnic Chinese] are living in the US & Canada Most No. American Chinese are highly educated and speak English well and have family living in Mainland China. All want to do business in Chinathey know how fast the China economy is growing. They know there are huge opportunities there. They are your Bi-Lingual Links

29 Work Local - Grow Global 2) Grow Globally Identify your serious bi-lingual links Get them to the Fly-Ins held in Provo, UT each month Use the Mandarin conference call every Wednesday at 8:00pm, Mountain Time, with Laura Wang Use Chinese Traditional Chinese – Password = Provided by Simplified Chinese – Password = your OTG Upline Sites are only available to One Team Global Members Invite these Bi-Lingual links to send their contacts to the Training Centers in China Utilize our Hong Kong Leadership Conference every 4 months to develop local leadership in China Strategy of USA / Canadian Distributors

30 Work Local - Grow Global 3) Build the largest USA Chinese groups as possible Utilize the Chinese-printed materials now in the USA & Canada –Available via the Chinese sites only–under Materials link on the home page Utilize scanner/LifePak DVD in Chinese – available now. Strategy of USA / Canadian Distributors

31 Work Local - Grow Global Who do I contact for help in the USA? Your Upline The Company Primary Ky Eap (801)345-2566 Kathy Teng (801)345-7936 Secondary Cindy Kong (801)345-9099

32 Work Local - Grow Global Who do I contact for help in China? China GM – Antonia Chang Hong Kong GM – Angela Lau

33 Work Local - Grow Global Which Train would you rather Take? AMWAY 195919791991 Opening $1 Billion $5 Billion ($2 Billion in Japan) 20 years12 years NSE - PHARMANEX 198420042016 Opening $1 Billion ????? 20 years12 years NSE is Rising to $5 Billion – Amway is Topped Out

34 Work Local - Grow Global Catch The Wave Dont miss the largest Country Launch in the History of NSE Pharmanex and the Bio-Photonic Scanner Sweeping into CHINA Get Started TODAY!

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