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WELCOME District 5000 Leadership Seminar June 4, 2011.

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1 WELCOME District 5000 Leadership Seminar June 4, 2011

2 Where Rotary is Going RI Strategic Plan update Don Kremer, Zone 26 Rotary Coordinator, 2010-2014

3 Membership Trends Worldwide Membership growth of 1-3 % for many years Last 7 years leveled at approximately 1,230,000, however, in those years, 1,200,000 new members where inducted. Given 10% loss due to uncontrollable circumstances, the math says Rotary lost approx. 50,000 members every year. Members that should still be in Rotary.

4 Membership Trends Region Region = US, Canada and Caribbean 2000- 37% of Rotary membership Currently 31% of Rotary membership June 99 – June 04 Down 4,000 members June 99 – June 09 Down 21,000 members Serious acceleration of a BAD TREND

5 Membership Trends Zone 26 5 year history to July 1, 2010 – Zone 26 Lost 1688 members or almost 5%

6 Non Rotarian Focus Group Professional men and women 35-55 conducted in several countries. Their Perceptions What is Rotary? Limited awareness of purpose. I think Rotary does good things, but I dont know exactly what they do. They have a lot of rules and not very flexible: like meet every week. I dont have the time. Sounds like a second job.

7 Non Rotarian Focus Group Perceptions cont Rotary is Exclusive- a big deal to get invited to join. I dont own a business or have a high level job so I dont think I would qualify as a member. Diversity- There are a lot of old white men. They were telling us that Rotary needs increased diversity including gender, age, ethnicity and race. Cost: It is not about cost. Its about What value will membership bring to me?

8 Survey of 14,000 Rotarians under 35 with less that 2 years in Rotary What do the need to stay involved in Rotary? Growing, vibrant, and innovative clubs Focused service, action-oriented clubs Public awareness of accomplishments Engaged and participating members Simplified messages and streamline programs from Rotary International


10 Three Strategic Focus Areas Support and strengthen clubs Focus and increase humanitarian service Enhance public image and awareness

11 Support and Strengthen Clubs GOALS Foster club innovation and flexibility Encourage clubs to participate in a variety of service activities Promote membership diversity Improve member recruitment and retention Develop leaders Start new, dynamic clubs Encourage strategic planning at club and district levels

12 Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service GOALS Eradicate polio Increase sustainable service focused on – New Generations programs – The Rotary Foundations six areas of focus Increase collaboration and connection with other organizations Create significant projects both locally and internationally

13 Enhance Public Image and Awareness GOALS Unify image and brand awareness Publicize action-oriented service Promote core values Emphasize vocational service Encourage clubs to promote their networking opportunities and signature activities

14 Recent RI Actions Rotary Public Image Coordinator (new position) RI Public Image Grant doubled to $4 million Two E-clubs per district Rotary Foundation Future Vision Pilot Club programs -(200 clubs each) Associate Members, Corporate Member, Satellite Clubs, Innovative and Flexible Clubs New Vibrant Club Leadership Plan - Focused on Strategic Plan Goals COL will entertain changes in membership and attendance requirements

15 Planning What If District Governor Chain (DG, DGE, DGN, DGND) – 3-5 year plan with one goal of: 100% of clubs attaining 80% of Strategic Plan Goals AGs are trained to understand the club planning process – Assist clubs in developing a 3 year club plan using the Strategic Planning Guide and Vibrant Club Plan District Governors Official Visit – Governor discusses Club Plan with the Club Board

16 Rotary Youth What If District develops a New Generations path to Rotary membership – Interact members are preferred for RYLA and Youth Exchange – All New Generations, club scholarship awardees, etc. are tracked using Facebook, Twitter, etc. – What if Rotaract members Graduate to a member of the sponsoring or other Rotary club? What if this becomes a tradition? – What if clubs meet with Parents to explain why Rotary and the club are interested in Youth? What if there are Potential Rotary members among the parents?

17 International Project What If AG encourages clubs in their territory to combine support for a new or existing international project (this fits the Future Vision model). – Each participating club sends 2 or more members on-site – Members report back to the club on there experiences

18 Signature Project What If District Governor asks each club to develop or enhance a Signature Project – District Governor reviews Signature Project during the official visit – Recognize projects in District Newsletter – Feature outstanding Signature Projects at the District Conference

19 Strategic Partnership What If District Committee to identify other organizations within the district – Common goals where collaboration on projects would benefit all concerned – Develop joint project between Rotary and the organization – Characteristics: Mission and objectives align with Rotary International reach Joint media relations

20 Some Characteristics of a Successful Rotary Club Variety of local and international projects Long range plan with yearly objectives Flexible in meeting the needs of their members (customers) Promote networking an personal growth Leader in Foundation participation Recognized by the community Gain and retain members

21 Questions and Discussion

22 Club Recommendations 3 year Club Strategic Plan that strengthens your club with bolder goals and ensures year to year continuity. – Visioning results as input. – Strategic Planning Guide for Rotary Clubs – Vibrant Club Leadership Plan One new idea for each of the strategic focus areas. Think big. Have at least one project each year that reaches beyond anything the club has done in the past (To strengthen the club, increase humanitarian service, enhance public image, etc.).

23 Diversity What If District Membership Committee – Assesses ethnic and racial components of populations served by the district (there are U.S. Census tools to assist) – Develops a plan to recruit members from communities underserved by Rotary – Considers chartering new ethnic based Rotary clubs

24 5 Zone 26 Facebook Group Pages One for each Assistant RC and Rotary Public Image Coordinator The pages are administered by them. Closed to pages for members only. Invited via email. To join, talk to the appropriate administrator. See the Roster in your folder. Meant to extend peer communication – Share best practices – Identify issues – Peer discussions – Identify topics for Webinars

25 Ending YearJuly 06July 07July 08July 09July 10May 28, 2011 Zone 26 Total Membership 34,19733,96933,19232,02032,50931,622 Average District Membership 2,4432,4072,3712,2872,3222,259 Increase/decrease- 1.47%- 1.5%- 3.54%+1.53%- 2.71% 5 yr. decrease of 1688 members or Minus 4.94% From July 1, 2010 through May 28, 2011 Zone 26 has lost 884 members = - 2.71%. Last years gain is gone. Zone 26 Five Year Membership Statistics

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