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A Place Where the Sea Remembers Final Study Guide 1.What important event happens to Candelario as chapter 2 opens? He has just been promoted to salad maker.

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1 A Place Where the Sea Remembers Final Study Guide 1.What important event happens to Candelario as chapter 2 opens? He has just been promoted to salad maker at Don Gustavo s restaurant.

2 2.What does Marta mean, when she says...Time is running out. ? She is referring to the fact that she will be forced to have the baby if she doesn t have the abortion soon.

3 3. What three things does Chayo warn Marta about so she won t have an abortion? She warns Marta about infection, death and harm to her soul.

4 4.What causes Candelario to reconsider his desire to have children? He is concerned about the expense involved in raising a family.

5 5.The night before Candelario begins his new job, what does Chayo warn him about? She warns him that his customers may be displeased with his Caesar salad.

6 6.Contrast Don Gustavos view of abortion with that of the doctors. The doctor believes in abortion in instances of rape, deformity of the fetus and danger to the mother s life. Don Gustavo is against abortion because it is illegal and the church forbids it.

7 7. Why is Candelario fired from his job at the restaurant? The doctor and his wife didn t like the salad and Don Gustavo blames him for the way the salad turned out.

8 8. Why is it unfair for Don Gustavo to blame Candelario for the way the salad turned out? It was Don Gustavo who taught Candelario how to make the salad.

9 9. Besides being fired, how else is Candelario humiliated? He had to work the rest of the day before collecting his pay.

10 10. Why is Fulgencio angry? He missed the bus.

11 11. Why does Fulgencio think his life will change for the better? He photographed El Santo, the masked wrestler with his mask off and plans to sell the picture to La Tribuna.

12 12. Why does Fulgencio want to sell his pictures to La Tribuna? The newspaper is known for carrying articles on El Santo s matches and exploits.

13 13. In what way is Fulgencio not being honest with Elvira Canto? H e tells her that though she is a woman of maturity she is still beautiful.

14 14. Why is Fulgencio is immediately interested in Jaime? Jaime is an American and usually Americans have cars.

15 15. On their way to Santiago, why is Fulgencio s fear of Jaime justified? Instead of heading toward Santiago as planned, Jaime takes the road to the beach.

16 16.What does Fulgencio do when he becomes fearful of Jaime? He strikes a bargain with God and promises to become a better man.

17 17.Why is Jaime justified in throwing Fulgencio out of the car? When Jaime returned to the car, Fulgencio had his hands on a machete.

18 18. What is Marta planning to do after she has her baby? She plans to move to El Paso and work as a maid.

19 19.Why might Luz Gamboas honesty be questioned? She steals money from tourists while she cleans their rooms.

20 20.How does Benitez attempt to justify Luz Gamboas dishonesty? She has two young children to support.

21 21.Why does Luz Gamboa think her husband, Tito, left her for Tula Fuente? Tula Fuente paid el brujo to put a spell on Tito, so he would fall in love with her.

22 22.How does Luz Gamboa plan to get her husband, Tito, back? She is going to ask Remedios to put an end to El Brujos spell.

23 23. What does Marta learn from Chayo, regarding Chayos promise to raise Martas baby? Chayo cant take Martas baby because she and Cande are having a baby of their own and Cande says they cant.

24 24.When Marta visits Remedios, what does she ask her to do? Marta asks Remedios to use one of her potions to change Candes mind.

25 25.What is Remedios reaction to Marta when visits Remedios for help? She refused to use one of her potions to make Candelario accept Martas baby.

26 26. What does Remedios believe regarding Martas assualt that her family doesnt? Remedios believes that Robert Ramos assualted Marta.

27 27.What advice does Remedios give Marta about her plans to move to El Paso? Remedios advises Marta that going to El Paso will only add to her troubles and that the United States is a place where girls like her get lost

28 28.When Marta visits el brujo, regarding Chayos baby what does he tell her? El Brujo tells her that for ten thousand pesos he will put a spell on Chayos baby

29 29. What does Candelario tell Marta about Chayo that upsets her? –He says its Chayo who doesnt want Martas baby not him

30 30. Why is Rafael Beltrans satchel important to him? His mother, Dona Lina, gave it to him on the day he started teaching.

31 31. Why doesnt Rafael go to lunch with the other teachers? He has to go home to check on his mother.

32 32. How is Ines going to help Rafael and his mother? Ines is going to prepare meals, because Dona Lina has rheumatism and has limited use of her hands.

33 33. Why does Rafael have animosity toward his brothers? Rafael has animosity toward his brothers because although his brothers send money, they have not visited their mother in five years and Rafael is only one taking care of their mother.

34 34. What does Ines ask Rafael to do? Ines asks Rafael to teach her to read and write.

35 35.Why isnt Beto attending school? He must help his father on the fishing boat.

36 36.While visiting El Cerro, what does Rafael observe that disturbs him? He observes Ines being abused by an older man which he later learns is her husband

37 37.When dona Lina discovers Ines has a miscarriage what does she do? She accuses Rafael of having an affair with Ines and getting her pregnant

38 38. When Ines leaves Santiago, how does Rafael show his concern for her? He gives her his satchel to put her belongings in.

39 39. Why does Beto cease all verbal communication? His mother, Concha, and his brothers Rudolpho and Reynaldo died in a bus accident

40 40. Why do Beto and Cesar travel to Santiago? They buy flowers from Chayo to place on Conchas the shrine

41 41. What did Tia Fina say that caused a rift between Chayo and Marta? She told Chayo that before Tonito was born Marta went to El Brujo and asked him to put a curse on Tonito.

42 42.Why is Don Justos daughter, Justina, angry with him? A fter Rosario, his first wife, died he married Clemencia who would not accept Justine in their home and Don Justo allowed it.

43 43. How does Don Justo use poor judgment when he learns that his daughter Justina has passed away? H e gets drunk after not having a drink in 10 years and accidentally squashes his prize bird Rita Bonita.

44 44. What is the bond between Marta and Esperanza? They both lost their mothers and were sexually assaulted.

45 45. What does Rafael learn about Esperanza while they are walking on the beach that upsets him? Raphael learns that when she was 17 Esperanza was sexually assaulted.

46 46.Why does Chayo believe the curse Marta paid El Brujo to put on Tonito is still in effect? H er son, Tonito, almost dies after being bitten by ants.

47 47. To convince Chayo to forgive her for paying El Brujo to put a curse on Tonito what does Marta tell Chayo? Marta tells Chayo that since Tia Fina s death she and Richard are the only relatives she has left.

48 48.Why does Santos ask Chayo and Candelario to go to the flooded arroyo? T here is a pig trapped in the arroyo and Santos wants to free it and have a pig roast.

49 49. Why did Chayo think her son, Tonito, fell into the Arroyo? The door to the house was open and she was sure that she closed it, and although she couldn t see Tonito s face, she recognized the back of his T-shirt with the yellow Batman.

50 50.What occurs at the end of the story? Remedios, Chayo and Marta wait for Richards s body to wash up on the same beach where he was conceived, e.g. where Roberto Ramos assaulted Marta, and Chayo tells Marta not to go to El Paso.

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