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Patch – Update / Info Portal At first start up of a new version, the program automatically connects to the Mesonic server. After the first time connection.

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1 Patch – Update / Info Portal At first start up of a new version, the program automatically connects to the Mesonic server. After the first time connection an interval of 7 days is set for connecting with the Mesonic servers (set this interval in Parameters/Settings. Can be set to maximum of 30 days) There are three types of downloads: Patch update Admin information User information

2 Die Buttonleisten Standard Mandantenwechsel Info Center Folgende Buttonleisten sind beim Starten der WINLine standardmäßig aktiviert:

3 Die Buttonleisten Archiv Applikationen Makro Recorder Rich Text Format Tools Folgende Buttonleisten können zusätzlich aktiviert werden: (Rechte Maustaste oder Parameter/Einstellungen)

4 Favorites The Favorites are divided into the following 3 categories: Favorites (First steps, global and local favorites) WINLine (applications, buttons, Help) Current (currently used accounts, products, search function) The Favorites can be activated or deactivated with the right mouse button or in the Info Center button bar.

5 Favorites First Steps important menu items and demos Global and local favorites Folders, menu items, macros, hyperlink, Archive Search, external files

6 WINLine Applications Call up ACC1, ACC2, etc. Buttons for … Display and explanation of the buttons in the currently open window Help to … Context help for currently active window or edit field

7 Current Current accounts Display of currently used account Current product Display of current product Search Search for AR/AP account, products, vouchers or in the Archive

8 The Most Important Buttons OK button Keyboard: F5 EXIT button Keyboard: ESC DISCARD or CANCEL button Keyboard: F4 DISPLAY button Keyboard: usually with shortcut ALT + A Filter button

9 WINLine ® Handling Radio button Only one selection is possible Checkbox More than one option can be selected at once

10 WINLine ® Handling Listbox The listbox shows you a list of options Drop Down Combobox The drop down combobox is denoted with an Arrow Down button Calculation amount field You can calculate amounts in either local currency 1 or 2 in all entry fields for amounts.

11 WINLine ® Shortcuts F1 Open online Help F2 first position of text field F3 current date, calculator value, remaining amount, short cuts SHIFT + F3 total amount without discount F4 Cancel button F5 / F12 / SHIFT + RETURN OK button

12 WINLine ® Shortcuts F6 Next button F7 Table in window size F8 Call up prices F9 Match Code, Date field, Posting notes F10 Activates the menu bar SHIFT + F2 Call up calculator

13 WINLine ® Shortcuts ALT + Letter Hot key for menu item with underlined letter. Letter Opens the program item where the letter is underlined. ALT + TAB Switch to other WINDOWS programs STRG + TAB Change to other windows within the program + or – keys Zoom Buchstabe

14 Base Info The Base Info data record is saved with shortcut Shift + F5 without leaving the window. Page through the Base Info data records with the VCR buttons.

15 Match Code 2 options: Open with F9 or double click in the field Enter search term and start the search with the F9 key (can be overridden with SHIFT + F9) Search mode starting from left of word or with full-text search

16 Right Mouse Key General Company change (only in CWL START) Calculator Printer setup System Info Symbol bars (Button bars) Help

17 Right Mouse Key Window Save window position Entry field Cut Copy Insert Short text, Insert calculator value, Insert date Audit Trail

18 Right Mouse Key Table Save grid settings Table in window size Ascending sorting Descending sorting Set column Search in grid column Print grid

19 Rechte Maustaste Bildschirmausdruck In die Zwischenablage Seite ausdrucken Speichern unter Formular bearbeiten Blättern Vergrößern

20 Printing procedures You can print in one of four different ways: to the screen to a file (spooler) using the Despooler, you can open the documents again. direct to the printer to an Excel table (balance sheet, EAS, List,...)

21 Output to Screen CTRL + PAGE UP page forward CTRL + PAGE DOWN previous page CTRL + END last page of document CTRL + Pos1 first page of document ESC closing of screen display

22 Output to Screen to first page page back cancel, close next page to last page the print out can be sent when a mail client is installed. print all pages on standard printer Click on the magnifying glass to show complete page. Transfer or delete result list records to/from a campaign

23 Namen Suchen / Kampagnen Über den Menüpunkt Namen Suchen können Listen der folgenden Datenbereiche erstellt werden: Personenkonten Interessenten Ansprechpartner Kontakte Vertreter Arbeitnehmer

24 Name Search / Campaigns Various actions can be performed for data records contained in the Name Search or Campaign lists. Select the functions with this button:

25 MesoConnect In some data areas of WINLine® you can set up scripts that perform special functions such as MS Office connections (write mail, create form letter, synchronize contact addresses). Call up the function with this button: Use the Wizard assistant to generate your own scripts!

26 Data Check Should be regularly performed. Data check of data areas: Base Info Transaction data

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