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Good afternoon ! .

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1 Good afternoon ! 

2 The Structure of Life Aid (Lebenshilfe) …
in Germany in Bavaria in Swabia in Kempten

3 Life Aid in Germany Tom Mutters
National Association Marburg Tom Mutters and Berlin Berlin 2009 Foundation: , Marburg as a self-help association by parents affected Marburg Today: members 3.200 facilities / offices 527 clubs on spot 16 provincial association in the federal states Kempten

4 Life Aid in Bavaria Erlangen Kempten

5 Federal Association Bavaria
Landesverband Bayern Life Aid Federal Association Bavaria 1962 founded in Erlangen as an umbrella organisation of Life Aid Bavaria Erlangen Today: 170 associations, societies and foundations Kempten

6 Administrative District of Swabia
Life Aid in Swabia Erlangen 9 Life Aid unions 7 workshops 5 Life Aid foundations Administrative District of Swabia District Workshop of Swabia est. 2007 Augsburg Centre for Autism in Swabia Kempten Competence Centre South Cometence Centre NORTH

7 Life Aid Kempten … since 1969
Lebenshilfe Kempten Solidarity in action – self-determined living Foundig year: June 1965 Wolfgang Bergleiter

8 Life Aid Kempten today…
Lebenshilfe Kempten solidarity in action – self-determined living Foundig year: June 1965 Today: 365 members 200 parents and family members 55 employee 110 sponsors 250 employee 40 teachers in school service

9 Facilities of Life Aid Kempten
Early aid– Effective aid Tom-Mutters-School Private Aid Centre Remedial Day Care Centre with Kindergarten Offene Hilfen mit Offener Behindertenarbeit OBA Living communities Ambulant living Senior Day Care Child Aid Allgäu Early aid and counceling Individual learning Integrated aid Individual und need-oriented encounter – experience solidarity in action – self-determined living

10 Die Allgäuer Werkstätten
Workshops in Allgäu GmbH Die Allgäuer Werkstätten The Associates Life Aid Kempten Life Aid South Assotiation Numbers 595 employee with disability 185 employee support and administration Assignments from regional economies Contact with the regional labour market throught „Töchter“ (Daughters) IGA GmbH + InJob GmbH

11 Geschäftsfelder der Allg. Werkst.
Workshops in Allgäu GmbH Geschäftsfelder der Allg. Werkst. Business segments Metal fabrication Montage Carpentry Soap Production Laundry Lettershop

12 Einrichtungen der Allg. Werkst.
Workshops in Allgäu GmbH Einrichtungen der Allg. Werkst. Facilities 5 Workshops in Kempten 1 Workshop in Sonthofen For employees with mental Behinderung emotional Behinderung Physical disability (Physically Disabled People in Allgäu) Serious-multiple disability Aid centres Attending cervices/ social field Management and marketing

13 Life Aid Association Kempten
Workshops in Allgäu GmbH LH Kempten & Sonthofen Life Aid Advancement Service GmbH FOUNDATION Life Aid Kempten Regional-ArGe Life Aid Swabia

14 Danke für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit
Thank You for Your attention! Köszönjük a figyelmüket! Danke für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit

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