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1 Karneval

2 Was ist Karneval? Karneval is the festive period leading up to Lent.
This is sometimes called “die fünfte Jahreszeit” (the fifth season”) or “die närrische Saison” (the foolish season).

3 Wie feiert man das Fest? Karneval is celebrated with parades and costumes.

4 Wie feiert man das Fest? The floats in the parade (Umzug) are often political.

5 Wie feiert man das Fest? This is a time for festive
costume parties, as well. asdfasdfasdf

6 Weiberfastnacht Weiberfastnacht (women’s carnival night) occurs on the Thursday before Rosenmontag. During Weiberfastnacht, women are allowed to cut off neckties of any men they see.

7 Wann ist Karneval? Some regions in Germany consider the official start of the Karneval season to be the 11th day of the 11th month (i.e. Novermber 11). Other regions consider the start of Karneval to be January 7 (the day after Epiphany).

8 Wie lange dauert Karneval?
The Karneval season ends when Lenten begins – on Aschermittwoch (Ash Wednesday). In most regions, the Karneval season concludes with a big parade on “Rosenmontag” – the Monday before Lent.

9 WIE heißt das Fest? “Karneval” is actually only one of the names for this holiday. This festival goes by different names depending on what region you are in.

10 In the Rheinland area, this festival is known as “Karneval.”

11 In the city of Mainz, this festival is known as “Fastnacht.”

12 In the southwest region of Germany, this festival is known as “Fasnet

13 In the Franken region of northern Bavaria, this festival is known as “Fosnat.”

14 Around München (Munich) and Österreich (Austria), this festival is known as “Fasching.”

15 Wie alt ist das Fest? Karneval is associated with the Christian church, however like many Christian celebrations, it is connected to earlier Pagan rituals. The Pagans wore ugly masks to drive out the evil spirits of winter and encourage the coming of spring. These masks still very much a part of Karneval celebrations today!

16 Im Mittelalter During the Middle Ages, costumes and masks were a way break down class barriers. Peasants mingled and celebrated with all classes of society.

17 Once the Karneval season has come to an end, the 40 days of Lent begin.
“Und da er vierzig Tage und vierzig Nächte gefastet hatte, hungerte ihn.” ~Matthäus 4,2

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