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Literatur- und Informationssuche in naturwissenschaftlichen Datenbanken 806746 VO Ulrich Jordis.

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1 Literatur- und Informationssuche in naturwissenschaftlichen Datenbanken 806746 VO Ulrich Jordis



4 Education in Chemistry Databases Education of all chemists as end-users of electronic information Foundation of the use of professional information retrieval in the curricula GDCh Program

5 Educational Goals: Knowledge about Databases and Retrieval Languages Precise Formulation of Problem & Strategy Knowledge about existing Databases Creation of Personal Databases

6 Wachstum der Literatur 1999: 21.000.000

7 Wachstum der Literatur

8 Growth of Computer Power: Additions / sec

9 Chemie Information im Internet U. Jordis Chemistry BookmarksChemistry Bookmarks TU Bibliothek Garry Wiggins Chemical Abstracts BeilsteinBeilsteinBeilstein Datenbanken ETH Zürich STN Database Summary Sheets


11 Types of Databases Structure Facts Bibliographic Spectra

12 IN-HOUSE Beilstein Crossfire SpecInfo Gmelin Cambridge Crystallographic Data ISIS/Host Reaction Databases

13 Logische Operatoren Pesticides Insecticides Herbicides Pest Insecticides Pesticides Herbicides OR Residues Solvents

14 Computer and Chemical Information


16 Beilstein und Beilstein Crossfire


18 STN on the Web Start Demo

19 Beispiel eines Datensatzes (=record): Journalartikel

20 Feldbezeichnungen nach Codes

21 Feldbezeichnungen nach Codes (2)

22 Beispiel Datensatz Patent ANCA101(11):90755f LCA TISubstituted N- benzenesulfonyloxyphthalimides INSelassie, Cynthia Dias; Lien, Eric Jung-Chi PAUniversity of Southern California LOUSA SOPCT Int. Appl., 28 pp. PIWO 8400888 A1 840315 DSW: JP RW: AT, BE, CH, DE, FR, GB, LU, NL, SE AIWO 83-US1328 830830 PRAI US 82-413947 820901 SC27-11 (Heterocyclic Compounds (One Hetero Atom)) SX1 DTP COPIXXD2 PY1984 LAEng ICA61K031-40; C07D209-48 GIFor diagram(s), see printed CA Issue ABTitle phthalimides I (R = NH2, OH, NHCONH2, NHCSNH2, NHAc, NHOH, NHNH2, NHCHO, NHSO2Me) were prepd. Thus, di-Et 4-aminophthalate was treated with Na and HONH2, and the product was treated with PhSO2Cl to give I (R = NH2), which exhibited antitumor and antiviral activity. KWphthalimide benzenesulfonyloxy prepn antitumorantiviral*** ; benzenesulfonyloxyphthalimide *prepn antitumor*antiviral ITNeoplasm inhibitors Virucides and Virustats ((benzenesulfonyloxy)phthalimide derivs.) IT7803-49-8, reactions(cyclocondensation of, with aminophthalate ester) IT610-27-5 (esterification of, by ethanol) IT91517-75-8P (prepn. and antitumor and*antiviral*** activity of)

23 Display Formats

24 Feldbezeichnungen nach Codes


26 3D Searching: Query

27 3D Result: Physiostigmine Derivat!

28 3D Searching: Building the Query

29 Search / Same Transformation / Narrow / Yield >95 % finds:

30 Suche nach Mulzer 1997

31 View Scheme

32 Suchmaschinen Vergleich

33 Finished Query

34 Search Results: ChemInform RXL

35 Search Example RSS Query: Find examples of Diels-Alder reactions using methacrylates as reactant

36 Molecule Searches Select Search Type Select molecule role Add structure

37 Expert Query Form Reaction box Molecule boxes Data boxes

38 ACD/Prices

39 ACD

40 Beilstein Crossfire: Commander

41 Crossfire Structure Editor Zurück zum Commander

42 Crossfire Structure Search

43 Help (F2) Available Fields

44 Searching Structures and Facts

45 Crossfire Display Hits

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