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Economic Justice Forum, BOND 06.11.2006. What is VENRO? Deine Stimme gegen Armut –Highlights 2005/2006 –Policy demands G8 Agenda 2007 Plans 2007 –Deine.

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1 Economic Justice Forum, BOND 06.11.2006

2 What is VENRO? Deine Stimme gegen Armut –Highlights 2005/2006 –Policy demands G8 Agenda 2007 Plans 2007 –Deine Stimme gegen Armut –VENRO EU presidency project –G8 preparations of German civil society Calendar of activities around G8 Summit How to support German activities?

3 VENRO Association of German development NGOs with more than 100 member organisations representing 2,000 groups Umbrella organisation of independent and church related NGOs working in the fields of development cooperation, emergency assistance, development education, and advocacy. Organisational structure: –10 board members –Secretariat in Bonn (7 colleagues) –Project office in Berlin (2 colleagues) –Working groups: European development policy, humanitarian aid, development education, World Bank/IMF, co-financing, disabled persons in development cooperation

4 Deine Stimme gegen Armut (Your Voice/Vote against Poverty) Joint campaign of VENRO and artist Herbert Groenemeyer and experts in media, PR Campaign office in Berlin: –Ulrich Schlenker (co-ordination) –Imke Sommerkamp (campaigner) –Birte Rodenberg (policy)

5 Demands Goal: achievement of MDGs: Keep the promise 4 core demands in line with GCAP (More and better aid, trade justice, debt cancellation, just governance) Position paper Stand by your commitments with 12 demands to German government in precise terms, e.g. how to reach 0.7, introduction of innovative financing instruments, steps against tax havens, boost crisis prevention, combating AIDS, prevent harmful climate change Full text in English: DSGA_VENRO_Forderungspapier_2006_eng.pdf

6 Official German G8 agenda (1) Leitmotif growth and responsibility Two main topics: world economy and Africa Investment, innovation and sustainability –Reduce global injustice (trade deficit usa, increasing currency reserves in Asia) –Improve systemic stability and transparency of financial and capital markets –Recognition of freedom to invest in developed and middle income countries, conditions for investment, social dimension of globalization –Meaning of innovation and improvement of intellectual property protection –Sustainability and resources (energy efficiency, climate change, Kyoto)

7 Official German G8 agenda (2) Africa: good governance, sustainable investment, peace and security –Building reform partnership with Africa –Economic growth and the G8s responsibilities are of crucial importance for Africas development –Strengthening of African health systems, especially in the fight against HIV/AIDS. –African countries have to develop structures for investments: more democracy, less corruption, responsibility, sovereignty of ressources

8 DSGA plans 2007 (1) Petition to German Government: Voices against Poverty (postcards/ lists, online, SMS) –International collection of signatures Cultural event near Heiligendamm on 7th June 2007 P8 – Poor 8 –Music & messages: speeches and performances by celebrities and musicians from northern as well as from developing countries Local events organised by VENRO member organisations (Tour by Herbert Groenemeyer, activities in 80 cinemas)

9 DSGA plans 2007 (2) Advertisments: open letters to govt./G8 (G8 Finance Ministers Meeting, EU dev. minister, G8 summit) New click-ad with German celebrities (for TV/ cinema) Online: Longest Click-Ad in the world –Everybody takes picture/video of himself clicking – upload on international website

10 VENRO EU presidency project Africas perspective – European Politics Core topics: –Establishing fair EU ACP trade –Promoting change in energy policy –Preventing dangerous climate change –HIV/Aids: improve access to prevention & therapy –Asserting gender equality –Boosting role of NGOs in EU development co-operation Manifesto –Workshop with 20 partners from Africa (Oct.) –Handover to dev. minister in Dec. 2007: conferences (on EPAs, March; on AIDS, July), background paper (on energy), position paper (on role of NGOs in EU develompent co-operation) Contact: Ms Anke Kurat, tel. +49-228-94677-12,

11 German G8 coordination – english website: Rostock-GroupG8-NGO-Platform/ Hanover-Group VENRO member organisations (Regional) Church groups attac German NGO Forum on Enviroment and Development UN Millenniumcampaign (Germany) Action against Aids (Aktionsbündnis gegen Aids) Trade Justice Movement (Gerechtigkeit Jetzt) Jubilee Campaign ( Global Campain on Education Germany (Bildungskampagne) DEINE STIMME GEGEN ARMUT VENRO Left Party (Die Linke/PDS/ WASG) Green Party (Buendnis 90/ Die Gruenen) Interventionist Left Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) Greenpeace Dissent Peace movement Platform of local groups in Rostock NoLager (Migration)

12 German G8 co-ordination Sees itself as a co-ordination platform but not as an alliance with own political demands At the moment: search for a slogan Hanover-Group: –Serie of conferences (energy, IMF/WB, financing for development, global social rights, intellectual property rights) Rostock-Group: –Action conferences Rostock (March, Nov. 2006)

13 June 2007 Heiligendamm/ RostockCologne (Protestant Kirchentag) ???DEINE STIMME: Hand-over Voice against Poverty to Merkel 2nd to 7th JuneCamp / various blockings Sat, 02.06.2007- big rally in Rostock Sun, 03.06.2007 Mon, 04.06.2007- action day: migration Tue, 05.06.2007- alternative summit Rostock - action day: peace movement (Airport Rostock) Wed, 06.06.2007G8- alternative summitDEKT- Event DEINE STIMME? Thu, 07.06.2007G8- alternative summit - rally - cultural event/ concert DEINE STIMME DEKT Fri, 08.06.2007G8DEKT Sat, 09.06.2007DEKT Sun, 10.06.2007DEKT

14 What you can do… …to support DSGA Support collection of signatures (voices against poverty) – start soon Temporarily: Support Longest click-ad: upload picture/video (start in Dec.) Come to cultural event on 7th June 2007 to Heiligendamm/ Rostock

15 What you can do… …to support NGO-G8 preparations Become supporting organisation of alternative summit Become supporting organisation of serie of conference Information in English: Website: (will provide logistical information later) Mailing-list:

16 Thank you for your attention. Ulrich Schlenker tel. +49-30-2804-5996 fax. +40-30-2804-6672

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