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Smoking prohibition in Europe Ewelina Kaczówka MPE.

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1 Smoking prohibition in Europe Ewelina Kaczówka MPE

2 Goals of the presentation To present the Public Relation process of smoking prohibition in Europe The reasons of the idea of the tobacco ban Managment of the information about these reasons Forms of comunication within the managing/directing levels and with the society

3 Content European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) European Network for Smoking Prevention (ENSP) European Respiratory Society (ERS) Anti-smoking programmes Ireland and other countries having enforced smoking prohibition The efficiency of smoking prohibition

4 Historical facts Pope Urban VII banned smoking in the Church in 1590 The earliest citywide European smoking bans enacted in Bavaria, Kursachsen, and certain parts of Austria in the late 1600s Smoking was banned in Berlin (1723), in Königsberg (1742), and in Stettin (1744) The first modern, nationwide tobacco ban imposed by the Nazi Party in every German university, post office, military hospital and Nazi Party office in 1941 Major anti-tobacco campaigns were widely broadcasted by the Nazis until the demise of the regime in 1945

5 European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) Established in 1993, after the ratification of the Maastricht treaty in 1992 (resulted in giving the responsibilities in health protection to the European Community) Network of non-governmental organisations and other not-for-profit organisations Field of activity: promotioning the process of consultation and co-operation between NGOs and European Commission and Parliament promotion and protection of the health in Europe advocate of greater participation of citizens in health-related policy (European level). developing civil dialoge Strategy: Health in Europe: a strategic approach about_us/epha

6 European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) Members Around 100 local, national, regional and European non-governmental (NGOs) and not-for-profit organisations; Examples: Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), United Kingdom Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), United Kingdom European Council of Doctors for Plurality in Medicine (ECPM), France European Network for Smoking Prevention (ENSP), Belgium European Respiratory Society (ERS), Switzerland Life Quality Improvement Organisation (FLIGHT/LET), Croatia Slovenian Coalition for Tobacco Control (SCTC), Slovenia The Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH), Ireland Wiener Internationale Akademie fűr Ganzheitsmedizin (Gamed), Austria Health Promotion Foundation (HPF), Poland

7 European Network for Smoking Prevention (ENSP) Established in Belgium, 1997 International non-profit-making organisation Administrative and financial coordinator above other organisations Strategy: co-ordinated action among organisations active in tobacco control in Europe by sharing information and experience, co-ordinated activities and research

8 Aim (regional, national, EU level): creating greater coherence i smoking-control activities promoting comprehensive tobacco-control policies effective intervention and contribution of tobacco control advocates in policies, strategies and measures

9 Project 2003: policy development by building procedures with regard to the tobacco regulation directives and advertising ban smoke free work places NGO support in actions Colaboration and participation of NGOs in ancession countries Within Comunication – organisation of meetings with attendance of all members Plenary presentation, interactive workshops

10 European Respiratory Society Members in over 100 countries Aims: alleviate suffering from respiratory disease promote lung health through research, knowledge sharing, medical and public education. Monthly journal devoted to lung disease the European Respiratory Journal (ERJ) Many fields of activity (Education, research, comunication with other organisations – exchanging information, experience, knowledge)

11 ERS – fields of activity The ERS School mission is to encourage and support training and continuous medical education (CME) in the field of Respiratory medicine by: Organising Postgraduate Courses Actively developing e-learning programmes Providing educational research grants Organising interactive School Courses

12 ERS – fields of activity To facilitate exchange of information and knowledge among its members, the ERS has 11 Scientific Assemblies. They influence and guide the scientific direction of the Society by: Disseminating Guidelines Working closely with other national and international respiratory societies Supporting Research Seminars on "hot" scientific topics Providing short- (up to 3 months) and long-term (12 months) training and research fellowships Sponsoring Task Forces Determining the annual Congress programme

13 Programmes: the Smokefree Class Competition Co-funded by the European Commission Carried out as a competition for pupils aged 11 to 14 years The concept and materials are attractive and can be easily integrated in many different subjects.

14 Dimension of smoking prohibition in paricular countries

15 Ireland 29th March, 2004 – the Irish Government implemented a ban smoking in public places in Ireland. smoking is illegal in enclosed places in Ireland office blocks, various buildings, public houses/bars, hotels, guesthouse and B&B bedrooms, restaurants and company vehicles (cars and vans). The ban introduced as part of the Public Health (Tobacco).

16 England 1July 2007, workplaces and enclosed public places – smokefree environments. The Health Act 2006 defines enclosed public places and workplaces as being offices, factories, shops, pubs, bars, restaurants, membership clubs, public transport and work vehicles that are used by more than one person.

17 Germany On 22 March 2007 agreement about: ban smoking in restaurants and pubs, allow exemptions for small bars and premises with separate smoking rooms. (This proposed ban had to be approved by each of the sixteen state parliaments before it could come into force) Berlin is set to be the first city in Germany to inforce the ban on smoking in public buildings, bars and restaurants. On the 27 April 2007, the Federal Health Minister and the Federal Consumer Affairs Minister of Germany introduced a bill to ban smoking in buses, trains, taxis, stations and Federal government buildings as of 1 September 2007, while still providing the option for separate smoking rooms. The sale of cigarettes prohibited to persons under 18.

18 The situation of smoking prohibition and different approaches (May, 2005)

19 The mobile blog of the BBC & Creative Partnerships Making Connections project in Sheffield, England

20 MERTHYR TYDFIL, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 19, 2007: A man waiting for a bus smokes a cigarette underneath a billboard advertising the impending smoking ban. Smoking in all public places will be banned in Wales from April 2, 2007.

21 United Kingdom

22 NO SMOKING: A cafe in Brussels (Belgium) makes the message clear.

23 Smoking Ban – One Year on

24 The efficiency of smoking prohibition

25 Before… hi/europe/2288121.stm

26 After…

27 A recent Eurobarometer poll suggests that popularity is mounting for smoke-free policies with 84 per cent of Europeans supporting smoke-free offices and other indoor workplaces; 77 per cent in favour of smoke-free restaurants, and 61 per cent supporting smoke-free bars and pubs.

28 Statistics of a number of smokers United Kingdom

29 References Raport ENSP framework project 2002/2003, has-saved-40000-lives-856885.html has-saved-40000-lives-856885.html

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