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H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 1 World Data Centre for Climate - WDCC - Hannes Thiemann 7.6.2005.

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1 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 1 World Data Centre for Climate - WDCC - Hannes Thiemann 7.6.2005

2 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 2 Übersicht Einordung in die wissenschaftspolitische Landschaft Implementation des WDCC Inhalt des WDCC Zugriff auf das WDCC WDCC Verbund

3 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 3 International Council for Science (History) Founded 1931 represents the evolution and expansion of two earlier bodies –International Association of Academies (IAA; 1899-1914) –International Research Council (IRC; 1919- 1931)

4 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 4 International Council for Science (ICSU) In order to strengthen international science for the benefit of society, ICSU mobilizes the knowledge and resources of the international science community to: Identify and address major issues of importance to science and society. Facilitate interaction amongst scientists across all disciplines and from all countries. Promote the participation of all scientistsregardless of race, citizenship, language, political stance, or genderin the international scientific endeavour. Provide independent, authoritative advice to stimulate constructive dialogue between the scientific community and governments, civil society, and the private sector.

5 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 5 ICSU Activities International Geophysical Year (1957-58) International Biological Programme (1964-74) International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme: A Study of Global Change (IGBP) World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) DIVERSITAS: An Integrated Programme of Biodiversity Science International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP).

6 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 6 ICSU ICSU has several interdisciplinary bodies, whose principal focus is the management and use of large scientific data sets: –the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) –the Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Analysis Services (FAGS) –the Panel of the World Data Centres (WDC)

7 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 7 WDC system The World Data Center (WDC) system was created to archive and distribute data (…). Originally established in the United States, Europe, Russia, and Japan, the WDC system has since expanded to other countries and to new scientific disciplines. The WDC system now includes 52 Centers in 12 countries. Its holdings include a wide range of solar, geophysical, environmental, and human dimensions data.

8 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 8 WDC principles WDCs are funded and maintained by their host countries on behalf of the international science community. They accept data from national and international scientific or monitoring programs as resources permit. All data held in WDCs are available for no more than the cost of copying and sending the requested information.

9 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 9 WDCC Start: Approved in January 2003 Maintenance: Model and Data (M&D/MPIMET) and German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ) Mission: Data for climate research are collected, stored and disseminated ICSU Policy: long-term archiving and unrestricted data access for scientists Restriction: Only climate data products in CERA DB, no raw data storage. Content: Emphasis is spent on climate modelling and related data products. Co-operation: with thematically corresponding data centres like WDC- MARE (Bremen) and WDC-RSAT (Oberpfaffenhofen) URL:

10 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 10 WDCC + CERA WDCC is built upon CERA database system at M&D / DKRZ

11 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 11

12 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 12 Semantic Data Management Data consist of numbers and metadata. Metadata construct the semantic data context. Metadata form a data catalogue which makes data searchable. Data are produced, archived and extracted within their semantic context. Data without explanation are only numbers. Problems: Metadata are of different complexity for different data types. Consistency between numbers and metadata have to be ensured.

13 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 13 Data catalogue CERA Hierarchy

14 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 14 Entry ReferenceStatus Distribution ContactCoverageParameter Spatial Reference Local Adm. Data Access Data Org

15 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 15 CERA-2 Data Model Complete with respect to IEEEs Reference Model for Metadata (Bretherton, 1994) –Browse, Search and Retrieval –Ingest, Quality Assurance, Reprocessing –Application to Application Transfer –Storage and Archive Reference –The CERA-2 Data Model (DKRZ-Report No. 15, 1998) –URL:

16 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 16 Interoperability Supports interoperability due to inclusion of international standards –Directory Interchange Format (NASA, 1998) –FGDC Metadata Content Standard (FGDC, 1996) –ISO Metadata Standard for Geographic Information (ISO 19115)

17 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 17 Data catalogue – Yellow pages Pointer to primary data CERA Hierarchy

18 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 18 CERA Pointer Document the location of model raw data To allow users to locate model raw data quickly Provide consistency between CERA and the model raw data

19 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 19 CERA Hierarchy Data catalogue – Yellow pages Pointer to primary data Storage of application oriented pre-processed data

20 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 20 CERA Data Storage CERA offers the storage of application oriented, pre-processed data Could be either the storage of –Aggregated data like monthly means –Range of variables in full resolution (1h/6h- values) Can be only done for the most relevant production runs

21 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 21 Model Raw Data Structure Application-oriented Data Storage 5D Model Data Structure 6-hour Storage Interval

22 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 22 WDC-CLIMATE / Data Content (I) Climate Model Data (Continuous stream of new data) IPCC DDC (Data Distribution Centre) –Will be continued for the Fourth Assessment Report CEOP (Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period) Model output retention and handling Centre –Part of WCRP that was motivated by GEWEX with focus on water and energy cycles within the climate system (01.10.2002 – 31.12.2004)

23 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 23 WDC-CLIMATE / Data Content (II) Observational Data –Model related observations: ERA15/40 (ECMWF), NCEP 40 Y. Reanal. –Instrumental data: WOCE (World Ocean Circulation Experiment) –Earth observations: Access to SST's from NOAA AVHRR in cooperation with WDC RSAT (distributed archive) Project Support (encourage Good Scientific Practice) HOAPS (Hamburg Ocean Atmosphere Parameters and Fluxes from Satellite Data) CARIBIC (Civil Aircraft for Regular Investigation of the Atmosphere Based on an Instrumentation Container), MPI Mainz Different model applications

24 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 24 WDCC: some numbers Size of CERA: 170 Tbyte Number of experiments: 410 Number of datasets: 57000 No. of blobs:4.5 billion Downloads last 12 months 500.000

25 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 25 User Interface - extract data - Graphical User Interface – Batch Interface –http://cera-

26 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 26 Selection via CERA meta data: selection of the project selection of the experiment (=model run) display of meta data: experiment, quality, datasets selection of the dataset display of dataset information add datasets to process list download to client

27 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 27 Batch Interface - jblob - Java application to allow for batch download of datasets jblob -datasetname name[ -options ] jblob –showdatasets "search string"( use '%' as wildcard ) jblob –help Example: jblob -datasetname EH4OPYC_SRES_A2_WIND10 -dir /tmp See hands on session tomorrow

28 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 28 WDC Verbund Erdsystemforschung Wurde am 25.04.03 von den 3 deutschen ICSU WDC's in Oberpfaffenhofen gegründet. WDC for Climate: M&D / DKRZ, Hamburg WDC MARE (Marine Environmental Sciences): Marum, Bremen und Bremerhaven WDC RSAT (Remote Sensing for the Atmosphere): DFD/DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen Verpflichtung: Langzeit-Datenarchivierung und freier, unbeschränkter Datenzugang für alle Wissenschaftler (ICSU Rules for WDC's und Regeln zur guten wissenschaftlichen Praxis)

29 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 29 WDC Verbund Erdsystemforschung Grundsatzerklärung Datenpublikation - Die Daten selbst sollen unabhängig vom archivierenden System eindeutig Identifizierbar, referenzierbar und universell zugreifbar sein (z.B. Vergabe von DOI's). - DFG Projekt "Publikation und Zitierfähigkeit wissenschaftlicher Primärdaten" (Beginn 01.10.03) Service der Datenzentren - Qualifizierte thematische Datenzentren übernehmen die Rolle für die Archivierung und Publikation von wissenschaftlichen Daten. - Die Zentren garantieren eine langfristige und freie Verfügbarkeit archivierter Daten im Rahmen der Richtlinien der ICSU Weltdatenzentren. - Datenzentren stehen mit ihrer Expertise den Fördereinrichtungen, den Gutachtern und der Wissenschaft beratend zur Verfügung.

30 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 30 CERA DB using countries

31 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 31 Contact Email: WDCC: CERA:

32 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 32 Data Group maintaining the WDCC Michael Kurtz Hans Luthardt Michael Lautenschlager Heinke Höck Hannes Thiemann Hermann Winter Jörg Wegner Frank Toussaint Peter Lenzen

33 H. Thiemann / 07.06.2005 / 33 Thank you for your attention

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