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Human Resource Management - an overview - Prof. Dr. Andreas Gourmelon – FHöV NRW.

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1 Human Resource Management - an overview - Prof. Dr. Andreas Gourmelon – FHöV NRW

2 What you can expect … definition of Human Resource Management summary of major Human Resource Management functions presentation of environmental factors influencing Human Resource Management comparison of Human Resource Management in public administrations of Poland and Germany

3 Human Resource Management: a definition The utilization of an administration`s human resource to achieve organizational objectives What are examples of organizational objectives in public administrations? Are the employees really important for public administrations?

4 Human Resource Management: functions Recruitment and selection: ensuring that the administration has employees with the appropriate skills Training and development: qualifying the employees for their actual and future jobs Compensation: committing employees on the organization by financial and non-financial rewards Leading: instructing employees how to do their job Disengagement: dismissing employees; escorting employees to retirement

5 Human Resource Management: environmental influences HRM laws unions customers / citizens traditions technology labor market budget

6 Comparison of HRM-functions: recruitment Please analyze the image of your employer. What are the consequences of the image for attracting applicants? Please use the form for analysis and transfer the results of your group to the flip-chart!

7 Comparison of HRM-functions: selection Which methods are mainly used by your employer to select applicants? Examples for methods are interviews, mental performance tests, recommendations. What are the criterias for selection?

8 Comparison of HRM-functions: training What does the training of young employees in your administration look like? Where does it take place? How much time is spent on it? What are the contents of the training? Who are the trainers? Do the young employees get paid for it?

9 Comparison of HRM-functions: compensation Please use the sheet to indicate which financial / material compensation is offered by your employer.

10 Thank you very much for your attention!

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