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PA Dutch 101 Video 41: The Subjunctive Mood. Subjunctive.

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1 PA Dutch 101 Video 41: The Subjunctive Mood. Subjunctive.

2 Subjunctive Mood The Subjunctive is used to express unreal conditions – things which might be true under other circumstances, but that are not true now. Wann ich meh Geld hett, daet ich en nei-i Maschien kaafe. If I had more money, I would buy a new car.

3 Subjunctive Mood The Subjunctive of most verbs is formed by combining daet with an infinitive; this infinitive comes at the end of the clause. ichdaetmirdaete dudaetschtdihrdaet er/sie/esdaetsiedaete

4 Subjunctive Mood A few example sentences: Ich daet sell mache, wann ich meh Zeit hett. I would do that, if I had more time. Daetscht du sell esse? Would you eat that?

5 Special Subjunctive Verbs A few verbs, however, have a single-form subjunctive that uses the following endings: ich-tmir-te du-tschtdihr-t er/sie/es-tsie-te

6 Special Subjunctive Verbs Here is a list of verbs that have single-form subjunctive: brauche – breicht (would need) daerfe – daerft (would be allowed) duh – daet (would do) geh – gengt (would go) gewwe – geebt (would give) hawwe – hett (would have)

7 Special Subjunctive Verbs kenne – kennt (would be able to) meege – meecht (would like) misse – misst (would have to) solle – sett (should) wisse – wisst (would know) wolle – wett (would want)

8 Sei As usual, SEI has its own rules for Subjunctive. It conjugates thus: ichwaermirwaere duwaerschtdihrwaert er/sie/eswaersiewaere

9 If...then Clauses Many Subjunctive Sentences use If...then clauses: If I would have more time, then I would travel. To do this in PD, use WANN and the following equation: WANN – Subject – Other Stuff – VERB/DAET, DAET/VERB – Subject – Other Stuff – VERB. Wann ich meh Zeit hett, daet ich reese.

10 Iewing - Practice If Steve would drink coffee, then he would not sleep much. Wann der Steve Kaffi drinke daet, daet er net viel schlofe. If he would want it, he would have it. Wann er es wett, hett er es. If Dave would bring the game, we would be happy. Wann der Dave es Schpiel bringe daet, waere mir froh!

11 Bis die naegschde Video, Machts gut un schwetzt Deitsch! E-Poscht schreiwe:

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